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  1. Working for me too. What a great aircraft!!
  2. Hi Quattrofanatic - can you explain what C&D is short for?
  3. Doesn't work for me :-( Tried above, but sticks at CLOSE DOORS after Shift-E.
  4. I've reinstalled in the C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus A318-A319 Professional as requested. Fresh download from AS server. I have exactly the same issue with using MCDU3 to close the doors once pax/cargo/fuel are loaded, ECAM shows doors all closed and slides armed, yet checklist still jams at close doors. The checklist for preflight all work as expected but I cannot move onto prestart as the Close Doors caption appears in the header and MCDU3. Gary
  5. C:\Myaddons\aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional for me, but that was the default setting. Regards Gary
  6. Yes MCDU3 was used to close the doors. This post is duplicate to the one I started already with the same issue.
  7. Hi maxro confirming cargo and main doors all closed. External view confirms all doors closed. ECAM confirms doors closed.
  8. When running through the checklists and auto FO selected ON, I get a Close Doors caption on the FMC. This does not cancel when the doors are closed. I cannot access the rest of the checklist as it thinks I have not closed the doors. Workaround = Set aircraft to Taxi state in the FMC.
  9. ggi

    engines not starting

    Eduard - yes blue light on start (provided Engineer/overhead panel set correctly!!).
  10. ggi

    engines not starting

    Further to the non-start issue - it seems the people with non start have a default cold and dark senario selected for their default aircraft. Start P3D with your default aircraft and start the engine(s). Once running, change aircraft to the DC-8. The DC-8 will load with engines running. When ready, shut the aircraft down and turn off power/switches. Save your flight as Default. Next time the aircraft runs it will start normally - provided you select the correct switches obviously :-)
  11. ggi

    engines not starting

    Yes to all and XML Tools was installed as per forum instructions.
  12. ggi

    engines not starting

    Sorry I just posted above you - same issue but you beat me by minutes! I'm not loading the tutorial, just using the checklists.
  13. I'm needing some help with the engine start. I have followed the checklist many times now following cold and dark setting via Shift-3. The blue light on the start switch lights, but I have no rotation on the N2 for the #3 engine (or any engine even). I have Manifold Air Press = 35, Start Air Pressure = 0.7, HYD Brake Press = 0 and Air Brake Press = 3, Fuel pressures in green arc, loaded with 40,000lbs fuel using the Shift-3 fuel loader, Tank > Engine selected for the fuel panel. Any help appreciated (I have also tried Ctrl-Shift-F4 just in case its a P3D mixture issue). Thanks in anticipation! Gary
  14. I'm using P3Dv4.2.21.24048 and the CRJ update says installation requires P3Dv4.2 or higher. Installation will now terminate. Help please!! Gary
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