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  1. Many thanks, Finn. I've disovered why I couldn't find the engine start in Checklist. At the end of the text there's just white space, so I assumed the Checklist had finished. In case anyone else has my problem, the answer is to scroll down and find the Specific Dimona checklist. c
  2. Thanks, Joachim. I've just gone through everything again, and on page 18 found a line I'd overlooked: ""Of course the non-German versions have an English-labelled cockpit." It seems that in the buying process I may have missed my chance to buy the English version. I wasn't aware that there was a choice. Sorry for that. Would you please be kind enough to let me have an English translation of the German engine start placard in the cockpit? Regards Peter
  3. Sorry the first post has to be a complaint, but - I'm having start problems. Can't read the German start sequence list, and the very brief German word list is no help. Perhaps you could provide me witjh English squence?
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