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  1. Hmmm... now I look more closely, are you sure they still even exist? Their website has gone and there seems to have been no activity on Facebook for years.
  2. Hi Heinz.. yes, I have never really understood who owns this a/c, Aerosoft or McPhat. Thanks for the link, I'll ask them.
  3. I have dozens of liveries for this aircraft - and am determined to continue using it (in VR mode) in XP11! 🙂 The aircraft will not load in XP11 unless you replace the XP10 CDU with one of XP11, which is not so hard to do: I did a long time back in Plane Maker. However, that modification results in a popup CDU, which is then not visible in a VR headset (and as it's not a plugin, no way to make it so AFAIK). The visible ('non-popup') CDU embedded in the pedestal is corrupt in XP11, with most of the buttons (labels on which are also corrupt/unreadable) not working. This is a real pity, because everything else works just fine in VR, all the switches and dials and so on. If only Aerosoft would make this one modification - i.e. issue a fix which would replace the XP10 CDU on the pedestal with the XP11 version, the whole a/c would be ready to go in XP11 + VR. As it is, before going into VR, you have to set up the FMC popup on the monitor.. which is a bit of a shame. Hoping for but not expecting anything really positive on this, given past comments on the ATR on the forums... but, well, it's worth asking perhaps (especially as all indications are that a fully XP11 version of the ATR72 will never appear from Aerosoft)! (Otherwise, can users make the modification somehow themselves, just for their own private use??). Thanks!
  4. I am very happy to hear Aerosoft are planning this at least. Definitely get my credit card out for that one.
  5. Yes, the freeware scenery is pretty good on the whole, but where the runway extension joins the older, short runway is not very well-managed and the runway extension texture is poor. Still for freeware, it's nice enough and the guys who made it deserve our thanks (I am not saying otherwise of course!). There are various posts on the download thread, but the developer seems to have 'moved on'... Not sure asking for an update is going to get very far, unfortunately. Aerosoft's scenery (which I had in FS9) would be of a different calibre though. I wonder why they would not include this airport for XP11 when they have done so many other (less obvious IMHO) airports. Or maybe they do have it in mind??
  6. I moved to X-Plane from MSFS last year and on the whole find it the best flightsim available (though I do miss AES!). Aerosoft has produced an impressive number of products for XP11, but I am always hoping to see Madeira LPMA appear on the list! The only scenery available for X-Plane is a now rather old (2013) freeware package, which certainly fills the gap but is not ideal in a number of respects. Like many, I love flying into this 'infamous' airport - would Aerosoft consider adapting one of its Madeira packages for XP11? I hope it's OK to post a request like this here.. :-) Thanks! Martin
  7. Hi, Some little while since the last update. This is not to ask the (presumably) annoying question, 'when will it arrive', rather I wanted to ask (being on my 11th. credit pack now, I have some interest in AES!) if the issue of the follow-me truck racing ahead of the taxiing aircraft and then stopping to wait (mentioned in previous posts) will be corrected in the next update? And also if we will get the de-icing spray back in FS9 (I know there were issues with FSX, but the FS9 spray effect used to work fine). Thanks, Martin
  8. Hi. What settings do I use in the intelliscene file so there is no AES service at all at AES enabled airports? I am at a GA parking spot in a Mooney Bravo and I have set things so that no vehicles arrive or stairs wheel up to the aircraft and so on. But can I stop the dispatcher appearing too and putting blocks in front of the wheels? If there is no intelliscene file at all I get the usual error (aircraft configuration) message of course. I don't want to go in to AES Help every time and disable the airport, but do this on a plane-by-plane basis if possible? Or, maybe the only way is to close the AES error message and continue?? Thank you. Martin
  9. Er, OK, but then why has it suddenly appeared beneath my logo? I haven't been a naughty boy as far as I know! M :-)
  10. Anyone know why my avatar has 'Warn Status' under it all of a sudden? When I click on it a page shows 'No Warnings'... Martin
  11. Does anyone else have the 'problem' (small as it is) of the follow-me car running too far ahead of the aircraft and then stopping and waiting - then continuing, the same thing happening over and over again all the way to the gate? This never used to happen before version V221. Is the speed of the car set by the programme or can I change it? If others notice this, maybe it could be fixed in a future version? Thanks, Martin
  12. AES looks really great now, with staff loading the catering trollies, much more lifelike movement and so forth. So yes, I agree, given that all that has been possible, it would be wonderful to extend it to having passengers get out of the bus (as the driver already does) and board the plane!! Any plans/chance?? Martin
  13. Yes, thanks for all the improvements. The animation is really good now and all the little touches, like staff loading and unloading from the catering truck (to name but one), are very welcome. I already bought a dozen credit packs or more - this encourages me to buy even more (though nearly all my AES airports (over 120 to date!) are now active. Martin
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