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  1. Pushback trucks are part of AES, why would Oliver put them into AES Lite?
  2. Does Newegg ship to Denmark? All the parts listed are just over $2000 US.
  3. Isn't Olympics Park going to be disassembled, now that the games are over?
  4. Beautiful screenshot, Joachim, but how will you share the prize with Shadow if you win?
  5. No problem, but since you've won three straight, you won't mind if I take this one...
  6. FSDT publishes their own software on their website, but this is the first I've heard about HESH.
  7. The arguing couple from Andras Field, one of the first users of bones animation to make people.
  8. Sounds like your jetways are too close to the aircraft, the seals do expand like that. Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing in the sim?
  9. This one should be fun. As judge, I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.
  10. Looking at the houses in the background, I'm guessing Andras Field. REX Essentials, maybe?
  11. Watch the other videos, the A380 has an FMC. I doubt FlightGear aircraft are that complex.
  12. Shouldn't they be removed after a certain period of good behavior? I've got a warning from OPabst from almost four years ago.
  13. In that case, you bring up the GSX menu and select Customize this parking space and tick the necessary boxes to tell GSX what you don't need there.
  14. I was referring to cargo and catering, obviously you can't disable doors used for jetways.
  15. Just disable any doors you want serviced by GSX.
  16. We definitely need a long towbar option, looks funny trying to push a Spitfire when the truck drives through the aircraft to reach the back wheel.
  17. Alex, are you running acceleration? It has a bug where AES only shows the title bar and you need to grab the bottom of the window with your mouse and pull it down.
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