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Dear Maddz, 


What do you expect to achieve by putting up messages like this? I myself find them quiet annoying and think they will have a negative instead of a positive effect on people.

Would you be willing to communicate with someone talking to you like this?


Please consider that before posting.


Thanks in advance



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The next version of the DC-8 for P3D v.4.x is complete and will be available soon.  The same will be available for FSX shortly thereafter.   You will find it has an option to use an automate

I feel like you. Beside the lost investment, it's a shame that there seem to be no market for these birds beside the mainstream Axxx and Bxxx. Choosing a historical airliner is definitely not the

He's certified and ready to go.  The installer (for P3D) is tested and I expect it will be available for download soon, but given the time zones and weekend, not today.  This update will be a re-insta

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Gents, I fully understand your frustration.

But sometimes there is little Aerosoft can do. @Michael2 is an external developer and Aerosoft is just the publisher.

I’m pretty sure Michael hasn’t forgotten the FSX users. But as most devs in FSim community he is doing it in his free time after the main job. And sometimes there’s happening something unexpected.

Aerosoft can only ask for a  new date.

When we know more you will read it in the forum.

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The files for the FSX update were sent to Aerosoft on September 17th.  They usually get updates out right away.  I'm not sure what the issue is but I will follow up with Mathijs.

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15 minutes ago, Stanislav 38 said:

Здравствуйте. Так новая версия для FSX вышла или нет? 

Please post in english only

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