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  1. So you feel that so many FS developers at a meeting organized by Aerosoft is not a topic they should not discuss it in their own forums? I found it rather surprising to see how much effort (money?) Aerosoft puts into these things. And I found the post to be funny and informative. Yours not.
  2. In flight you will not be able to open the doors in the Maule unless you are in a stall. They are too big and too close to the prop. I think they would break before they could be fully opened. Everybody who ever sat in a Maule will know that. Think it would be easy to add something like that to an FSX aircraft, most of the new Aerosoft aircraft have the sound effects when you open windows so the event it detected. But doing so would be silly and stupid. I like FLIGHT. It's a great game. My kids like it a lot. And if you excuse me I am off to Barcelona in my 737.
  3. Mathijs, I heard you were planning to write a review of FLIGHT! and I was looking forward to that. Will you still do that?
  4. Andy, I would never buy an Aerosoft airport scenery if it would be using default jetways and not ones that look as they should. Just look at this image, can you imagine this replaced with the default jetway? Or more to the point, would you buy it if it was? I would not and I can fully understand Aerosoft not wanting to sell it like that. I never believe you would buy that.
  5. Not implementing a feature is most certainly not 'blocking'. The default jetways just look like ############### and the bit of animation it has (to end up with a gate through a cockpit or where there is no door) simply have no place in high end scenery. Even most freeware avoids it these days for good reason.
  6. You have been sneaking this one in under the radar but I got to say I seriously like your new site section Aerosoft Sim News. I visit most FS news sites (Fligthsim.com, simFlight, AVSIM etc) on a daily base but ASN almost never misses a new news and it often has news others do not have. I am surprised that Aerosoft does not use it to promote it's own services and products. Is that policy?
  7. That is a fine scenery package, got it running in Prepar3D and FSX now and it looks great and runs very smooth. It's good to have a detailed airport in that region!
  8. Congratulation Oliver, I'll keep buying credits, you keep addig stuff!!
  9. Only a few short hops from the main bases but I already know this scenery project is one of the finest I have ever seen. On the bases the attention to detail is seriously fine and as soon as you get some altitude the surrounding is overpowering. I was afraid the long distances between bases would be an issue but As long as you hug the coast line you go from one killer view to the next. Get it. Or at least consider it.
  10. Merci guys, I just loaded it in Prepar3D and it looks great, well the same, lol, but on my system it has better fps. Is this the first commercial Prepare3D add-on released?
  11. But with the same reasoning you could say your other add-ons make it hard to use them with Schiphol, right? You clearly feel (and perhaps rightly so) that the world around you is not as important as the aircraft you fly in. I personally do. We all use the sim in a different way. But with Schiphol as it is we all will have to make compromises when using it. I think Aerosoft did a good job explaining why things are as they are. I got little or no problems with Schiphol as long as i remember to set the sim right before I approach (in my case I set a very low AI traffic as that hurts me a lot). I
  12. Are you complaining about REX, PMDG, FSX or the scenery? I mean it's not the scenery that makes it slow, it's the combination and it seems strange to only blame Aerosoft. Although I love the PMDG 737 it made a lot of my other scenery addons a lot less usable as the combination makes it too slow. But that's after I added the PMDG 737, not because the scenery changed. So I had to adapt, lower settings where needed and I even stopped using one or two. I rather spend my resources on the aircraft then on the scenery. I think I got all the Schiphol scenery there is for FS2004 and FSX and while t
  13. Finest small airport scenery I bought. Same quality and style as Orbx but in a region that I like to fly in and better fps. All sliders to the right and I get 45 fps. Amazing. Now leave me alone so I can try to get the PMDG 737 down there. Will be the first non ILS landing in a while.
  14. I know where my Katana is going to be this weekend! Should be a nice 45 minutes tour around the whole island. If you like to prepare, here is a link to the charts: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/fssim/charts/LGKR.pdf. The VOR DME NDB approach is one that I'll be practicing. Way too many ILS approaches lately, it's time for so good old serious flying!
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