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    I didn't try with WED... can always try that, but might as well stick with my 'solution' for now - seems to be OK. I did try in Overlay Editor and there are SO many files that it says it cannot read (probably just an OE issue) that I didn't look much further. I didn't see 'our' pol file there though. Thanks again! 🙂
  2. martinlest


    Good, thanks Heinz. If you open Aerosoft's file -24-071.dsf with a text editor, by the way, you can find the incorrect entry for A_02.pol there. (Deleting the entry from within the text editor and saving it would certainly result in an unusable, corrupt file of course, but just to check whether the A_02.pol entry is present, it was useful. I suppose I could try editing the file using a Hex Editor, but I'll leave that for now and wait to see what the developers say. Here's a screenshot, anyway, just to show...):
  3. martinlest


    Heinz... as I say, I don't get the error when I load as you have. As with others, it oddly only happens when you load a flight well away from SCEL - I got the error (until I added the 'dummy' files) when I started a flight at SCFA for example.. No, nor do I - no one has, it doesn't come with the AS SCEL package of course: but the XP11/dsf file is definitely looking for one there. I am sure the downloaded zip file is fine, and I had no anti-virus running when I installed the scenery. If the dummy files I have added fix the error (so far OK, but need to test some more), then I shall just leave it as it is. Thanks for testing.
  4. martinlest


    OK, thanks. Look forward to hearing. I didn't want to install the 'amusement park' folder. by the way, just the main airport folder... could that be a cause? If I load my a/c at SCEL, there is no error either; as has been reported, the error window comes up later. I just loaded a flight at SCFA and immediately got the error about SCEL. You could always try that and see if you get the same message? In fact, adding a copy of placeholder.pol renamed to A_02.pol to the TERRENOS folder, as I mentioned above, (and also a copy of placeholder.png is needed, or XP reports it missing) does seem to stop the error message from coming up, but that's a bit of a 'sticking plaster' job, rather than a solution, I suppose. 🙂
  5. martinlest


    Hi. As far as I recall, we all had to use Meshv3 in XP11 when it first came out, as there was no v4, but I could possibly be remembering wrong. I should probably put v4 above v3 though, you are right. I think I have sceneries created at that time using v3 mesh that would complain if I removed it though (or have I misunderstood that somehow?). Before buying Aerosoft SCEL today, I had another payware scenery installed (no names, but not nearly as good as the Aerosoft version) and never got this message. The root cause must be somewhere with the Aerosoft scenery, no? XP11 reports that the Aerosoft dsf file is looking for a pol file that doesn't exist. How could the v3 mesh files cause that? Others are reporting this too, of course. Many thanks. 🙂
  6. martinlest


    I have just bought this scenery today and I am also getting this error (but only after an hour of flying north from the airport, as others have reported. The airport seems to load OK at first - XP11.30. Your -24-071.dsf file in the Earth Nav Data folder must contain an incorrect reference to this pol file - no such file exists in the SCEL folder. The xp11.log file contains no other references, but a copy is attached... Hope you can fix this but in the meantime I have copied the file placeholder.pol and after renaming it to A_02.pol put it into the TERRENOS folder. Not sure yet if that will stop the error message in XP11. Thanks. Log.txt
  7. I am very happy to hear Aerosoft are planning this at least. Definitely get my credit card out for that one.
  8. Yes, the freeware scenery is pretty good on the whole, but where the runway extension joins the older, short runway is not very well-managed and the runway extension texture is poor. Still for freeware, it's nice enough and the guys who made it deserve our thanks (I am not saying otherwise of course!). There are various posts on the download thread, but the developer seems to have 'moved on'... Not sure asking for an update is going to get very far, unfortunately. Aerosoft's scenery (which I had in FS9) would be of a different calibre though. I wonder why they would not include this airport for XP11 when they have done so many other (less obvious IMHO) airports. Or maybe they do have it in mind??
  9. I moved to X-Plane from MSFS last year and on the whole find it the best flightsim available (though I do miss AES!). Aerosoft has produced an impressive number of products for XP11, but I am always hoping to see Madeira LPMA appear on the list! The only scenery available for X-Plane is a now rather old (2013) freeware package, which certainly fills the gap but is not ideal in a number of respects. Like many, I love flying into this 'infamous' airport - would Aerosoft consider adapting one of its Madeira packages for XP11? I hope it's OK to post a request like this here.. :-) Thanks! Martin
  10. Hi. I am a complete beginner with X-Plane (installed the demo only so far, jsut this morning: fully intend to buy the full package when I am more familiar with the programme!). I have been flying MSFS since FS2000 though, so 'get' the general idea! So far, it all looks great. However, I would want/need to use my X52 joystick, but can't get past first base (loading the joystick config page!). No matter what I do, after calibrating the X52's six axes, the 'Next' button stays greyed out. 'Cancel' is the only option. I installed a plug-in for X-Plane from the MadCatz site, but still no joy(stick)... In X-Plane, the X52 does have minimum functionality (default), the hat switch, but mostly nothing. The O/S is Windows 7 x64. I can't really go further until I am sure I can use the X52 in the sim.. I have spent almost an hour Googling and looking at the forum here, and see others had the same problem, but am no further forward with a fix, so help would be appreciated. (I do need to keep the X52 software installed BTW, as I will continue to fly FS9 and FSX!). Many thanks! Martin
  11. Hi, Some little while since the last update. This is not to ask the (presumably) annoying question, 'when will it arrive', rather I wanted to ask (being on my 11th. credit pack now, I have some interest in AES!) if the issue of the follow-me truck racing ahead of the taxiing aircraft and then stopping to wait (mentioned in previous posts) will be corrected in the next update? And also if we will get the de-icing spray back in FS9 (I know there were issues with FSX, but the FS9 spray effect used to work fine). Thanks, Martin
  12. Hi. What settings do I use in the intelliscene file so there is no AES service at all at AES enabled airports? I am at a GA parking spot in a Mooney Bravo and I have set things so that no vehicles arrive or stairs wheel up to the aircraft and so on. But can I stop the dispatcher appearing too and putting blocks in front of the wheels? If there is no intelliscene file at all I get the usual error (aircraft configuration) message of course. I don't want to go in to AES Help every time and disable the airport, but do this on a plane-by-plane basis if possible? Or, maybe the only way is to close the AES error message and continue?? Thank you. Martin
  13. Er, OK, but then why has it suddenly appeared beneath my logo? I haven't been a naughty boy as far as I know! M :-)
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