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  1. I don’t understand WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT TO OPEN ACCESS THROUGH THE LINK? What is the problem? We probably won't wait for version three.
  2. Did anyone manage to download the fix from the link provided above? If you succeed, please share.
  3. The link you provided is closed for public access. I already made a request to open a link three times and did not receive a response. Place the files on another accessible resource. This is what happens when I click on a link:
  4. Hello. How do I download these files? There is no link available.
  5. Hello. Has the installer been fixed in version 3 or not? Can I download? Tell me please.
  6. У меня такая же проблема. После установки версии 3.0 перестал работать внешний источник воздуха. The plane is now generally impossible to launch. It's good that I still have version 2. Until the bug is fixed, I'll fly it.
  7. Hello. So a new version for FSX is out or not?
  8. Здравствуйте. Так новая версия для FSX вышла или нет?
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