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UAL Sabre OFP 1.0

About This File

This is the United Airlines OFP in txt format.

Things to note...

2 OFP templates have been uploaded. Due to the fuel ladders being side by side on flights utilizing en-route redispatch, I was not able to figure out a way to blend Domestic and INTL with redispatch. If anyone knows of a way to blend the 2 OFPs into one template please feel free to show me because to this point I have not figured out how to do so.

In the meantime... If you are doing a Domestic or International flight, please use the UAL Sabre template. If you are doing a flight with redispatch, please use the UAL Sabre Redispatch Template.

Not everything in the authentic UAL OFP is modeled due to limitations of PFPX.

I've also attached a UAL fuel ladder for anyone who desires to edit the fuel policies to reflect the UAL fuel ladder terminology.

If anyone finds any errors please let me know and I will try to fix them. To this point on my machine it works ok.

Enjoy :)

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