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  1. darem

    EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    BTW, all my addon sceneries are above ORBX entries.
  2. darem

    EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    Funny enough I don't see that problem at all, and I have Germany North, LC Europe, Global and Vector installed. Everything is like it should be, with the exception of the discolored ground. So there might be something wrong with your installation?
  3. Ich möchte es einfach mal sagen: Großes Lob für Frankfurt Professional - die Ablaufgeschwindigkeit ist einfach phänomenal. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
  4. darem

    FlightSim Commander 9.7

    That could be (it's the beta), but 9.7 should not have problems with that, really, since it was updated to handle addon.xml...
  5. I second that. I would really, really like fabulous looking planes of all kinds (from GA to heavy metal) with the visual quality of the busses or the CRJ, but they must be able to be ctrl+e-'d to start and flown with an FSX flightplan and the inbuilt GPS. Screw load tables, handprogrammed FMS and startup procedures that take more than 20 seconds, and give me a passenger cabin instead. I want to dream, not to study :-). Just FYI: I bought the CRJ, but will not fly it before I can load a premade flight plan. I hate typing on a virtual monitor in a virtual airplane.
  6. darem

    FlightSim Commander 9.7

    Any idea why the new FSC 9.7 reads the stock version of LOWW in P3D V4 and not the addon? That wasn't the case with 9.6
  7. First of all: Congratulations - that is nice plane for sure. Fooled around a little with it, liked it so far. Just one question, and don't need a how-to answer, just a yes or no (I will RTFM asap): Is it possible to read a - a flight plan made with P3D b - a flight plan made with PFPX c - a flight plan made with FSC ?
  8. Thanks, that solved it.
  9. Since yesterday, I try to (re)activate my copy of PFPX. However, within the second I send my serial, I get the message that the activation server can't be reached. I disabled my firewall (Win10) and made an exeption for the program, too - just in case. Am I missing something? I have to say that I had the program registered before and used it, and I never had this problem before.
  10. Having sales conditions that do not conform with EU law is walking on very thin ice, IMHO.
  11. darem


    LOWW EDDM. Knackig kurz, beides schöne Flughäfen und immer den Alpen entlang
  12. Zusatzinfo: Anscheinend bringt der Installer die Autogen-Definitionen durcheinander. Das Problem existiert auch bei einer Installation in den nackten P3D V4. Also: Die Szenerie ist wohl NICHT V4 kompatibel :-(, trotz Ankündigung
  13. Habe mir heute Genoa X gekauft und installiert (einzige Szenerie). Ich habe keine Zusatzoptionen ausgewählt. Zuvor installierte ich noch Orbx Global und Landclass Europa. Seit der Installation von Genoa wächst z.B. in Salzburg Gras in der Luft, und Apronlichter schweben abseits der Rollwege. Auch in LOWL ist plötzlich Gras auf dem Vorfeld. Auch nach Abmelden der Szenerie und nach Löschen derselben bleibt dieses falschplatzierte und schwebende Gras überall. Was läuft da schief?
  14. First of all: Thanks for adding the alphabetical sorting to SIMstarter NG. :-) Now I have another idea, and this idea correspondends with my usage of Simstarter: I use Simstarter as a collection of predefined flights for my VA. For example, I have a flight with the Do228 going from Vienna to Klagenfurt. It starts at a fixed time, provides the parking position, the flight plan and starts the secondary programs. The only thing that is a little bit uncomfortable is that I have to change the date every time I fly a route. So: would it be possible to provide a function to start a flight at a given time, but with today's date? :-) Just asking :-) Best regards, Bernhard
  15. Benenne mal die Setup.105 in Setup.205 um. Ich denke, die ist falsch benannt bei Dir. Die Daten sind nämlich bis auf das bei mir gleich, auch in der Größe.