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  1. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I know how to remove objects, just not which would give the best frame rate increase! :-) The 'bug' is actually a bug - you are thinking of something different I think. You can sit in the cockpit, engines off, stationary at the gate, and the cockpit will suddenly be plunged into blackness (impossible to read any unlit instruments) and then after another minute or two, back to normal - and so it continues. Hugely inconvenient not to be able to see the instrument labels. Quite a few people have reported it.
  2. OK, thanks. To be honest though, I don't really want to make changes on a global basis. For example, I don't fly with extended dsf turned off as that IMHO produces hideously ugly terrain. I can't reduce the reflection detail to zero, as this introduces a bug into XP whereby the cockpit panel keeps turning very dark, then back to normal after some minutes, then back to dark (even when at the gate). This has been discussed a number of times of XP forums; if you leave reflection detail at the first notch up, this doesn't happen. I don't draw parked a/c via the XP menu (but do have som
  3. I'll have a look at that. Thanks. Could you however perhaps give some specific advice on what best to tweak at EGLL. I would be more than happy with around 30fps... maybe you could kindly give some indication of exactly what you did in order to achieve your high frame rates at Heathrow.
  4. Otherwise seriously considering trying some of the freeware offerings instead... Seems there really aren't any!
  5. Hi. I also have the payware version of EGLL (previous thread)... my bugbear with it is the poor frame rates. I know this is a difficult subject, as people's PCs differ so widely, but I have my XP11 settings at very reasonable levels (worked out and tested over the past two years), not all pushed to the right, and many other 'heavy airports' give me good frame rates; I am not going to push my settings down any lower now. Sitting at the gates at Heathrow I average about 17-18fps. My PC is not state of the art, OK, but it is pretty respectable (i7-4970K @ 4.5GHz; GTX1070, 16GB RAM; running XP11 f
  6. This is re. the Aerosoft XP11 Heathrow - sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but just replying to Mathijs' comments... Thanks for the 'warning' Mathijs: I finally got round to upgrading my XP10 Heathrow to XP11 and also (just yesterday) added all the ORBX UK scenery packs. Visually it looks wonderful, but as you say, performance is less than ideal, to say the least. In a ToLiss a319 (great aircraft but not the most fps-friendly, especially from the cockpit), ready on Rwy 09L (i.e. with most of the airport in view) I made 10-12fps. Once I got away from the airport, fps returned to
  7. I didn't try with WED... can always try that, but might as well stick with my 'solution' for now - seems to be OK. I did try in Overlay Editor and there are SO many files that it says it cannot read (probably just an OE issue) that I didn't look much further. I didn't see 'our' pol file there though. Thanks again! šŸ™‚
  8. Good, thanks Heinz. If you open Aerosoft's file -24-071.dsf with a text editor, by the way, you can find the incorrect entry for A_02.pol there. (Deleting the entry from within the text editor and saving it would certainly result in an unusable, corrupt file of course, but just to check whether the A_02.pol entry is present, it was useful. I suppose I could try editing the file using a Hex Editor, but I'll leave that for now and wait to see what the developers say. Here's a screenshot, anyway, just to show...):
  9. Heinz... as I say, I don't get the error when I load as you have. As with others, it oddly only happens when you load a flight well away from SCEL - I got the error (until I added the 'dummy' files) when I started a flight at SCFA for example.. No, nor do I - no one has, it doesn't come with the AS SCEL package of course: but the XP11/dsf file is definitely looking for one there. I am sure the downloaded zip file is fine, and I had no anti-virus running when I installed the scenery. If the dummy files I have added fix the error (so far OK, but need to test some m
  10. OK, thanks. Look forward to hearing. I didn't want to install the 'amusement park' folder. by the way, just the main airport folder... could that be a cause? If I load my a/c at SCEL, there is no error either; as has been reported, the error window comes up later. I just loaded a flight at SCFA and immediately got the error about SCEL. You could always try that and see if you get the same message? In fact, adding a copy of placeholder.pol renamed to A_02.pol to the TERRENOS folder, as I mentioned above, (and also a copy of placeholder.png is needed, or XP reports it mis
  11. Hi. As far as I recall, we all had to use Meshv3 in XP11 when it first came out, as there was no v4, but I could possibly be remembering wrong. I should probably put v4 above v3 though, you are right. I think I have sceneries created at that time using v3 mesh that would complain if I removed it though (or have I misunderstood that somehow?). Before buying Aerosoft SCEL today, I had another payware scenery installed (no names, but not nearly as good as the Aerosoft version) and never got this message. The root cause must be somewhere with the Aerosoft scenery, no? XP11 reports that
  12. I have just bought this scenery today and I am also getting this error (but only after an hour of flying north from the airport, as others have reported. The airport seems to load OK at first - XP11.30. Your -24-071.dsf file in the Earth Nav Data folder must contain an incorrect reference to this pol file - no such file exists in the SCEL folder. The xp11.log file contains no other references, but a copy is attached... Hope you can fix this but in the meantime I have copied the file placeholder.pol and after renaming it to A_02.pol put it into the TERRENOS folder. Not
  13. I am very happy to hear Aerosoft are planning this at least. Definitely get my credit card out for that one.
  14. Yes, the freeware scenery is pretty good on the whole, but where the runway extension joins the older, short runway is not very well-managed and the runway extension texture is poor. Still for freeware, it's nice enough and the guys who made it deserve our thanks (I am not saying otherwise of course!). There are various posts on the download thread, but the developer seems to have 'moved on'... Not sure asking for an update is going to get very far, unfortunately. Aerosoft's scenery (which I had in FS9) would be of a different calibre though. I wonder why they would not
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