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You will find all the user created files here. Please keep in mind that these files are not supported by Aerosoft or the developers.

231 files


    this is a Cathay Pacific OFP copied from a real OFP it is 98% accurate. This comes with a dispatch message which is apart of the real one. hope you enjoy



  2. PFPX Route Translator Spreadsheets

    PFPX Route Translator Spreasheets for NATS UK routes, FAA USA routes and DECEA Brazil Routes.
    These spreadsheets enable you to translate the route files downloaded from NATS (XLS file), the FAA (CSV file) and DECEA Brazil (CSV file) into a file suitable for import into PFPX. Instructions are contained in the spreadsheets.
    These spreadsheets were created with Excel 2016 but should still work with earlier versions such as 2013 and 2010. Macros need to be enabled for these to function.




    This is a real Ryanair ofp with no redispatch or Etops as i dont think Ryanair use it. When printing untick ATC flightplan as this is in with the OFP. Any problems let me know.



  4. Lufthansa Cargo Flight Schedule

    This file includes the latest version (14.04.2014, 19:00Z) of the Lufthansa Passanger flight schedule. 11597 datasets have been processed resulting in even more flights.

    It also includes the "planned" aircraft in the 'Notes' section of the PFPX flightplan.

    Download the file and import it as it is via the PFPX Flightschedule -> Add -> Import Schedule

    Have fun.

    Disclaimer: The data has been parsed from http://lufthansa-cargo.com/en_de/network/schedule-routings/

    You will find the PAX version here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/2591-lufthansa-flight-schedule-pax-version/



  5. Air Berlin BER Template

    OFP Template in airberlin format including EROPS section.
    Template based on real world BER OFPs including almost all features of the real thing aside from just a few minor flaws due to present PFPX template limitations, missing features will be included as soon as new PFPX template fields are available.
    If you notice any problems or have any questions, feel free to contact me via PM.
    Installation: Copy the file into "C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates" and (re)start PFPX
    ATTENTION: Do not select the ATC Flightplan in the printer menu. It is already included in the OFP template. Suggest font Courier size 12pt for max realism.



  6. Cessna Citation X with High Speed Cruise

    This is Moritz Rabe's Cessna Model 750 profile with performance data added for High Speed Cruise. Add to your PFPX aircraft folder and select the cruise mode "MAX."

    I've been testing this with the FS9 Eaglesoft DG Citation X with a bias of 107% for climb and decent and 105% for cruise.



  7. Airlines.txt

    here the Airline list as txt file as it comes at your first Installation. (Note: file is no update)

    Place into C:\Public\documents\PFPX Data



  8. Virgin Atlantic (w ETOPS)

    This is a Virgin atlantic OFP with ETOPS. This is the nearest i could get to the real one. This is for both Airbus and Boeing fleet. Hope you enjoy:)




  9. Beech Turbine Duke

    This one includes a performance and template file for the RealAir Turbine Duke. All the values have been taken from Prepar3D, so, they are authentic values.
    The performance data only includes a cruise profile at 92-95% N1 RPM, that is the most common profile with this aircraft, also with -10/+10 ISA deviation data, and two different payload configurations. Some other profiles has been considered, but not very relevant to be included. The file has been tested with a couple of flights using PFPX. The fuel calculation has been very good.
    The template is designed to be used with the Flight1 GTN 750. If you don't have that, you only need to change the equipment of the aircraft. The only practical difference should the type of transponder, and no ADS-B capability.



