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  1. Hi, the DLL is always in the package but active in licensed installations only (in general). Hoeever, you may try to find out if it would help your situation. When flying around in the proximity of Innsbruck airport (LOWI) the DLL will be active regardless, for demo pusposes. BR, Peter
  2. Actually I have no clue. I'd suggest to selectively switch off other addons to exclude interference with those. Btw, I got into contact with A2A, they are going to check the DLL-installation isse. I'll keep you posted. BR, Peter
  3. Hi Akos, I checked the A2A with the free P40, seems to be their DLL. Move this section to the end of the list, just before </SimBase.Document>: <Launch.Addon> <Name>A2A Service</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>A2A\Shared\A2A_Service.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> BR, Peter
  4. Sorry, In my previous post I meant the Maule of Course. Yes, the it is the upper_frame_rate_limit parameter in the FSX.CFG, but "Target frame rate:" in the GUI. But you may check before, what FPS you achieve in unlimited mode, to get an idea about performance margins. I saw also in the DLL.xml , that you installed some A2A package and the DX 10 fixer. So far I haven't got any feedback on trouble with CumulusX! with these two, but it might be worth a try to deactivate the two other dlls, to see if there is any difference. If so, I'd suggest to move the CumulusXDLL-entry before the others (once there was such interference with ActiveSky, but fixed meanwhile on their side). You may change line 5 in your dll.xml from <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> To: <Launch.ManualLoad>True</Launch.ManualLoad> to decide on loading of each DLL separately. On different turning, the circuit pattern direction is not active anymore approx. 300 m AGL, the tow plan targets the next recognizable thermal then which results into any required turning direction. best regards, Peter
  5. Hi Akos, What error message was displayed? Please check, if the dll exists at the given path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\CumulusX!\CumulusXDLL.dll Please the actual FPS by Shift-Z, and lower to an even fraction of 60 (20, 15 ...) below what is shown by the FPS indicator (I saw that you have set 30), but when the CPU is overloaded, it has weird effects. Not all plane models are fully compatbile with smart tow, but it looks like the Husky which is. In any case, please install by right click the CMD and select "Run as Administrator", and the choose the FSX Steam base directory for installation. best regards, Peter
  6. Hi Scott, first many thanks for your long term committment to SOAR and keeping track of things! Indeed, very interesting news, I'm really curious how they will go forward. BR, Peter
  7. Hi Scott,

    pls send me your name, address and your regular e-mail. I will send you a license for free.

    BR, Peter

    1. sf4JC


      Hey Peter, if you are wondering why I deleted my follow-up reply, I couldn't edit my address out of it so the only course of action was to delete the whole reply.  What I should have done was just email you instead of posting it here where everybody could see it.  Hope I'm not being too paranoid.


