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  1. Concorde has the seal fully extended 757 has the seal slightly extended. I've had much worse scenarios where the seal hardly extends at all.
  2. Here's examples of what I mean: A) Concorde with a fully extended Jetway Seal connected to the aircraft 757 with the seal not completely covering the outer fuselage. I've had some worse scenarios where the seal doesn't extend at all.
  3. Dear AES Team and who it may concern, This topic is in no means a complaint, it is just a question I have which is playing on my mind. When I configure aircraft by setting perimeters of the doors I seem to do it in such a way that the water proof seals on jetways never seem to completely extend over the aircraft. Now on some of my aircraft the seals do fully extend. However, on a great deal of aircraft this is not the case. I am not sure weather it is AES or the aircraft in question that are causing the problem. To recap, the question is: How can I make the water proof seals on the je
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