  10. Atlas Air (GTI) & Polar Air Cargo (PAC) - OFP v2.1 - 2017

    ATLAS AIR & POLAR AIR CARGO - V 2.1 - 2017
    Created in co-operation with ‘’Thibodb’’
    This OFP template (GTI) is created according to the latest real world Atlas Air OFP documents of 2017. This file provides a high quality and PFPX (friendly) format and offers the most accurate and realistic OFP replica format based upon the Atlas Air brief package.
    The OFP template (GTI) includes the following flight planning methods:
    - TO/Landing Data
    - Redispatch operations
    - ETOPS operations
    - No, Redispatch operations
    - Take-off and Landing reports (TLR)**
    - Flight Deck Performance (FDP)**
    **TOPCAT required for TLR and FDP
    The ATLAS AIR & POLAR AIR CARGO - V 2.1 - 2017 OFP format can be found in the "Altas Air & Polar Air Cargo v21.rar" file, which are called "Atlas Air - GTI v21.txt" and "Polar Air Cargo - PAC v21.txt"
    This file contains more features to make the GTI/PAC operations as accurate as possible.
    More features:
    - N419MC, known as the B747-400F operated by GTI/5Y and PAC/PO, is created for the aircraft database in PFPX. The file called "N419MC.txt" contains general, EQPT/CONFIG and extend range aircraft data originating from the N419MC.
    *- The Boeing 747-400F with CF6-80C2B1F file refers to the aircraft type and engine types of the N419MC in. The file called "Boeing 747-400F GE CF6-80C2B1F.txt" can be used for the aircraft database to link the correct aircraft and engine type data corresponding the N419MC. 
    *The "Boeing 747-400F GE CF6-80C2B1F.txt" is NOT included in the "Atlas Air - GTI v2.rar"
    The PFPX performance profile for the "Boeing 747-400F GE CF6-80C2B1F.txt" Created by FlyPrecisely can be found on Here.
    Tip: Modify the aircraft weights/common performance data, for example: to correspond with the new "PMDG 747 QOTSII" AFTER selecting the performance profile in PFPX for the perfect match between PFPX and PMDG in P3D/FSX.
    How to install:
    1.    Unzip and replace the "Atlas Air - GTI v21.txt" and "Polar Air Cargo - PAC v21.txt" to the PFPX Data/FlightplanTemplates folder.
    Optional: If you want the real GTI OFP letter type font – go to ‘’Prorgram Options’’ and click on the ‘’Customize’’ tab’and change the letter type font to ‘’Courier New’’ 14 pt.

    2.    If you want to use the Boeing 747-400F N419MC for your GTI operation replace the ‘’N419MC.txt’’ to the ‘’PFPX Data/Aircraft’’ folder and replace the ‘’Boeing 747-400F CF6-80C2B1F.txt’’ to the ‘’PFPX Data/AircraftType’’ folder. 
    This files are fully compatible with PFPX version 1.23 or greater.
    If you are experiencing any problems which are related to the OFP template, please let it know via PM.



  11. Virgin Virtual Group PFPX Schedule 12Sep2013

    Complete PFPX schedule for Virgin Virtual group, includes Virgin Atlantic/Sun/Little Red, Virgin Express, Virgin Nigeria, Virgin Australia/Blue, Virgin America., Codeshare flights to follow

    use the following callsigns to filter the various companies.

    Virgin Atlantic/Sun/Little Red VIR
    Virgin Express VEX
    Virgin America VRD
    Virgin Nigeria VGN
    Virgin Australia/Blue VOZ



  12. Qantas OFPs

    This is a set of five Qantas-format OFP files for PFPX that as closely as possible replicate the Qantas flight plan formats.  Great attention to accuracy has been given to these formats, although some trade-offs have to be made due to the differences between PFPX and Qantas software.
    Also included are three aircraft (Boeing 737-838 VH-VXM, Boeing 747-438 VH-OJT and Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEJ) that have been set up with the required EROPS data, equipment, and weights.  The weights are made to match their respective PMDG aircraft.
    Four fuel policies are also included, as well as some sample plans showing you how to make the OFPs as realistic as possible.
    A manual is also included to help you plan your flights like Australian airlines do.



  13. PFPX Bombardier Dash 8-402Q Performance Profiles Pack

    PFPX performance profiles for  Bombardier Dash 8-402Q with all available engines for real-world operators.
    Multiple engine out schedules and all engine schedules.
    For use with Majestic Software Dash 8-402Q model.
    See Readme.txt for details.
    Mykyta Demydiuk | FlyPrecisely
    Made in Ukraine
    Discussion Thread: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/86055-pfpx-profiles-by-flyprecisely/

    Cryptocurrencies (please see the spoiler below)

    PayPal Donation
    Paypal FlyPrecisely (opens in new window)

    SWIFT Bank Transfer (non-commercial/donation)
    See spoiler below

    PrivatBank Card in UAH (Ukraine only)
    4149 4978 4310 3724



  14. SAS/WIF F:wz OFP Template

    Here it is People!
    After weeks if tweaking and changing, testing, and so on here it is the SAS OFP template!
    This Template is made from the real SAS OFP Without ETOPS planning since we will make a new one with ETOPS information based from SAS IC.
    Widerøe is using the same template as SAS 
    If you are gonna use WIF just simply make a copy there the file is named WIF 
    Hope you guys are enjoying it as much as we do!



