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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. Well, first day buy for me, and I really welcome the idea of developing this sort of simulation platforms - reduced in scenery scope, but full of interesting details !
  2. Indeed Pedro, and the smoothness and quality of the MadeiraXEvo I bought yesterday, after 10 years ago having bought MadeiraX ( wow, time elapses so fast... ) makes me think how nice it would be to have LPPT in the smooth and stable P3Dv4 we now have ..
  3. The question in the subject. I see Lisbon is for FSX and previous P3D versions. Wonder if it's compatible with P3Dv4, or if a future update is due. Thank you
  4. Ok, thx for the info masterhawk! unfortunately the license for Madeira X doesn't provide a discount :-/
  5. I have Madeira X, bought in 2008 for FSX, and tried to use it's license in the cupon field while trying to buy Madeira X Evolution for use with P3Dv4.2, but got no discount ? In my account I see Madeira X version 1.20 available for download. Is this the same of the Evolution tittle ? Thx for any hints
  6. Ok guys, again thanks a lot for all you support! I'll report back after trying the ""run as Admin"... This worked for the Katana Load & config app which wasn't doing anything unless run as admin... And yes, I intend to get the 4X version :-) as well as the TO Extended ;-)
  7. Just a follow up... Flight1's fix didn't work - My Katana X still has opaque canopy when it's raining :-( I accepted the install of FSX Gold into the default C:\Programs(x86) folder, in windows 7. I wonder if this was one of my big mistakes (?). Have meanwhile seen recommendations of an install to something like C:\FSX instead to escape the effects of UAC ?
  8. Ok, again thank you Otto and Herman for your prompt and helpful replies :-) I also installed the Twin Otter X, and that one doesn't suffer from the same problem, but I am aware that an "Extended" version is also in the works :-)
  9. Ah, you mean that only the Katana 4x is compatible with AccPack? Thx for the "rainfix" ;-)
  10. It is off, but thx anyway fro the hint ;-) I did enable it (DX10 preview) yesterday. after installing FSX Golden, but then disabled it again, unless something got stuck in the CFG file (?). Where in the CFG files can I see the DX10 setting just to make sure it is off?
  11. I have just installed the DA-20 Katana X download version, on FSX Golden Edition (which includes Acceleration and is fully patched). The installer version is v2.00. When in the VC and raining, the canopy becomes opaque. I believe the update available at my account with SP2 is already included in the v2.00 installer (?) Is there a fix for this rather annoying bug? Thx in advance
  12. Would like to know about successful installations of soaring add-ons, including CumulusX!, Aerosoft Discus X, etc, in LM Prepar3D. Thx in advance for any comments!
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