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  1. may also be a corrupted installer file - clear your browser cache a redownload
  2. I checked the AFCAD on this location - looks ok! from my side - as you saw some movement from the CTRL-M Jetway try 2 things 1) position that 747 a bit more fore- or backward - maybe it's "out of reach" for the jetway 2) what if you use CTRL-J to move the jetway instead of GSX?
  3. I do not have FSX (SE) active any more but the files are somewhere on my PC - I'll try to have a look into that AFCAD this weekend
  4. the upper one is the screen I meant - it shows you're using the AFCAD inside the Heathrow pro folder so far so good. try renaming the "egll-ifikxx.ini" file referenced in them second section (above) Gate 555/J with the FS NOT running and restart
  5. what do you think about "weekend" for a reason? - some of these working people need that
  6. and the "annoying message " is? Did you install the additional SODE option (download (https://sode.aerosoft.com/) and run the batchfile)? GSX2 is needed to put somehow generic "SODE" jetways to airports not supplied with SODE jetways
  7. again: did you check that GSX is referencing the right AFCAD file - the path and filename are shown in the GSX edit airport menu
  8. check if GSX is referencing to the correct AFCAD by using the "customze Airport" function
  9. das ist lediglich ein Hinweis das SODE aktuell ist und deshalb die Installation von SODE abgebrochen wird - hat nichts mit der Funktionalität der Scenery zu tun (ist vielleicht etwas unglücklich ausgedrückt)
  10. UTL should work as lang as the airline codes are ok - ProATC should also work as if no "Gates" are resent it will go with the radius of the spots and their order in the AFCAD (may send you on remotes ;-))
  11. I checked the AFCAD for Rome 1.04 dated 23.08.17 - the parkings are alle RAMP_GA - just the 3 Cargos are different. I think if you set airport traffic to ZERO (which you should do if using GSX or something like that) - you can change the type to GATE_ (e.g. with ADE)
  12. and you did enable VDGS in the Oslo config tool (just installing the "SODE" Part isn't enough)?
  13. that's somehow ok as it is a way to get rid of the default service vehicles that are present at "Gates"
  14. maybe because this forum isn't face2face support and requires you to sometimes have a look if your problem is discussed / solved in another thread?
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