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  1. I can say for my part that my investment in p3d v5 still leaves a bitter taste. I dont have a very expensive system, and I can never expect to run high-end stuff with settings maxed out, but I never had such stability and memory issues in v4 as I have in v5. I hope this will be resolved soon, but I would also advice people to hold on to their money for the time being.
  2. This problem also persists for me with HDR enabled.
  3. Did you disable reallight? if so, how did this impact vram usage?
  4. OK that makes sense, didnt do my research I will consider disabeling it while its still in beta, I dont do much night flying anyway
  5. I also expirience this, but I also find that the a320/21 is much more heavy than vram than the a330, which doesnt make sense to me?
  6. Might it have something to do with HDR? I have that turned off, since recently
  7. I expirience that the effects are all pretty faded out. I think this stems from the same problem - there might be a beacon effect, but a bit faded out.
  8. worked correctly for me on first install.
  9. Hopefully something LM can fix soon? Either way I support any decision you decide to make. Better to have something that works than a rushed product. We can wait if we have to
  10. Looks great! My fingers are itching to fly the A330 again
  11. Do you know if there's any major update planned for Oslo?
  12. I am hoping for a re-booted version of the scenery, as the airport has changed a lot in the real world and some parts of the scenery is a bit lacking in my opinion.
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