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  1. Some TAFs still out it seems. Stuck on Mar 2nd. Any updates???
  2. Sames. Isnt working and it happened once last week as well.
  3. check your pfpx private messages  regarding your UAL OFP template.

  4. bungie

    UAL Sabre OFP

    Version 1.0


    This is the United Airlines OFP in txt format. Things to note... 2 OFP templates have been uploaded. Due to the fuel ladders being side by side on flights utilizing en-route redispatch, I was not able to figure out a way to blend Domestic and INTL with redispatch. If anyone knows of a way to blend the 2 OFPs into one template please feel free to show me because to this point I have not figured out how to do so. In the meantime... If you are doing a Domestic or International flight, please use the UAL Sabre template. If you are doing a flight with redispatch, please use the UAL
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