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  1. EBBR - ground markings are very unique and self-explanatory + very rare BAE146 for these days
  2. No AI? Ground blurries? Is it FSX in 2012? You're must be kidding, people.
  3. Hello, I have a question about AES usage on both sims. Let's say I have FSDT KJFK installed for both FSX and FS2004. Should I purchased credit two times, for both sims or only once? Thank you Dmitriy
  4. Thank you! 9 hours until the end of the business day.
  5. Oliver, Quick question. I didn't participate in 2.20 beta, so perhaps I'm not familiar with the specifics. Should I de-install 2.14 first and then install 2.21 as fresh AES install OR I could easily install 2.21 over 2.14. Thanks Dmitriy
  6. Finally time comes for KLAX. Thank you Oliver.
  7. Oliver, Any good news for coming Friday?
  8. Oliver, Any chance to release LAX separately as you did with LSZH? PS. I again apologies for this persistency of LAX's request, but this scenery is very important for US Simmers - perhaps the same way as EGLL and EDDF important for our european colleagues.
  9. I would say 5 without hesitation.
  10. Oliver, Could you please shed some light onto KLAX AES release timeframe? This is probably the most anticipated airport in North America for last year/ Thanks Dmitriy
  11. Actually 8.5 hours in a normal mode without saving flight - it's A LOT for VM accumulation. For this reason, I always 1) fly in x4 mode over Atlantic and 2) save the flight 200nm from arrival.
  12. Paul, if you're still using IMS KEWR from 2005, this scenery is very faulty by itself (many problems with textures, some textures are missing despite the patches etc). I also have g3d.dll error here even though VM level is only 1.3G. In contrast, while landing at night with PMDG B744 at Aerosoft LFPG, I have ~2.2GB VM (yes, my FS9. exe patched) and no CTDs at all. Other problem-free examples of heavy VM usage are Aerosoft EDDF/EDDM/EHAM and FSDT KJFK/KORD/KDFW.
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