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  1. Folks, It's quite difficult to search through 200+ pages...could you please elaborate whether P3D v4.1 will be supported. Thanks Dmitriy
  2. Thank you, Mr Pabst
  3. Any chance that MA EDDF would get SODE? Thanks
  4. Folks, I'm wondering whether MA EGLL installer for 4.1 includes the most recent patch. Thanks!
  5. Folks, For the new A32X package, can we expect the following included into payware upgrade 1. 2nd FMC modelled 2. Swithc between metric and imperial units. Thanks
  6. UPDATE 4. Spent a good portion of time yesterday, adding/disabling/compiling/recompiling/installing/reinstalling various add-ones. Bottom line - I was able to finally cure my ntdll CTD for now, but I don't see any direct dependencies in my actions, so perhaps it's merely an incidental luck. What I did was merely disabled those add-ones that were initially added via XML-method (FSDT/SODE/UK2000), reloadede the sim, then suffle the order of those add-ones and enabled them again. Finally, the ntdll CTD was gone with all my sceneries active in both XML-mode and classic scenery.cfg mode. Made a quick NGX test MCO-JFK, it worked flawlessly. I'm yet to install 50 other sceneries' products, so perhaps this issue will pop-up again. Meanwhile, it's pretty obvious now that on a long-run all the developers should stick with either one method of adding their products to the sim or another. Otherwise, the products' conflicts like these would be "new normal" That's all for now. Sorry for a little bit of drama. My best Dmitriy
  7. Tom, The event entry says that it's infamous ntdll CTD combined with videocard driver crash. It's 383 at the moment (clean uninstall/install was performed yesterday). I also noticed another thing. If I disable Texture fodlers of the Terrain folder for each individual scenery, my issue with NGX goes away completely. Each of these Texture folders consists of old *AGN (autogen, I presume) and new *DDS files. Have you guys validated that old FS2004 code was eliminated? This might be an issue here. Or not....
  8. 16GB for Mobo, 980Ti with 6GB and i7-6700k Again...it's not about PC and performance, as I have been with P3D since 1.4 and it's the most stable FS platform I've seen since FS2000, it's a certain bug that hasn't been caught in beta. I'll let you know.
  9. Mathijs, It's P3Dv4 and since I'm able to run the entire FTX sandwich in PNW area with zero performance issues, Ballearian Islands package is an easy walk in a park. Here is what I noticed. The package I bought on simmarket has 3 separate packages - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza. In the beginning, I installed Menorca first - had no problem with NGX, then I installed Ibiza and boom...I got NGX/CTD problem that I described in my initial post. Then I re-installed Ibiza fully and CTD with NGX went away as per my initial post. On my nest step, I installed Mallorca and I got this CTD on start-up with NGX again!!!. That puzzled me a bit, so I un-installed both Mallorca and Menorca and installed again Mallorca alone first and my cTD problem went away again!!!. I suspect that there is something wrong with the sequence how the packages should be installed. There is a conflict between them and I cannot say where it is exactly. In the meantime, Mallorca (LEPA) alone works ok, going to install Ibiza and Menorca on the top of that closer to the weekend and let you know. If you have some ideas in mind, please let me know. Best Regards Dmitriy
  10. Hello, I purchased Balearic Islands yesterday and ran into very strange problem. When the scenery is written into the scenery.cfg file, every time I select NGX from P3D vehicles I get CTD immediately with P3D shuts down. It happens with PMDG planes only and not with the default planes. I did a several tests and found out that IBIZA TERRAIN is the problematic folder that generates a CTD. Once I have this folder removed from the scenery. cfg file, the CTD goes away. There is direct cause-and-effect relationship and can easily recreate this CTD, I have a stable. clean P3D set-up, no other complaints/problems. Other user already had this problem in the past but you neglected him. Please see the topic Your solution would be much appreciated, Thanks Dm itriy
  11. Good afternoon folks, I have carefully researched your announcement regarding P3Dv4 compatibility and I haven't found a word about LIRF. Any plans to updated it or it's already ok to work in V4. Thanks
  12. No-no...I meant for V4 exclusively where VAS limit is irrelevant
  13. Folks, I'm hardly following this monstrous thread, could you please tell me whether the 2nd FMC will be also implemented in P3D V4 A320X update? Thanks
  14. Actually, in P3D32. AI Traffic does not effect VAS usage. I also must say that despite my initial desire to put a blame on Aerosoft/GAP, the entire Western/Cental Germany + Switzerland area is one big VAS sucker even without UTX or other sceneries. T2G EDDM, for example, has only ~300Mb better VAS management, but it obviously has less detailed terminal modelling, but its textures have higher resolution. Thus, the only viable solution here, GAP team would need to offer an option for the airport structures with less details. For example, GAP unique trademark, such as custom-made jetways, should be perhaps standardized.
  15. In fact, AI Traffic in P3D has almost zero effect on VAS usage. LM has done a great job in this area.
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