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  1. in germany it's still pretty much thursday evening
  2. data63

    Valencia X elevation issue

    maybe you could give the info that mopperle asked for on Sep 19
  3. data63

    Aerosoft's Mega Sceneries & ORBX

    and take a look in the ORBX TX compatibility forum - lot's of hint's there
  4. for a 2019 release I'd expect 8k
  5. data63

    Mega Airport Rome no Jetways

    so try reinstalling SODE (download the most recent version first) - that should add it to your V3 configuration
  6. data63

    Mega Airport Rome no Jetways

    Sorry, I don't understand. You have a SODE menu - but if you use/load LIRF it disappears?
  7. Sorry for that - was just a wild guess as it looked as in that "old times" 😉
  8. data63

    Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg

    schau mal nach *EDDB* Dateien ausserhalb des Mega Berlin Ordners - und deaktiviere sie
  9. im Config-Toll SODE aus (ok! - beenden) - und dann wieder ein?
  10. data63

    Goflight Module und prepar3d v 4.4

    seltsam, der "Programm Code" ist ja eigentlich im Client. Das Content Pack ist nur "Zubehör"...versuch do mal den Client neu zu installieren
  11. the configurator shows 1.00 - are you shure you installed the latest version? I think (not sure) the older version needed activation with a - now obsolete - Aerosoft activation tool (don't remember the name anymore)
  12. data63

    Grass textures between runways.

    that's the info displayed in your posts 😉 ------- AIRBORNE FORCES ASUS SKT-1366 P6T Deluxe V2 Win 7 64 bit i7 975 Extreme OC to 4.2GHZ 6gb of 1866mhz Dominator DDR3 1TB Samsung F1 SATA II Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 1792MB -------- btw... tried to lower your display radius - even a 1080 has it's limits
  13. data63

    Manchester X (FSX) problem

    look for "EGCC" BGL-files in the ORBX EN directories and disable them. If you use ORBX Vector disable the entry for EGCC with the config tool.
  14. data63

    FSX Madeira Evo LPMA

    take a look into the FS Global "local meshes" and try to disable the LPMA entry (add .off)
  15. data63

    Grass textures between runways.

    +1 P3DV4 relies much more on GPU power AND GPU RAM than FSX and older P3D versions.