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  1. Sorry, not sure exactly what you mean by this? Are you referring to the remarks in the imported SRD routes? If so, the full date shows correctly at my end.
  2. I've updated the NATS SRD Routes Translator spreadsheet to remove all DCT's from the routes as PFPX will import the routes without them. Regarding OAT in point 2, the spreadsheet removes OAT from the SRD routes which is why it went from DCT OAT DCT to DCT DCT. As all DCT's are now removed this shouldn't be an issue anymore. While I was at it I fixed up a few of the SRD routes with errors in them such as those that have HONN in them (changed to HON). I also updated the NATS SRD spreadsheet download link on the Control page. You can grab the updated spreadsheet for the downloads section Regards, Serge
  3. Where the SRD has a route where you are flying DCT to a waypoint and then DCT to the end of the route.  You seem to be parsing it as WAYPOINT 0 ENDPOINT, which PFPX rejects.  It just wants the waypoint by itself.  Since it has the origination and destination from the route name it can figure everything else out.  Let me know if you need more info.

  4. No worries. Good to hear it's working for you. Cheers, Serge
  5. I haven't come across this error before so not sure what's gone wrong to be honest. Have you run the spreadsheet and exported the routes with success previously? What's the Output tab on the spreadsheet look like? Similar to this below?
  6. No worries. Great to hear it's working again for you.
  7. I really should update the spreadsheet to put a check in for the quotes and to remove them if found.
  8. I just download the latest prefroutes_db.csv file to check and found it contains quotes (check it in a text editor, not excel). Using this file as is will cause the error you encountered. Once I removed the quotes using a text editor the spreadsheet worked. Regards, Serge
  9. Can you check the downloaded prefroutes_db.csv file. On very rare occasions the FAA prefroutes_db.csv file includes quotes in each route. Not sure why this happens. This will cause an error similar to what you are encountering. If this is the case, an easy fix is to open the downloaded prefroutes_db.csv file in a text editor and use the find & replace function to remove the quotes. You can then use the fixed file in the spreadsheet. Regards, Serge
  10. I knocked those spreadsheets up a few years back now. PM me your idea and I can have a look. Be warned though, I'm certainly no expert at this, really only got this done by googling along with plenty of trial and error. Regards, Serge
  11. Thanks for the tip. Only doing short haul/regional flights at the moment so no need for ETOPS however losing the TOC/TOD would be a minor inconvenience. Regards, Serge
  12. Sorry, not related to North Atlantic Tracks but to NATS UK. It's a spreadsheet that converts standard routes from a XLS file downloadable from the NATS UK website and converts them into routes PFPX can import. There is also a similar one for FAA standard routes. You can grab the spreadsheets from here if still interested: PFPX Route Translator Spreadsheets - PFPX - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES Regards, Serge
  13. I was just playing around with a few options to see if it could be disabled but you've just confirmed my suspicion. It's also great to hear those spreadsheets are still useful. Thanks again for your assistance. Cheers, Serge
  14. Thanks for the prompt response Stephen. Is this something new with v2? It's great to still see you around here helping out. I'm only just getting back in it again with MSFS after an absence of around 2 years so I only recently upgraded to v2.04 after using v1.28 and don't recall seeing this previously. Also just gave my NATS spreadsheet a run and surprised it still works. Regards, Serge
  15. Hi all, I'm currently running v2.04 of PFPX and notice I get extra airports included in the OFP Navlog. In the attached OFP extract my planned route is as follows: YCAR CAR B469 TOPIR L514 REVOP Q38 JULIM JULI5A YPPH You will notice YCUN included before and after the TOC along with YPPH after the TOC. Does anyone know what is causing this? This issue happens in any flight plan I create. The errant airports change to suit the locale of the flight plan. Regards, Serge
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