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  1. Thanks Alexey for getting back to me. A
  2. alehead


    Is it correct to assume that by "own routines" you mean OctopusG and not me? I use FSUIPC, as many others do, to allow me to set up aircraft-specific controller profiles for the hardware I use. I can update that mapping the trim switches works well, even the animations remain intact. The 4-way switches on the Warthog stick make great trimming switches and are easily controlled via FSUIPC. What I cannot do is: 1: Make the flap system work as the VC clickspot buttons work 2: Assign any control to the Carb heat lever to make it work without having to drag the lever 3: Assign any button to the engine cowl flap or oil cooler flap, given that they are electrical systems 4: Assign buttons to control the magnetos. I don't understand the magneto switching order either, as I am not seeing "both" in the logging messages, just magneto1_off, magneto1_left and magneto_right (twice). Perhaps someone else can explain that The flap system is not a major issue really I suppose, as the increments suffice. The carb heat lever is a bit of a problem for me, as I would like it to work as a lever. All I see in FSUIPC logging is ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE, but it confuses me as to exactly how the control is working. The engine cowl and oil cooler flaps are really a problem for me, as it is a slow system and hand flying this aircraft while trying to maintain a clickspot is proving difficult. I can and do understand your point Mathijs. For me, though, when "realistic" departs from "usable", I personally begin to question the tactic. It would be nice if anyone may be able to explain if there is any way I can map this to my hardware, which really isn't uncommon (I use a Warthog HOTAS), okay it is not the cheapest, but it is not a custom-made cockpit solution costing thousands. Andrew
  3. alehead


    As I said, I am probably blind. That is certainly the last place I would look for such a button, particularly when the Flaps Up button is clearly marked on the centre console at the bottom... Russian "technology"? Who knows. However, I do have an issue with the use of this button. Trying to fly this and operate that mouse click spot is nigh on impossible. Its function differs from the incremental flap operation via keyboard (F5-F8), though. If I map Flaps Incr and Flaps Decr to a respective joystick button or switch pair, I can only move the flaps do detent positions, of which there are 9 in total. Using the buttons in the VC though, I can set the flaps to whatever angle I want throughout the range of their use... Confusing... This leads me to a general problem that I cannot map carb heat to a lever, I cannot easily map the trim switches either... This addon is proving to be hardware unfriendly... A
  4. I have been trying all evening to map certain switches like the cowl and oil cooler flap switches via FSUIPC to hardware, to make the job of flying this a little (read a lot) easier... I cannot map it to a button to save my life... the same goes for the flaps... any ideas anyone? thanks in advance for any help in getting me safely off and back onto the ground in this... Andrew
  5. alehead


    I can only find a flaps up switch. Can anybody tell me where the flaps down switch is? I am probably blind, I know... getting old, you know... Andrew
  6. OK, thanks for getting back... The sounds in the cockpit are a little muffled. I suppose that is to give you the feeling of headphones. However, with ANR gear on, you wouldn't hear a single switch or anything in the cockpit at all... Would be nice to have a boneshaker soundset to go with it A
  7. Any answer to this, ladies and gentlemen? Thanks A
  8. Cheers for this Chock! A real help to those who have never been confronted by the complex simplicity of Russian hardware I need to work out how best to configure controller hardware to work with each of the systems, like the electrically operated cowl flaps, stuff I would love to be able to oeprate using the switches on the warthog throttle set, and possibly map the brake lever to a similar looking lever-operated button on the warthog stick... I always found this possibly most ugly of aircraft to be one of the most fascinating things ever to have taken to the skies. It may not have the beauty of a Spitfire of DC-3, but it sure hauls a lot of kit for a single-engined workhorse! A
  9. Are the new internal sounds being created as an alternative, ie switchable on the fly, like the A2A ANR headphone switch, or as a total replacement? Would be good to know... Thanks in advance A
  10. That is a. lol trap that I am likely headed for... I constantly forget to activate/deactivate lights... A
  11. Richard, the developers do not distribute the source code of their products, so we cannot recompile it... This is definitely a waiting game... I had never heard of SODE until now... and wham, I am affected by this too... Andrew (VPA255)
  12. 191 downloads

    The two files in the ZIP archive are replacement AFD files for German Airports 2 EDDV X 2012. I have edited the airport elevation from 183 feet to 183.1 feet to alleviate a problem I was having with default ground bleeding through. The issue was only apparent on arrival, but I noticed that the aircraft shadows, when active, didn't always appear fully when running up and down the runways and/or taxiways. This elevation change solves the issue for me. If you have a ground bleed problem at EDDV X 2012, perhaps you might want to try this. Only replace the file you need, either with static active or with static turned off. Andrew Entwistle
  13. You know, I was thinking about Angelique's reply... As an ex professional photographer I can fully understand wanting to protect content, whatever it may be. However, placing material online, regardless of techniques to thwart it, content will be copied, re-posted, uploaded under a different author and so on and so forth. And then I see that ASN has a Facebook page... a lot of content is set to public, so it can be viewed at least without having to register with them. Either way, the content use clauses on Facebook have led to me no longer posting any material whatsoever there... I find the restrictive policy of ASN right clicking not in balance with the use of Facebook... of course this is my opinion only, and I do not expect anyone to agree with my opinion, just to accept that I may have a different opinion than others... Could it at least be changed that the initial click on a link opens up in a new tab, instead of going to a new page in the same tab, whcih then links to the actual content in a new tab? I know I could use CTRL and left click, but it is not second nature to the large majority of Net users to use the keyboard while navigating sites... A
  14. No worries Mathijs, particularly as the thread you were looking for was directly below at the time you posted... Cheers to Hero93 for the information. I had forgotten that little switch. Nomen est omen... A
  15. All interesting stuff about the Dublin project, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my thread. Mathijs, I think you went and answered the wrong thread here... Thanks to Angelique for the information and reasoning. Of course, ASN's decision is final, but it has little effect on stopping content grabbers. At the end of the day, all it succeeds in doing is annoying me as the reader, as mentioned already. Penalising the average reader in an attempt to stop the exceptionally small minority with a method that does not stop them anyway is an odd decision in my mind... Perhaps you could programme the links to open in a new tab of the browser, like HTML target="_blank" or something, so I at least keep the home page and do not have to reload it again and again. Keep up the good work either way, thanks. A
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