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    XPUIPC Plugin

  3. Tools (Flugplaner, ATC, Moving Map, usw)

    Diskussionen für Tools wie Flugplaner, Moving Map, Plan-G, ATC Programme, 24thATC, Pilot2atc ... usw.

  4. NavDataPro

    NavDataPro Unterforum (nur im Zusammenhang mit X-Plane 11).

  5. Andere Plugins

    Verschiedene Plugins (z.B. X-Life, Ground Handling, XSquawkBox, XFMC, Autogate usw ...)

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    • Once the aircraft is lined up with the catapult, (Shift-I) is toggled and the aircraft connects, however the aircraft begins to stutter and the nose wheel strut wants to return to the extended position but cannot. The best way to describe the behavior is the aircraft gets stuck in an endless loop.  
    • I believe I may have found an error in the guide that may be contributing to so many people's issues. In the aircraft CFG, ui_variation seems to require a different entry then it did in the old airbus package, the ACA rouge livery for example states ui_variation= A319-112 CFM which doesn't seem to be a valid entry for the updated professional product. Hence why Johnnyo411's workaround fixes this as the professional livery DAIBA uses ui_variation=Lufthansa. 
    • I downloaded 2 liveries from aerosoft professional for United and American. In the livery manager I removed a handful of the default liveries and added the 2 new ones. In the livery manager it is listed correctly but upon loading p3d it has all of the default liveries that came installed with it. Not my new ones and all the ones I removed. How do I get livery manager to sync with p3d?