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  1. maybe you could use TACAN "ZFX" (McMurdo) as a destination an from there navigate to the NZIR ILS (is there an ILS in real live or is it just a little helper in FS?)
  2. maybe the plane ist trimmed to much upwards?
  3. i'd recommend disabling all ENGM-Files in ORBX Norway
  4. I think Tom is more asking about scenery Addons which sometimes tend to interfere
  5. Sorry für die späte Antwort - hast Du schonmal versucht GSX2 zu deaktivieren?
  6. that's normally a sign of a conflicting AFCAD or AES (altitude) file - did you check for any "*LEMG*.bgl" outside the Malaga Scenery folder?
  7. maybe an ORBX update "reactivated" the PANC files in ORBX Alaska, check for any PANC bgl files outside of the AS Anchorage folders
  8. irgendwelche anderen "LIRF" AFCAD's (z.B. aus MyTraffic)? GSX2?
  9. check if you do not have a GCLP_LIB_Jetways.bgl in your scenery folder (just the GCLP_LIB_Jetways.-SODE.bgl)
  10. that new one is a nightmare for AI AFCAD design 😉
  11. as the aircraft seems to taxi left of the rwy i'd look for another Cuzco (SBZO) AFCAD (traffic addon like MyTraffic, ORBX, ...)
  12. problem is probably, that AI traffic is always trying to start the takeoff at the very end of the runway connected with a taxiway. One way to change this could be to change the last "black" runway segment to a "green" taxiway type.
  13. could you just post a screen of the AFCAD with the path your AI takes - that may help to find the culprit
  14. Sorry - didn't want to mislead.maybe I've so many addons for addons that I take some functions as "default"
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