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  1. you need to give the EXACT Version P3DV4.5 (Hofix ?). and auf the Airbus pro (that one you can look up in the AS Updater)
  2. Yekaterinburg is listet as P3D compatible - shure it works for P3D V3? maybe you can try to add in manually to your scenery library
  3. which Sim - if P3DV5 maybe the excludes for the default Objects are missing?
  4. may an altitude correction file in ORX-Vector or in the /scenery/world/scenery DIR?
  5. if you're using SODE Jetways - Restart SODE from the FS menu and see which jetways disappear (floating, correct ones, both)
  6. check if there is a duplicate entry for ROME in the scenery library - would be strange but....
  7. are "only" the buildings missing or is it just the default scenery with SODE jetways?
  8. any "lsgg_ALT" files in scenery/world/scenery ?
  9. that's strange - some of the jetways (E34) seem to be present - also afaik the are (unfortunatly) no SODE-jetways for Zurich pro Are you using GSX2 and have created an exclusion?
  10. disable the JF-Traffic AFCAD leave the SW as it is. Are the really NO AI aircraft at the whole airport (any position) what about arriving traffic after .. 1/2 hour (I don'r know the trafficplans in JF traffic - but EDDH is not that busy Maybe you have some "tool" to look at the traffic that is "around" (like SuperTrafficBoard)
  11. may also be a corrupted installer file - clear your browser cache a redownload
  12. I checked the AFCAD on this location - looks ok! from my side - as you saw some movement from the CTRL-M Jetway try 2 things 1) position that 747 a bit more fore- or backward - maybe it's "out of reach" for the jetway 2) what if you use CTRL-J to move the jetway instead of GSX?
  13. I do not have FSX (SE) active any more but the files are somewhere on my PC - I'll try to have a look into that AFCAD this weekend
  14. the upper one is the screen I meant - it shows you're using the AFCAD inside the Heathrow pro folder so far so good. try renaming the "egll-ifikxx.ini" file referenced in them second section (above) Gate 555/J with the FS NOT running and restart
  15. what do you think about "weekend" for a reason? - some of these working people need that
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