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  1. ICAO: KSUU Name: Travis Airforce Base Type: Freeware released Sep2014 FS: FS9 Designer: John Stinstrom Link: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=186134 No AES, the scenery is a littble to far from today standards - and FS9 CTD at daytime at my PC
  2. Good morning FloRyan Anyhow, would be nice if I get the question answerd
  3. Hello I want to ask if it is possible to add optional some autogen objects of famous buildings in the city of Brussels? For example I use FS2004 and I don`t have any buildings in the city. It would make more fun to see some of them during approach.
  4. I want to ask if the developers can show some night screenshots bfeore release? Last time we noticed that the terminal illumination did not look good, because the color was too much blue.
  5. Hello aerosoft, I saw your screenshots of Brussels. I want to ask if the terminal looks really like this at night??? It looks very unrealistic to me, too much blue colored light inside ther terminal.
  6. Greetings from Turkey..I'm try to merge CLS to SSW A310-203 and A310-304 but I cant do it :( Can you help me about this or send to me merge files? Thank here my mail adress airbusa3xx@gmail.com Thanks. Emirhan

  7. Hello aerosoft, Since I have installed the latest update for ELLX Luxembourg Findel Scenery I can`t use the confi tool, to remove the static aircrafts. Before the last update I could use the config tool. Theirfore I can not remove the static aircrafts on the cargo ramp. There is also no file which starts with static... in the scenery folder, which I could delete. So hope you can find a solution for me. P.S. I can only change the season textures with the confic tool. The area where I can change setting for the area in the config tool is grey. Thank you
  8. ok, I have seen that Problem in the FS2004, but it is not so bad.
  9. For those who are interested. http://www.unitedtrafficteam.net/ UTT has released the 747-8 family with textures.
  10. Hello I have one general important question. In Which scale are sceneries, for example German airports developed? I ask because I wonder why the edges of wings of 747s touch each other. You can see it for example on Cargo City Süd, where you normally have many 747 stands. But however the Ai traffic 747s have not enough space. So in my opinion it has something to do with the scale. Thanks for answer.
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