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  1. Well it gets more interesting. Tried a reinstall after renaming the first FSX to FSX Origional. Now my 2nd disc will not install after the first[it runs for a few seconds then all stops and nothing more happends. Is there a way to force the 2nd disc to start loading? Thanks. Regards, S
  2. Thanks everybody for help so far[still trying things] Paul G, & maddz 737[thanks for the folder image and directions] as they say-a picture's worth a thousand words. However when I click or double click on the activate.exe, it starts to process for a few seconds, then stops and nothing else happens. Is there a way to force the activate.exe open with DOS[run] in my XP. Regards, S
  3. Thanks Snave. I'll get through those options in the next few days[working for a while now] Hope not to re-install though. Maybe if I copy it all-delete the origional and reinstall the copy? [i guess the corrupt file will still be there] But maybe it will ask me to re-registor. Regards. S
  4. Hello Herman. Thanks for your reply. I looked in the FSX folder and see the Kiosk startup Icon is orange- mine is blue on desktop. Tried starting FSX from the main folder, but still it still says Demo mode.[from the Help/About FSX dropdown menu in the game] I also have no Kiosk cfg file in my Application Data/Microsoft/FSX folder [just the normal FSX.cfg file. Thanks, S
  5. Hello All. I have an unusal problem with my FSX deluxe[no acceleration] using XP on computer. I resistered FSX[this has been proven by MS support already-but they do not have an answer for this problem] Then over some months I added many addons[aircraft-scenery etc] and 3rd party programs[winchX--CumulusX-AIcarriers etc] However now I can only run the sim for apx 30mins[it says thank you for viewing FSX Demo Blah-Blah-Blah] (an apx 20GB Demo????, thats about what seize my FSX is now) It does not ask me to activate the sim at finish! It also does not ask me to activate at start-up! Been in contact with MS FSX support numerous times, but no solution to this problem. Please, does anybody know how to get FSX to ask me to ask me to registor again? [everybody seems to think this will solve the problem] BUT, having lots of extra stuff in the sim now--I do NOT want to re Install again just to get activation. [As I will probably loose lots of addons and the 3rd party programs will usually not re-connect to FSX without lots of setup time[i do not have the time in the next few months to redo all the addon work] I would rather leave it in Demo mode. Thanks, S
  6. Is there room for a Poll section in this forum? Can produce some interesting results worldwide. Regards, S
  7. Thanks Bruin. Got Max's yawstring working in the DG808S with your advise there. It looks best in 2D mode [in landing view]. But the 3D view is good too.[pity about having to turn it on for each time in 3D view--I mostly fly 3D view anyway] I'll try to add it to a few other gliders with no yawstrings[i will need to adjust its position sometimes I guess] Hopefully more XML stuff will come out to make in the near future. But I know there are only a handful [if that] of FS glider designers in the world. Its a bit like my other flying theme is ultralights and gyrocopters[finially found a good Benson gyro for FSX-I needed to add new instruments & max's yawstring--2D cockpit only] They are Very Rare designers[i,am not one unfortunally] Thanks also everybody for the info on cockpit development. Regards, S
  8. A big thank you, [bert de Bruin, Ian Forster-Lewis, Peter Luerkens] for the update on the Default DG808. I only just found it!! Not want to seem like a whinger already about free stuff, but has Yawstrings gone out of fashion? No, really, does the full seize gliding world not use them much now?[i've always used them-showing my age now] Reagrds, S
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