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  1. Hi, i know with spad.next you can log the LVARs from the CRJ if you press something in cockpit. Are you know other programs that can do also? i have only AAO and FSUPIC.
  2. Hans says at Cruiselevel Stream it comes when its ready He told the Model are not ready on the Developers from the Model had much work to do. So we had no ETA.
  3. @bLindye First of all, Thank You for sharing the scripts. I saw your write in MSFS Forum about die 50k feet Bug with the Bravo Throttle. Are this fixed? I also use ASCRJ_YOKEC_APDISC on the Alpha. But i must click twice in a row that die AP are off. Did you have this also? its that normal? Thanks
  4. Thanks great. This that was the problem. I had Pitot Heat on/off mapped on a switch Now its better. The only think was he did not switch automatic to LOC when I was on the ILS. I mean Hans wrote that's was implanted. But doesn't matter.
  5. So new try. all Anti-ice on. but now he had problem on climb. i set VS to +4.0 nothing. when i deactivated AP and make pitch by hand I had no problem. When AP activated, they set de pitch very low and nothing happens. After departure i set speed bug to 205 and activated Speed. But he didn't climb and he overspeeded. I mean this is an error with the AP. When I read right, Aerosoft use the internal AP from MSFS. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021-03-18 13-50-13-test.mp4
  6. Here is video with some problem. set ALT 12000. After Takeoff I set AP Speed to 205. But the AP did not hold 12000 ft and overshoot and hold about 13550ft. than i set Vs to -0.7 but he don't sink. Than i change the ALT to 3500ft an set VS to -2.5 but the AP sink only with -0.7. on the end of the video i set VS to -4.0 but he sink only with -2.0 That's crazy. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021-03-18 12-31-59-test.mp4
  7. Hi, on the Honeycomb bravo the ALT BUG doesn't work. HDG for example work. When will this fixed? ETA?
  8. on a approach on ILS 3° is clear . but on a normal decent on a STAR?
  9. Hi, i fly today LOWK ABIRI1A ABIRI1M XIBAR2S ILS35 LOWG - CRZ FL130. On WP WG508 i set ALT to 3500 and toggle VS. VS set to -2.7. THE AP goes to -1.7 but not more. i also set the vs to -3.7 but it doesn't help. In WP VAGIL i was on about 6500ft an the AP had a VS with -0.7. Set was -3.4. so i must fly a extra hold. I didn't understand why he doesn't accept my VS setting. I fly many hours with the WT CJ4 or with TBM930 and M20R. I had no Problems with VS on AP. What's about with the ALT BUG with Honeycomb Bravo. when will be fixed? Thanks Chris
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