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About This File


This is a set of five Qantas-format OFP files for PFPX that as closely as possible replicate the Qantas flight plan formats.  Great attention to accuracy has been given to these formats, although some trade-offs have to be made due to the differences between PFPX and Qantas software.

Also included are three aircraft (Boeing 737-838 VH-VXM, Boeing 747-438 VH-OJT and Boeing 747-438ER VH-OEJ) that have been set up with the required EROPS data, equipment, and weights.  The weights are made to match their respective PMDG aircraft.

Four fuel policies are also included, as well as some sample plans showing you how to make the OFPs as realistic as possible.

A manual is also included to help you plan your flights like Australian airlines do.



What's New in Version 8a


Changes – Version 8a


  • Slight fixes/modifications to Constellation format
  • Aircraft updated – note that fuel bias and performance file will need to be individually changed to the PFPX profile you are using for that aircraft.
  • Updated OFPs to match newer Qantas format
  • Addition of Qantas Constellation format
  • Aircraft data updated
  • Additional fuel policies
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • Added templates to paste flight plans into
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