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    NavDataPro Unterforum (nur im Zusammenhang mit X-Plane 11).

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    • It appears you have P3Dv4 installed in the "Program Files" folder. Because of security features, Windows will not let a lot of files in the folder be modified.  You might want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling P3Dv4 in a folder outside the normal system controlled folders. I created a folder on the C:\ drive called "Simulator" (eg C:\Simulator) where I install ALL sim and sim add-ons and have never had a problem.
    • View File Alaska Airlines "MORE TO LOVE" for A320 Pro (P3Dv4) This is a repaint of the Alaska Airlines "MORE TO LOVE" (N927VA) after the merger with Virgin America. It is an original repaint for A321 CFM Pro not a conversion. Should be installed using "Livery Manager A320-A321"   THIS REPAINT IS FREEWARE, PLEASE DO NOT PUT ON ANY SITE THAT CHARGES FOR DOWNLOADING FREE FILES. THIS REPAINT MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED FOR ANY FEE AND MAY NOT BE INCLUDED IN PAYWARE PRODUCT WITH OUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION.   Submitter c141fe Submitted 09/21/18 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
    • Hello,   i would not copy the new files over the old files. But in the same way you have activated the A320 Ultimate you can deactivate it with the FMC. So deactivate tjhe old version. Then Install and activate the new version. So there shall be no problems with a new update (fullversion with Aerosoft) and the activation. And if the new version will work fine, you can delete the old version from the aircraft folder...   Greets Heinz
    • Non disclosure agreement.   You’re joking about it, but honestly its absolutely sad. I have been a part of this hobby for years, but either a lot has changed lately, or I never noticed how toxic and entitled a lot of people in this hobby feel.    Anyway I allways look forward to see new previews. I dont mind them allways being the Dragonair livery, since I am not too shortsighted to realise they are about the details instead of the livery.
    • Bonsoir, Mon problème porte sur les flights control. il arrive que je ne puisse pas manœuvrer le full up. Il est bloqué en position basse. Un click sur LSK2L et je peux continuer la checklist. Ce n'est pas logique. De plus à quoi sert ce troisième MCDU qui disparait lorsque l'on change de vue. C'est vraiment pénible. Pourquoi ne pas avoir opté pour l'utilisation du MCDU de droite comme sur les A 320 Extend sur FSX ? Ou alors comment le bloquer pour ne pas avoir à recliquer sur les boutons en haut du MCDU 2? Merci pour vos réponses. Cdt . C.B