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  1. Hi All I wonder if Aerosoft can update it's London VFR addon, so we can fly over London Olympics Parks! is that feasible? Clear skies, Jcmmg
  2. Hi Guys, After updating my Terrain Mesh with FS Global Ultimate, I've found that ground textures are all over the place and are not align with the actual geography. Can some of you guide me or recommend me any product (free or pay) to correct this problem? Cheers, Clear skies, Jcmmg
  3. Hi pollux, This is just a general advice on the way I change the oil and/or the filter and is base on my experience. To be honest, I think there is no need to see the data.cfg to know how good your Katana is. So these are my recommendations: 1) If you experience any problem with your engine that requires a repair (overheating, excessive EGT, etc), then change the oil and its filter. Even if the menu doesn't show any yellow or red icon. 2) Every 25 hours as indicated on the manual, Change the Oil and oil filter. 3) If you need to refill the oil, don't change the filter. The method that I use to change the oil is: - Drain the used oil completely - Change the oil filter - Add new oil I don't like to use the oil icon to change it, because I don't know if it does perform these activities on the way I've describe. About other maintainable items, do what every pilot do in real life, perform a 360 pre-flight check. If the tires need air then it will show yellow, the same for brakes, structure, etc etc etc. I think the Katana has a very effective, close to reality and simple way to show when it does need maintenance and it works perfectly. For me it is pointless to look at the data.cfg. I think it was not designed as a pilot aid, it is more like a database.... Clear skies. Jcmmg
  4. Ok good hints there. But for me they can be tricky, because when I think on places, what I remember is the local weather and how it can affect the Katana!!!! not fair! hehehehehe Tropics=Hot and Humid Rusty elements If is too hot, it can melt! hahahaha! I know that I can't fly since there is a risk of disintegration (old feature) but if I leave it alone... BTW has someone try this feature yet? I mean, tying to fly when the temperature is +50C? Condensation on the electronics?? The paint work degradation.... well it doesn't affect its systems. Radio frequencies? ok... no more guesses from me, tonight I will find out!!
  5. I finally got time to do some test and find a solution. What I'm goin to do is to explain a bit more about how I got this problem and how I've found a solution: First: My problems started after I installed 5 addons in a row. (not a good idea) Secund: I couldn't use my Katana at all, all the controls were stuck, they only vibrates after any joystick input. I've tried to repair the plane, and nothing happened. In other words, similar to what you have described. Third: FSUIPC Module was missing (Hence my first replay). Fourth: I manage to recover the FSUIPC Module. The problems persist, as Tigerclaw said, the Katana is not linked to it... Fith: Problem solved!. I spend almost an hour looking at the fsx.cfg file looking for anomalies, but since I couldn't find anything, I decided to delete the fsx.cfg and leave FSX to create a new one. Then my Katana started to work perfectly again. Hope it is not too late to help and hope that others can use this information in the event of something similar happening.... Best wishes to all, Julio
  6. Lightning Strikes... This is a guess... do they affect the whole electric power... Flat tires, after long time.. Corrosion or degradation of the fuel pipeline....
  7. Hi YG Based on your description I have the same problem and I think it is related to FSUIPC. I have Katana's latest version and I manage to accumulate more than 50 hrs before this happened. I suspect that my FSUIPC has been corrupted or damaged after I've installed some addons, so my advice is to check your FSUIPC first. One way to do it is check your “addon” menu and test other complex addons that relays on FSUIPC to work properly. For some reason in my case I noticed that FSUIPC doesn't appear on the "Addon" menu. I would like to help more, but I didn't have the time to sit down and test my hypothesis then. If you manage to resolve it first please let me know! Good luck, Julio PS: I'm going to be able to work on it next week.
  8. HI all Here is my screenshot for the year. A legendary B-727 landing at SVMD which is surrounded by the highest peaks on Venezuelan Andes. Good luck to everyone! Jcmmg
  9. Hi guys, If you use the RXP tool (to add a 2D GPS,) you are going to find that the image quality will improve to the same standard as the Duke. I found it yesterday! Hope this could help you...
  10. uhhmmmmm is looking very attractive!
  11. Thanks! I'm a patient customer, as long it has great quality on it and deliver all the things I'm expecting!!! Aerosoft has always done that on the products that I want! Thanks a lot!
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