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  1. Unfortunately not possible. I am very disappointed there was no prompt or automatic backup in the installer.
  2. What the hell is wrong with this installer? I got no prompt, the computer restarted without me doing anything.. Someone's dropped the ball here.. Big time.
  3. Hi guys, As with most things, I assumed that I could just run the installer for V2. I've noticed that all my public documents with all of my individual aircraft profiles built up over the years have dissppeared. Please tell me they can be recovered or have they gone for ever?
  4. Ok, so it's here. I presume it may have something to do with GSX? If so what are my next steps?
  5. Hi Ollie, Thanks for your assistance, please see below.
  6. Hi Oli, Thanks for your reply, could you assist with specific steps to rule out what you have said above. The strange thing is that these do not exist with the simwings scenery not installed. Kind regards Alex
  7. Hi all, I have just completely removed (and checked the default which is defientely vanilla p3d) and reinstalled Heathrow, I am getting floating safe docks, and I cannot understand why
  8. Hi all, I want to start a discussion on the fairness of the bundled products (and upgrades). I have bought each baleric island, individually for FSX/P3d v3 etc, as there was not an option to bundle at the time, this came after all were released, how were we to know? As for many, I am on p3d v4 and I am interested in the professional upgrade, I've been told I cannot use upgrade to the bundle as I have them all separately. This means I will have to pay a significant amount more to get the 3 sceneries on top of already having paid more for each three. Is this appropriate?
  9. Hi, I get this at the new Malaga professional and other simwings titles too. I am on a 1440p monitor with MSAA 4x, not seen at other addon airfields. Particularly bad at Malaga Video at Heathrow.
  10. Hi there, appreciate your response, but dynamic lighting is on in my sim. I don't think disabling HDR is the way to go as other developers don't have this issue. Alex
  11. It was referring to my memory of just doing the flight and writing the forum post. Kind regards, Alex
  12. Herman, with all due respect I think you've misunderstood my post. I'm saying there is a bug in the software, I fully understand how papis work : -) There is a misalignment between visual papis and glideslope. Regarding the lights. It seems to be a feature of a number of aerosoft products. I even made a recent post about Mahon, I was told that that scenery was not recompiled for v4 and that's why the lights are poor. Looks like that advice is not correct as it's here too
  13. Hi all, Just landing 27R and the papi's are very misaligned with the ils glideslope. Memory says that bang on the glide shows 4 reds. Also, can we look into the flood spot lights. I have the dynamic lighting turned lower in the egll config, but these halo's are extremely unpleasant (top right of pic)
  14. Hi all, Is there any chance we can modify the lights at LEMH/MAH Menorca, as they look pretty bad in V4 (i've seen some very old aerosoft sceneries with the same). They are 2d and have a flat hue around then
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