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  1. This has happened to me as well, seems to happen only when I fly after selecting the taxi state in the third mcdu.
  2. Noticed today that during pushback, the wheels on the mlg roll forward instead of backwards. Not a big deal, but a little wierd
  3. This was better. Still find it a bit unstable on the elevator axis, but overall a big improvement!
  4. I noticed that it seems like the slats are not fully retracted at the base of the wing root, despite being retract on the rest of the wing. Is this how it is supposed to look, or a minor modeling mistake?
  5. Add me to the list of those who enjoy the product! Very pleased to say the least. Well done, Aerosoft, and of course Mathijs for managing the product and the forum. Time to kick back and let the money come in
  6. Tomorrow will be historic, no doubt about it! Hats off to Aerosoft for your paitance (with us, the bickering customers), comittment to the hobby, your talents and so much more!
  7. Just amazing! Love the cockpit textures! And good to hear that the flight model has been fixed since the beta streams on youtube, I always trusted that it was just a bug that would be resolved. Cant wait
  8. It seems you have reverted back to have more reflections on the cockpit screens, which I really like. Will this feature in the final product? I always felt the screens in the A32X Prof looked a bit stale.
  9. Tobias Nome

    Nav Data

    Is it just me who dont really se the point of always having the very latest nav database? Are there really so many changes from month to month?
  10. From December on I will be visiting the this very forum exlusively through the EFB in the A330
  11. the blinders/sunshade on the side cockpit windows?
  12. I encountered the same problem today, only in the A321 CFM tho. Never happened before the last update. I noticed that the engines dont spool up until the throttles are advanced above 50% N1
  13. Thank you Mathijs, a small detail but one I have wanted for some time
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