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  1. Thanks for being on top of this I will fly the IAE in the menatime
  2. I encountered the same problem today, only in the A321 CFM tho. Never happened before the last update. I noticed that the engines dont spool up until the throttles are advanced above 50% N1
  3. Tobias Nome

    Changes in views

    Thank you Mathijs, a small detail but one I have wanted for some time
  4. Tobias Nome

    Display Reflections?

    Yes I see. That makes sense, I trust you and the airbus pilots on this one
  5. Tobias Nome

    Display Reflections?

    I think I have it at a medium setting, should it be set to any specific value?
  6. Hello! A cosmetic feature I really enjoyed in previous versions of the bus was the reflection effect on the cockpit displays. It made them look more alive and realistic. Somehow they dont seem to appear in the professional version, and I dont know if this is intended or if it is something to do with my setup. Anyways it makes the displays look more stale and matte, and not as good as they previously did.
  7. Hello. I have found that after every update for the aircraft, the livery section in the aircraft.cfg is reverted back to the default list of liveries, and the liveries I had added were deleted. This causes bit of inconveniance every time, is this something you can fix?
  8. Tobias Nome

    No wind data

    Thanks! I tried it and it worked
  9. Tobias Nome

    No wind data

    I'm currently using the Opus wather engine.
  10. Tobias Nome

    No wind data

    Hi I can't get the wind pages to work. I've tried to use a company route, as per stated in the step by step, but still nothing shows up when I try to collect the wind data for the route.
  11. Tobias Nome

    No Safe Docks Oslo

    I have the same issue. I hope the airport will recieve an overhaul some day and recieve full p3d v4 treatment, like Malaga and other airports have.
  12. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Thanks, Jo Erlend. I just had to run the config tool to activate the new textures and now everything is as it should be Consider this topic solved.
  13. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Straight from the sim (winter selected in config tool + date set to 05.01.18), and as you see all other winter textures are in place, but it seems the asphalt and its edges seems like stuck in summer. I should have posted these from the beginning to avoid the previous misunderstandings
  14. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Not that I know of. What might that be? I'll post a screenshot from the sim to show exactly what I mean.
  15. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Yes I've tried that too, but the config tool only changes a few of the textures, not the runway edges and so on.