  8. Hi Josh, install FSX SP1 and SP2, and it will work, bests, Peter
  9. In the related thread it is stated that the software has to be run under admin rights. Unfortunately, under W7 this is not even sufficient, if files are to be created or altered in "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)", unless you execute FSX with "Right-click, Run as Admin". However, you can more easily make it work, and thereby running FSX and its related add-ons from a Standard User Account (yes and leaving UAC active) by logging in as admin and giving the group "Users" (or even lower, e.g. "Everyone", not recommended, though) full access to to the directories in question, i.e. FSX root directory and all its subdirectories. By doing so you can run FSX from any user account without sacrificing OS security by turning off UAC or working as admin all the time. This solution works for most older programs and can also be extended to registry entries in the HKLM branch likewise. best regards, Peter
  10. A PC capable of running FSX smoothly is required, there should be many recommendations on the web regarding this. There are no special requirements for soaring. For the controls a joystick is required (I'm very happy with the Saitek-PC-Aviator), and I recommend strongly rudder pedals, in particular for gliders. A large monitor (24" or more, or several monitors) improves wide angle field of view and adds to "immersive" feeling. The lack of wide-angle field of view is one of the most apparent differences in the visual perception for those who know real-world flying. As you have already real-world gliding experience, there is not much theory to add for simulation. I would do everything as exercised in the past, that will do pretty well, I expect. bests, Peter
  11. I heard that the guys from UK-Virtual Soaring are pretty good at it. I currently do not have chance yet to try it out myself, neither supporting it. best regards, Peter
  12. Hi Teepa, thermals will be found only under the "special" clouds produced by CumulusX! (or somewhere in the blue if no clouds are present at all), and not necessarily under the "normal" FSX clouds. To make the difference clear, set weather theme to "Fair Weather" first and tick the "UnBlue" option in the Add-on Menu of FSX under the branch CumulusX!. This should show you the CumulusX! clouds only and make it easier to fly to the spots where you'll find definetely thermal lift. best regards, Peter
  13. HI Scott, afaik, for FS9 the free version of FSUIPC does support GPS out, too. bests, Peter
  14. Yes. Have a look here: http://www.pocketfms.com/2-DownUtility.asp Look for XConn! bests, Peter
  15. Great tip, com0com works already with me in local loopback, thanks!
  16. Hallo Detlef, zuerst das angehängte Modul in "Modules" entpacken. Um das Modul zu testen, belege eine unbenutzte Taste (z.B. Scroll-Lock) mit dem Kommando "Lua PBYDrag", aund eine andere, etwa "Shift-Scroll-Lock", mit "LuaKill PBYDrag", um das Modul wieder zu stoppen. Mit Hilfe der Profil-Funktionen von FSUIPC kann man das Starten und Stoppen auch automatisieren (siehe FSUIPC Advanced User Guide), d.h. wenn eine Catalina geladen wird startet es, wenn ein anderes geladen wird, wird es wieder rausgeschmissen. Gruß, Peter PBYDrag.zip
  17. Hi Ivan, welcome back! Maybe an option is using a bluetooth tunnel as a virtual serial port in your case. Though I never got it running because BT is crappy with my WM6.5 P3650. I have a similar problem with Vista 64 and WM 6.5 since the WMDC does no longer support virtual com ports, and all 3rd party virtual com port drivers are expensive payware, because of mandatory driver signatures. bests, Peter
  18. Damit die Cat-Landungen nicht zu lang werden soll man nach dem Aufsetzen die Nase möglich hoch halten um durch Auftrieb Widerstand zu haben und auch nicht zu schnell anfliegen (75 kn + 1/2 Wind + Böen). Für FSUIPC-Lizenzinhaber hätte ich noch ein "Widerstandsmodul" im Angebot, dass den Widerstand beim Rollen auf dem Wasser und im Langsamflug realistischer macht (nach meiner unmaßgeblichen Meinung). Damit muss man auf dem Wasser den richtigen Anstellwinkel finden, sonst kommt sie nicht "auf Stufe".
  19. Hi Dennis, thank you for your kind comments, best regards, Peter
  20. It seems to happen, when the session flag "User can change realism settings" is removed by the session host. However, you may map the sim command "Fuel quantity (increase)" to a key-combination, say Spacebar-F1. Whenever you press it, fuel quantity is increased by 20%. Not very realistic, though, but it works still if the session host has blocked slewing, too. bests, Peter
  21. So mach ich das. Allerdings ist es ein Hub mit eigener Stromversorgung. Gruß, Peter
  22. Normalerweise beschwert sich der Rechner, wenn zu viele normgerechte USB-Geräte angeschlossen werden, da diese ihren Stromverbrauch an den Rechner melden und die Gesamtleistung überwacht wird. Nach meiner Erfahrung kann man alle Ports mit USB-Geräten mit geringem Stromverbrauch problemlos belegen (z.B. andere einfache Joysticks ohne viel Beleuchtung oder FFB, das Saitek Throttle Modul, Tastaturen, Mäuse). Allerdings kann man die Saitek Panels nicht anschließen, selbst eins braucht schon zuviel. Mich würde allerdings auch interessieren wo man ggf. ein kompatibles Netzteil bekommt, denn ich kenne bis jetzt keinen Anbieter in DE, der das Original-Saitek-Netzteil liefert. Bei der erforderlichen Spannung gehen die Meinungen im Web auseinander (5 oder 12V?) und in der Dokumentation gibt es anscheinend keine Angabe dazu. Auch der Coax-Stecker hat ein eher ungewöhnliches Format. Gruß, Peter
  23. Normally CumulusX! ends automatically just a bit before FSX is ended. However, CumulusX! cannot change some tow plane settings while FSX is running. The message simply means, that CumulusX! waits until the FSX process has fully terminated and writes back the modified settings into the FSX configuration file then. It should not recur the next time when you start FSX.
  24. Hi , I have no personal experience with these sceneries but I suppose that they use FSX built-in thermals, which are mostly non dependent on weather or season. As the name implies, thermal sceneries might be relatively static, i.e. you will experience thermals at the same place every day, the whole day long, regardless of season or general weather conditions.Furhtermore there is little to no chance to experience ridge lift. If you want just a simple try-out of gliding you may try these. However, if you like to experience the flavour of real gliding, than you should give CumulusX! a try. In CumulusX! thermals develop depending on season, time of the day, region, weather conditions, and the properties of the underlying landscape. Ridge lift is produced when wind is blowing against slopes, taking into account also complex shading effects of mountains in upwind direction. Every calendar day will be different. CumulusX! works also with real word weather and with alternative weather programs. best regards, Peter
  25. I was curious as anybody else and invested a couple of hours to find out what's possibly in for me. The only substantial progress (compared to "legacy"-FSX) I could identify is the smooth operation without fiddling around wiht cryptic setting deep in configuration files, all the time running the risk to get unwanted side effects with 3rd party addons. Alas, meanwhile my FSX is running smoothly as well, on a much higher content level and degree of realism, and I dare to say, that even the detail quality of the visuals is better then in MSF. So eventually, my conclusion is that there is nothing in for me and so after the mentioned couple of hours I was through with it. No reason to bother furhter. It's still on my HD but it was already several times close to removal. Edit: Detail quality includes a couple of add-ons for FSX. MSF looks great on a first glance, however, if you look sharply, then you will find out that the visual depiction in MSF quickly looses fine details in the distance and the actual number of details seems to be less, than in FSX, regardless of installed add-ons. It reminds me in a way to a too-much compressed JPEG picture, which in a first glance also looks great, but after a closer look you find yourself unable to identify smaller details (like persons in the back, car license plates and so on). MS does certainly a good job here as this deficiency is really subtle.
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