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  1. I'm running MSFS and still have no idea what form the models take....I couldn't even make a persistent registration number. ­čś× I'm enjoying the sim and currently not thinking too much about what goes on in the background - Ieaving that to people like wingman5. +1 for a Lightning please!!!
  2. That would be nice - Rick Piper and Fraser Mackay did amazing work with the old FS2004 version, of which there were added literally hundreds of repaints. I've just deleted FSX and P3Dv5 so I'm needing a Viscount fix!!!
  3. Can you confirm the over reflective textures are down to an issue with RealLight? Do you know if there is there a work around available in the short term? This reflection issue is also apparent on other P3Dv5 products, so do you know if new textures will be required or is it waiting on a P3Dv5 update from LM? Thanks for looking at this. Gary
  4. Very nice work with the big exception that there are no passenger airstair textures included in the 1.2 version. Gary
  5. Thank you Marcel and Snave. It narrows it down when I know it's a standard FSX function used for trim. Having tried various tweaks with my Saitek X52, I was thinking on the same track as Snave suggested looking to see if a helicopter force trim was somehow causing the issue. Pleased to say it has been solved with nothing more than a fresh boot of the PC. Thanks for the feedback and sorry to have wasted your valuable time, Obviously can't see the wood for the trees... Gary
  6. If sorry to report the trim issue with FSUIPC is not cleared here with the Trisager solution. I can move the trim up and down, but once the trim is moved to any new position it returns itself to 2 lights up from the bottom position on the indicator. No difference whether the joystick or the console switch is used to retrim. Other than that major bug I love this addon!! Regards Gary
  7. ggi


    Great Andy - I'm not sure I understood what I was doing but it now works! Thank you.
  8. ggi


    I've just recently purchased the full registered FSUIPC and now find my Airbus X will not advance thrust for takeoff. From the previous posts I have read, am I right in saying I have to remove the FSUIPC module to get the throttles to work? I've tried calibration and restart, but the only fix I have found so far is to remove the FSUIPC module from the FSX folder. Thanks for any advice here. Latest FSUIPC and Airbus X v1.22, Win 7-64. Gary
  9. In external view how do you remove the GPU and the steps from the A300? I can see steps and GPU still attached, even when the aircraft moves. Thanks Gary Win7-64, FSX SP2 Acceleration
  10. Thanks for the update - I will look forward to buying it when it's ready. Gary
  11. Agreed - the logbook entry should be optional to record your flight - I've a list of non-flights, where I was trying an aircraft system or weather effect but not taking off. (And they do add up!!!) Oh! and can deleting an entry not cause the sim not to start Aircraft Selection I would like to see 4 selections i.e. Boeing > 737 > 700 > easyJet Airbus > A320 > CFM > Lufthansa Cessna > 172 > Floatplane > operator Piper > PA-28 > Archer > operator To me it would make selection much cleaner - drop down lists fine with me, I hate the FSX selection with big menu pictures, and I have no need to select Single Engine Prop etc.. I know whether I want to fly a Cessna or Piper before I start, more specifically I would then choose a Cessna 172, 182, 206 etc. The manufacturer of the sim product ie. Aerosoft, Carenado etc again not to me so important. Thanks Gary
  12. Same here - please note, I've only done one water landing and one runway landing as the real world gets in the way of proper fun things, but I saw the post and have responded. Using Surround 7.1 - and Vista 32. Having bought the CAT and installed it on Vista, I've only just see the advice not to!!! :-O Can I just add to everyone else's comments, but this is a superb add-on. I love the feel and look of this addon - all I need is the smell of an oily rag to breathe the fumes from and it's complete!! ps. the author of this post does not actually endorse inhaling carcenogenic oil vapours from old rags....
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