  15. Transavia - TRA - OFP Template

    OFP Template in Transavia - TRA format, without EROPS (not ETOPS certified). Re-dispatch is coming soon.

    V1.0.0 is compatible with the last PFPX 1.10 or higher.
    The OFP template is created in the most realistic way for now. And it will be updated time by time when new features are available.

    If there are any problems/bugs in the OFP - Please report them via PM.



  16. UAL Sabre OFP

    This is the United Airlines OFP in txt format.

    Things to note...

    2 OFP templates have been uploaded. Due to the fuel ladders being side by side on flights utilizing en-route redispatch, I was not able to figure out a way to blend Domestic and INTL with redispatch. If anyone knows of a way to blend the 2 OFPs into one template please feel free to show me because to this point I have not figured out how to do so.

    In the meantime... If you are doing a Domestic or International flight, please use the UAL Sabre template. If you are doing a flight with redispatch, please use the UAL Sabre Redispatch Template.

    Not everything in the authentic UAL OFP is modeled due to limitations of PFPX.

    I've also attached a UAL fuel ladder for anyone who desires to edit the fuel policies to reflect the UAL fuel ladder terminology.

    If anyone finds any errors please let me know and I will try to fix them. To this point on my machine it works ok.




  17. Corrected routes AIRAC 1312

    How to install:
    Download file.
    Open PFPX --> Route Database
    Click on "Import" then select the downloaded file and choose (important) the option "replace"

    Have fun flying with PFPX!



  18. PFPX Embraer Phenom 300

    I've modify the  phenom 100's  panel with datas i've found on internet. 
    Let me know if it works on 300..



  19. British Airways Cirrus OFP

    This OFP is based as much as possible on the real British Airways Cirrus OFP format; the only parts which aren't accurate as far as I'm aware are the timezone readouts and the CONT fuel readouts (since CONT fuel is based on statistics from previous flights).
    If you have any issues be sure to let me know!

    Place BAW.txt in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates
    To use, select BAW from the flightplan format dropdown list.



  20. British Airways Cirrus OFP

    Hi all,
    This is a highly accurate British Airways Cirrus OFP.  I have created it using a British Airways manual explaining the CIRRUS format along with flight plan samples, so it includes every section and item from the Cirrus format that PFPX is able to calculate.
    Hope you enjoy!



  21. Thomson Airways (TOM) OFP Template

    Thomson Airways (BY/TOM) OFP Template.
    97% conformity with the real-world TOM OFP (as PFPX has its own format limitations)
    Place into ...\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates
    Mykyta Demydiuk | FlyPrecisely
    Made in Ukraine



  22. Aircraft Template Learjet 25

    PFPX Aircraft Performance File Gates Learjet 25
    EngineType=GE CJ-610

    An attempt to get some LJ25 figures into PFPX. Source data came from the Learjet 25 Operating Handbook which is freely available. Expect rw values for the ISA and ISA+15 climb (300kts, M0.70), the M0.77 cruise and the recommended VMO/MMO/250 descent. Holding data is available too.

    Mind you, the handbook only offers cruise values up to FL470 since it's based on unmodified aircraft models. If your sim vehicle offers the modifications and the FL510 ceiling, go for it! (and get me the data)

    Drop me a PM if you have any suggestions or constantly fall out of the sky because your fuel ran out.


    Just copy this file to your C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes folder and start PFPX. You can now set up an aircraft profile using the template.

    Nah, free for all



  23. airberlin group OFP Template (Real)

    This is an OFP template created for the airberlin group (LIDO based flight planning).

    This template is update-to-date and 100% as the real one.

    Have fun!




    United Airlines Unimatic Flight Plan Format for the FPF (Flight Plan Forecast)

    Includes both ETOPS as well as Decompression layouts for the B747-400 for overwater decompression.

    Does not include Redispatch, that will be in a separate format.



  25. Lufthansa Cargo 777F Fleet (Aircraft Profile)

    This is an accurate PFPX aircraft profile for Lufthansa Cargo's Boeing 777F fleet (as of November 2014) and should match its real life equivalent.

    Simply place these .txt files in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Aircraft




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