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  1. Thank you for your very informative and fast reply! ASA creates some kind of thermals and up/downdrafts that's for sure. How realistic they are, that's another matter. I tested ASA's thermal creation with schematic thermal visualization on and noticed it produced "random" thermals that were like few meters wide. Try to stay inside of such thermal! I think the weather wasn't optimal for thermal creation though. That's as far as I had patience to use ASA's thermal features and I changed to use CumulusX! Sorry but what do you mean by "superpose"? I checked a online dictionary with no avail and english is not my native lanquage. Do FSX and CumulusX! thermals "add up" when they coincide? Does CumulusX! need the FSX thermals at all or will it work without them? There is a option in ASA where you can deacticvate thermal creation altogether, I could try ASA & CumulusX! combination with deactivation on? If I understand correct: if ASA uses FSX thermals (as it looks like it does) and is not misusing cloud descriptions it should work together with CumulusX! nicely. I'll test them a little further and let's see how they co-operate. Your clouds are not a problem to me! It's good to have distinct identification of thermals since I'm a total newbie on soaring anyway! I like cows, but I prefer to take the car to go see them. Edit: voila, nice, beautifull CumulusX! clouds are popping up with ASA. I wonder why I didn't get it to work first time I tried!
  2. Hello all! I'm a fresh new soaring pilot with questions to bug you! I have been using FS series for quite a while but haven't been trying soaring untill now. Now I use FSX, CumulusX!, Sim_Probe and a winch start program. What I was wondering is that does CumulusX! and sim_probe work with 3rd party weather addons like Active Sky Advanced for example? ASA tries to create thermals and stuff, but I don't know how accurately modelled they are. Couldn't find any info regarding ASA thermals or up/downdrifts anywhere besides their marketing text, so I'd prefer to use CumulusX! etc. for now. Still ASA provides quite nice visuals and overall weather environment so I'd like to use that instead of FSX's own "real world weather"... which is kinda far from real from time to time. So, if it's possible to make CumulusX! and simprobe work together with ASA then please tell me how! Sorry if this question has been asked before, could'nt find an answer while browsing the forums...
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