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  1. good advice - directs planes to the right spots and is "readable" if changes are needed to be done
  2. maybe a corrupt model or paint (zero-byte textures). try to disable traffic bgl files to narrow it down (or scan for zero-byte texture files)
  3. that ini is created by GSX if you customize an airport or gate - bit it has nothing to to with the volume of AI traffic or the gates it parks - that's an AFCAD thing only - maybe the parking codes don't match
  4. if using AI traffic look for corrupt textures (zero-byte files) in your AI aircraft
  5. you're welcome no offence meant - it's just about "first get the basics - then go to advanced" there are to many people out the that want "study level aircraft" but are not willing to learn the basics (or to understand them) just remember: not all the truth is on youtube 😉
  6. "System to STD" refers to the barometric pressure setting, which is set to a Standard value above a certain altitude (the knob above the FD button) The ISIS is the little electronic Standby System (horizon, altimeter, ...) on the upper central console. maybe you have a deeper look in the documentation to get accustomed to all the System name and some of the concepts behind - just "playing" the tutorial step by step will stall you in some point or another
  7. also c:/program Files (x86)/... is not a good place to install P§D or addons as this path is "protected" by Windows
  8. if you see static jetways an no "X" - what happens if you use the "Reload All!!!" function in the SODE menu? - do the jetways shortly disappear?
  9. ...or take a look here "" - some work to do but free other option ist to edit the AFCAD an remove all airline info - but (imho) the default AI-traffic is not a real option...
  10. the AFCAD file has coded parking spots - as you seem to use just the FSX/P3D default traffic the ai planes are only using "uncoded" (overflow) parking positions
  11. default scenery? (as the addon doesn't bring own airport scenery with it)
  12. do you use a traffic addon which brings it's own AFCADs? (e.g. MyTraffic)
  13. what does "I cannot connect the Jetways to my 777" mean in detail? - are you using the Zurich Professional version? - what's your workflow in trying to connect them? - are you using GSX2 or CTRL-J? - maybe a screen of the situation would shed some light
  14. maybe a corrupt AI Plane (zero byte texture, corrupt model) what if you deactivate LH, SWISS and maybe EASY
  15. that's strange - editing an AFCAD doesn't change any positions are you shure you didn't edit the default AFCAD (no offence meant=
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