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  1. Same issue here! Cannot get it to follow the CDI in FMS1. I've tried with yaw dampers on and off, 1/2 and full bank. I've tried re-cycling the flight plan, implementing a direct, trying to re-capture from heading mode, and nothing. It's banking back and forth to capture what should be an easy nav path to follow. It'll even follow the track for a while and then randomly turn one way or another and re-start the process. Any plans to look into this in a future update? The plane looks great, but it's clearly an issue that a lot of users are experiencing, and is an incredibly annoying issue to have to deal with. Pretty pathetic bug for a $50+ addon
  2. Requesting Air Canada A320 C-FDRK and A321 C-GITU (Star Alliance liveries), if possible.
  3. Version 1.0


    Thanks for downloading! This is a repaint of the Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver in the colours of West Coast Air of BC. Credit goes to Tony Hisgett for the photo used in the repaint and thumbnail, Paint.NET for the editing, Aerosoft for the aircraft, paint kit and other additional textures (bump maps, interior, etc...). I realize that there are issues with this paint, and if anyone has made edits and would like to re-post them or send them to me, feel free, however ensure to give credit to myself and these organizations/people if uploading. Not to be redistributed as payware. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created by Dmac Macon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS: 1 - Place folder "texture.WCAirNC" in "Aerosoft Beaver Floats 5 Seats", which is located in C:/Program Files (or Program Files (x86))/Microsoft Games/SimObjects/Airplanes 2 - Open up the "aircraft.cfg" in the Beaver Floats folder that has the "texture.WCAirNC" in it with notepad 3 - After the last set of lines beginning with [fltsim., place the following... [fltsim.X] title=C-FEBE WCA New sim=FSX_DHC-2F model=Float4 panel= sound= texture=WCAirNC kb_checklists=DHC-2F_check kb_reference=DHC-2F_ref ui_manufacturer=de Havilland Canada ui_type=DHC-2 Floats 5 Seats ui_variation=West Coast Air NC ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop" ui_createdby="Aerosoft" atc_heavy=0 atc_id=C-FEBE atc_airline= atc_flight_number= atc_parking_types=RAMP description=The civilian version DHC-2 Beaver was was manufactured by de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Ltd. from 1948 to 1969. The MKI is the mostly spread version witha 450 SHP Pratt & Whitney R985. Alternatively a MKII was developed with 550 SHP Alvis Leonides 502/4 engine. Later the less common PT6A6 turboprop powerd Beaver was built between 1964 to 1969. In total almost 1700 plans were built and many of them are beautifully restored and service for tourist flights,transportation and fun all around the world. 4 - Change the "X" in the [FLTSIM.X] line above to the number after the one in the fltsim section above to continue the consecutive series of numbers 5 - Save the aircraft.cfg and fly! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions, jot a PM to DMacAir1 on the Aerosoft forum.
  4. Umberto, in response to myself, later stated that he would only comply with AES if he were not no do any changes or additional tasks. See http://www.fsdreamte...p?topic=7110.15 page 3. To quote Umberto, "but there aren't any technical reasons for the scenery not being supported by AES, just that we won't spend any time helping the process". I really hope Mr Pabst considers this. Thank yoU!
  5. Dear AES users and more specifically Mr Oliver Pabst, Even FSX users have come to love the simplicity and personizeability of AES (if that's even a word . At many airports we love watching the airstairs and jetways pull up woth the baggage carts, and we pay for exactly what we want. Now. FSDreamTeam Vancouver is due to be released imminently, if not in he next months. Umberto has made it clear that if there was a possibility of AES, he would put in no effort in the matter, due to GSX. Would it be possible for you, ore anybody with the tools, to make CYVR AES'd? Several FSX users would buy it faster than they can blink, which can only mean business for Aerosoft as a whole. As well, the jetways in AES are impeccable, as are the timings, sounds and designs. I feel I can speak for the FS community when I say that AES for YVR would be a must have, and would carry on the best-selling FS ground service add-on in history! Thank you, to anyone paying attention, and I hope to be flipying (with AES) into Vancouver as soon as possible. DMac10121/DMacAir
  6. If you did indeed buy the actual credits and not just the base pack, simply check your e-mail. Aerosoft will have sent you (or eSellerate or whatever) an e-mal containing a serial number. Simply enter those serials into AESHELP under the "Add New Credits" option and voila! 10 new credits for you to use. If you have further problems, check your account info and what you have purchased and/or send Aerosoft a support e-mail. Enjoy AES!
  7. Thank you for the reply, but yes I have checked the download section. I suppose it will most likely been included in the "Extended" so I guess waiting is the most feasible option. Thank you, though!
  8. Hello! With the new vereion of AES comes great new things, however I have a problem. I have downloaded the Aegean and Spanair textures in FSX and have replaced XXXX with varying titles, including LXXX, LGXX and LEXX. Thr problem - the textures still show up as default exept the downloaded Cologne Bonn package, which works. I have also stated AESHelp. Thank you! DMacAir
  9. Thank you very much! Sorry for that... The picture was of an aircraft registered N223AS
  10. Hello! Just wondering, will it be possible to transfer credits from EGLL V2 to V3? It would be nice, although I realize it takes a lot of work to "AES" an airport, however 5 credits is a lot! Thanks! DMacAir
  11. Sounds great and fair point. Thanks for the response!
  12. Well, the registration speaks for itself... 223! http://www.airliners.net/photo/Transcarga-International-Airways/Embraer-EMB-120RT-Brasilia/1659830/L/&sid=5b1bb713c578ce197f43df9511856b6b
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