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  1. Thank you for your very informative and fast reply! ASA creates some kind of thermals and up/downdrafts that's for sure. How realistic they are, that's another matter. I tested ASA's thermal creation with schematic thermal visualization on and noticed it produced "random" thermals that were like few meters wide. Try to stay inside of such thermal! I think the weather wasn't optimal for thermal creation though. That's as far as I had patience to use ASA's thermal features and I changed to use CumulusX! Sorry but what do you mean by "superpose"? I checked a online dictionary with no avail and
  2. Hello all! I'm a fresh new soaring pilot with questions to bug you! I have been using FS series for quite a while but haven't been trying soaring untill now. Now I use FSX, CumulusX!, Sim_Probe and a winch start program. What I was wondering is that does CumulusX! and sim_probe work with 3rd party weather addons like Active Sky Advanced for example? ASA tries to create thermals and stuff, but I don't know how accurately modelled they are. Couldn't find any info regarding ASA thermals or up/downdrifts anywhere besides their marketing text, so I'd prefer to use CumulusX! etc. for now. Still
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