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  1. Woow that looks amazing iam glad they wil make it for fs9 aswel
  2. Thanks Mathijs it would be great if this one wil be for fs9 as well.
  3. Mathijs is there any news if Toulouse also wil be made for fs9
  4. Wil it also be that if you buy the fsx version that you also get the fs9 version and visaversa
  5. Wil this be also for fs9 or fx only
  6. Wel the flightsim community in Egypt and Middle East is growing so iam there is a good market now
  7. Wel Mathijs iam verry sure that many people of the Egyptian and the Middle East flightsim community wil buy these scenery`s and also the flightsim community from Europe
  8. Bud we also need Hurghada, Luxor and Marsa Alam for fs9 and fsx then all major Egyptian holiday destinations are compleet
  9. Indeed it would be great to have the Boeing fields for fs9/fsx
  10. KLM737 can you respect that there are stil a lot of fs9 users it is non of your bussines why people stil using fs9 for several resons. FSX is not superior above fs9 so you dont need to act so arogant against the fs9 users, everyone has the right to use the flightsim they like to use. Also the fs9 users is stil bigger then you think so stop your everlasting cry against the fs9 users. You are not a developer so there is totaly no need to speak on there behalve of the flightsimulator developers or sit on the deveopler seat.
  11. Hello Aerosoft team Any news if Airport Toulouse wil be made for fs2004 aswel
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