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  1. which Aircraft? / which Gate?
  2. you're talking about SODE Gates - I don't think EDDF has them yet. Are you using GSX2 to add them? If so there maybe a GSX2 exclude that kills the scenery
  3. depends what Lockheed changes - they broke some backward compatibility in the last few releases to introduce new things - I suppose the will repeat that where they think they need to
  4. I like your bug-tracking procedure šŸ˜‰ NIce way not simply blaming the scenerey (designer) but trying to find the problem "on your side" hope you find that bugger and share it with us P.S. also Thanks to Oliver for his constant efforts!!
  5. I myself use P3D V45 in combination with UT2 and also "own" AI models of various devs - can't reproduce that problem in Heathrow.
  6. may have something to do with the number of different models/repaints - P3D gives the engine a certain amount of "Time" to render the models / load the textures - if there are to many different ones the slice is to small - if you have 100 AC but 20 models and 50 different paints its more heavy than 15 models and only 20 different paints. maybe playing with that "FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION" entry of the Prepar3d.cfg could help. also some of the used AI-models maybe not optimzed for P3D (V4) and eat up power - I don't know exactly which ones are used by UTL but there are some updates for the TFS ones
  7. new shot into the dark.... did you try to lower your UTL traffic density - at a traffic area like London maybe UTL somehow "overloads" the P3D engine
  8. afaik this information is just for calculating the AI routing (descent, and approach)
  9. on the bottom pic there are slightly disorted arrows - I would look for a duplicate AFCAD. First I'd doublecheck for active EGLL files inside ORBX (even if you set the panel to "compatibilty")
  10. which AI traffic are you using?
  11. which Sim do you use? any other sceneries installed for that area (Airports of Norway, ORBX, ...)?
  12. versuch' mal dem:
  13. wenn Du die ORBX Germany Pakete hast, dann kann es sein dass die dort deaktivierten Airports beim einem ORBX Update wieder eingespielt werden (nicht die Elevation Adjustments aus Vector sondern die AFCADs in den Sceneries)
  14. missing traffic is not a problem of the scenery but of the traffic-addon. the scenery doesn' t supply any traffic but just the parking spots and the "ways" only way a scenery could affect traffic is not supplying eough adequate parking spots which seems not to be the case here ok Oliver - yout beat me by seconds šŸ˜‰
  15. I had a look in my installation (working with SODE) there should be a EDDK entry in the SODE/XML folder this should point to your EDDK installation in this folder you find an add-on.xml with an entry for "SimObjects" - check the path and if you have an Somobject folder with a "EDDK_Jetways" folder inside
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