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  1. Here is a real world FPL route from a few weeks ago from an Eesyjet flight: LSZH-LPPT N0354F190 VEBIT T50 ROTOS/N0436F390 UZ669 VADAR DCT NINTU UN869 AGN DCT PIPOR UL866 PPN UN976 ARDID DCT INBOM As mentioned by @datguytho it is not uncommon.
  2. Go to your main PFPX directory and open the ReadMe.txt file (e.g. C:\Professional Flight Planner X\ReadMe.txt). You will find the latest update changelog information there. As far as I know, v2.03 was about stabilizing the program and fixing bugs from the v2.00 release.
  3. Subscriptions have nothing to do with the new version of PFPX I guess. According to, the subscription will give you accessing for real-time wind data, METAR, TAF and NOTAMs for the PFPX program which can occur in additional costs after one year after purchase.
  4. Looks amazing! Can you give a short explanation about the GO segments on the route? Are these points based on the planned adequate aerodromes adn/or EDTO? Just curious! Regards, --
  5. Version 2.1


    ATLAS AIR & POLAR AIR CARGO - V 2.1 - 2017 Created in co-operation with ‘’Thibodb’’ This OFP template (GTI) is created according to the latest real world Atlas Air OFP documents of 2017. This file provides a high quality and PFPX (friendly) format and offers the most accurate and realistic OFP replica format based upon the Atlas Air brief package. The OFP template (GTI) includes the following flight planning methods: - TO/Landing Data - Redispatch operations - ETOPS operations - No, Redispatch operations - Take-off and Landing reports (TLR)** - Flight Deck Performance (FDP)** **TOPCAT required for TLR and FDP The ATLAS AIR & POLAR AIR CARGO - V 2.1 - 2017 OFP format can be found in the "Altas Air & Polar Air Cargo v21.rar" file, which are called "Atlas Air - GTI v21.txt" and "Polar Air Cargo - PAC v21.txt" This file contains more features to make the GTI/PAC operations as accurate as possible. More features: - N419MC, known as the B747-400F operated by GTI/5Y and PAC/PO, is created for the aircraft database in PFPX. The file called "N419MC.txt" contains general, EQPT/CONFIG and extend range aircraft data originating from the N419MC. *- The Boeing 747-400F with CF6-80C2B1F file refers to the aircraft type and engine types of the N419MC in. The file called "Boeing 747-400F GE CF6-80C2B1F.txt" can be used for the aircraft database to link the correct aircraft and engine type data corresponding the N419MC. *The "Boeing 747-400F GE CF6-80C2B1F.txt" is NOT included in the "Atlas Air - GTI v2.rar" The PFPX performance profile for the "Boeing 747-400F GE CF6-80C2B1F.txt" Created by FlyPrecisely can be found on Here. Tip: Modify the aircraft weights/common performance data, for example: to correspond with the new "PMDG 747 QOTSII" AFTER selecting the performance profile in PFPX for the perfect match between PFPX and PMDG in P3D/FSX. How to install: 1. Unzip and replace the "Atlas Air - GTI v21.txt" and "Polar Air Cargo - PAC v21.txt" to the PFPX Data/FlightplanTemplates folder. Optional: If you want the real GTI OFP letter type font – go to ‘’Prorgram Options’’ and click on the ‘’Customize’’ tab’and change the letter type font to ‘’Courier New’’ 14 pt. 2. If you want to use the Boeing 747-400F N419MC for your GTI operation replace the ‘’N419MC.txt’’ to the ‘’PFPX Data/Aircraft’’ folder and replace the ‘’Boeing 747-400F CF6-80C2B1F.txt’’ to the ‘’PFPX Data/AircraftType’’ folder. This files are fully compatible with PFPX version 1.23 or greater. If you are experiencing any problems which are related to the OFP template, please let it know via PM.
  6. OFP PFPX planning creation based upon: Quality, PFPX friendly with the most accurate simulation of real world OFP templates
    - GTI - Atlas air - OFP - v2 ''complete new version'' (2015) in co-operation ''thibodb''
    - MPH - Martinair Cargo - OFP - v3.5 update
    - TRA - Transavia - OFP - v1.5 update
    - CND - Dutch Corendon - OFP - v1 ''complete new version

    ... And more to come - If you have an Operation Flight Plan from a real world airliner and want to simulate planning 

    If you are an addicated flight planner in PFPX and want a high quality, PFPX friendly and most accurate OFP of your favorite airline and have the real airline OFP data availalbe!
    Don't hasitate to send me a PM.


  7. Version 1.0.0


    OFP Template in Transavia - TRA format, without EROPS (not ETOPS certified). Re-dispatch is coming soon. V1.0.0 is compatible with the last PFPX 1.10 or higher. The OFP template is created in the most realistic way for now. And it will be updated time by time when new features are available. If there are any problems/bugs in the OFP - Please report them via PM.
  8. Version 3.0.0


    OFP Template in Martinair Cargo - MPH format, Including TO_Data (requires a Full TOPCAT version) V3.0.0 is compatible with the last PFPX 1.23 or higher and is based on the KLM/MPH Cargo fleet - PHCKA, PHCKB, PHCKC, PHMPS (B747-406ERF, B747-412BCF) The OFP template is created in the most realistic way for now. And it will be updated time by time when new features are available. If there are any problems/bugs in the OFP - Please report them via PM. -- Thijmen
  10. Hello Everybody, First of all I want to say that is still a pity that there are still some issues at Amsterdam. I thought maybe I can get a look at the real aiport EHAM, I was there 10 weeks internship I've saw many things in & around EHAM. So I've something to show you what I saw at Amsterdam Schiphol in real life and what I had compared with the Mega airport scenery. this I really something about my opinion. I just wan't to help the aerosoft team and maybe they can do something about it. Runway 18L-36R doesn't have touch Lines on therunway 18L side. This is because runway18L is not a landing runway, only in a case of emergency they'll use it from the north. This going about gate D2 & D3, When you approaching those gates for stand, the uses 2 guidelines. For example at D2, onthe ground assigns D2AB, that means that you can follow line A,or B. guideline A is the line for al the small-medium aircraft. Like B737-700/800/900A319/A320. The B line shows a wide curve. The B767-200/300 B757-200/300 &A321 will use the B guideline. On the ground you Will see D2A/B and when the line spreads you'll see Line D2B and D2A. for D3 it's the same. At E3 you have it in the scenery as well. only D2 & D3 doesn't have 2 lines. About the Taxiways at EHAM, It's hardly to say, but some of the placed taxiway designators are still incorrect. At home I've a document that shows me all the taxiway designators even the coordinates that you can simply convert to the Aerosoft EHAM, but I'll comeback on that later on. w'll be coninuted... Again! This is really not the complain about thisscenery, because Amsterdam Schiphol is still a beauty. It's a pity that this scenery still missingsome issues. I'm not talking about the FPS, because we already know that issueoff course. The only thing I mean to say is that I hope that Aerosoft can take a look at those issues. We can't only complain about the issues. In my opinoin the best thing we can do is help them out a bit like this. I wish you all a goodday! grtz Tiago
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