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  1. VHOJT

    Coordinates in v2.00

    Yeah, try getting rid of the slashes. I think they've given me headaches in the past.
  2. VHOJT

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    That's very harsh. I have to disagree: a few teething problems don't make something a junk program. Hopefully people will be able to make up their own minds. I managed to plan flights fine with it. Maybe if you could detail what the exact problem is... You could always go back to a v1 version in the meantime?
  3. VHOJT

    PFPX V2 Flight Levels

    I have found default PFPX profiles to be more accurate than third-party, where available too.
  4. VHOJT

    PFPX and AS16 Wind Data

    Sorry about the previous post, I was going to tag you both, but once I tagged one of you, it froze up and I couldn't delete it! @Tom A320
  5. VHOJT

    PFPX and AS16 Wind Data

    Stephen and Tom, that's not quite the full picture, both of you are missing the point Please read this thread to understand the problem properly: In fact, Tom, you did see the point on the 4th of April, this might jog your memory: In short, current_wx_snapshot.txt no longer provides wind data for all areas. Hifi changed it. So you get enormous errors on oceanic flights just using it - nothing to do with forecasting as such. Please ask me if you have further questions, and I can explain!
  6. VHOJT

    PFPX and AS16 Wind Data

    I think this is unfortunately why using historical weather with PFPX from Activesky is causing the inaccurate winds over oceans - apparently they way/means Activesky gives its data has changed. Only workaround I have found for these situations is to manually save a weather file each day from within PFPX to plan with if I want to do a flight in the past! I sent a ticket about it a few weeks ago - whehter or not they will get around to doing something about it one day, I'm not sure. Cheers, Rudy
  7. Buy the subscription, it works pretty damn well as-is without the update! From what I understand, the update is in beta. Just let them test it and get it ready. Everyone around here, and everywhere else in the FS world, should know expected release or updates rarely occur in the the developer's expected time frame! This is why PMDG never give release dates or things - and I sort of understand why. It would be hard to deal with the all the excited users! Good to know there's lots PFPX lovers out there!
  8. VHOJT

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    I would also love an A380 - it is simply done no justice anywhere in the FS world. Even if some compromises had to be made on realism of some aspects.
  9. I just want to check this is something being looked at in the update for PFPX coming soon? There are some serious errors in the wind! The loaded activesky weather in PFPX gives an average wind component of P20, whereas using the server weather gives a wind compnent of P50. When the viewing/loading the flight plan in activesky, the waypoints have vastly different winds out over the south pacific than they do with activesky data in PFPX - to the tune of 50 knot differences. Can this please be fixed?
  10. If you move around the PMDG wing/cabin view, you'll notice it's just the external soundset. Aft of the wing is sort of rumbly so sounds a bit like the cabin.
  11. Just in case you didn't know - you can export the route to a kml, and import that to a google map. Gives your route on a google map. I use it all the time actually, and have airports pinned that might be useful.
  12. Good method. Yep CI brings a whole new kettle of fish. At least I think we now know it is not a PFPX problem?