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  1. Hi there, Anyone else not hearing vatsim audio? Haven't experienced this before latest update (clean install with restarts)
  2. For me the "workaround" is trying to find a way that we can toggle the reverse axis through a button on the joystick and use our normal thrust axis to go into reverse. This is how Asobo intended and it's a real joy to use.
  3. Oooo.. Have you for any reference for this? It's super disappointing if that's the case! EDIT, this is still available as a control option in the sim.I am just about to test it in the default aircraft EDIT this works fine in default MSFS so you're incorrect I am afraid my friend
  4. Hello, May be missing something, but the MSFS toggle reverse (where a there is a button switch and you then use your standard throttle as the reverse axis) is not working. Am I missing something?
  5. Sorry I don't know if i did this correctly, I just downloaded the full installer and installed over the top. Was this incorrect?
  6. Thanks for the reply.. Have I inadvertently been flying around at MZFW without my knowledge?? (I've been just manually overriding the values in the fms). Happy there's an update coming regardless.
  7. Hi there, I have been unable to understand where this is happening but basically after setting zfw and fuel in the efb, copying to FMS. Later in the flight, after ipad has been off, I see that the weights are nearly at maximum (ZFW weight exceeded) and i see this replicated in the FMS.
  8. Hello, I have German Airports - Hamburg professional and want to upgade to the V5 one. Is there a discount for the upgrade?
  9. Only use windows defender. It obviously went walkies. Reinstalled over the top. No issue. Thanks all!
  10. Yep. But I'll reinstall over the top. Thanks Tom.
  11. Hi there, For V5 I no longer have the config tool for EGLL. Should I redownload the scenery?
  12. Hi there, Looking in my products there is no SODE jetways option for EGLL, I thought there used to be one? I can see my Frankfurt having a downloadable option; Could Heathrow have the same?
  13. Hello,

    On the 747 download, which engine versions are matched to the QOTSIII release from pmdg?



    1. FlyPrecisely


      Boeing 747-400 profiles pack covers all available engine options. So far, there are no vital differences on Boeing 747-400 in flight performance within RB211-524H and -524G, for instance. Thrust rating mainly affects takeoff performance that is out of scope on PFPX.

  14. I am confused... The ICAO is LGIR but what are you saying?
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