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  1. thanks finally we understood I uninstall the current version 1.2.3 and return to 1.2 waiting for the problem to be solved
  2. of course what you describe is widely known by all who use a flight simulator but what you have missed is that NANCA !!!!! the green needle indicating the RAD1 radial so what do you follow ????????
  3. I probably can't make myself understood......then I ask a simple question........ regardless of the flight plan you want to do what to do so that any VOR 1 tuned in manual you can SEE and be followed with AutoPilot and NAV inserted thing that even any aircraft does ...... even the attached manual does not make any reference to such situation basically I want to fly in VFR possible that you can not do thanks
  4. 1 EDDH BASU3B M170 HMM DOME2A DOR EDLW ( VOR OSN 114.30 ) 2 the indicated vo indicates the flight I was performing but I stress the problem that I encounter on several flights that I performed while setting the vors on Manual the pointer of the vor 1 does not appear (as pictured) and the plane obviously does not s egue thank you 3 I searched tutorials on YouTube but no video refers to flights vor to vor
  5. i do not understand how to follow the vor 1 as from picture I think to make correct settings but does not work installed version FSX how to do thanks
  6. installed vers 2.0 FSX STEAM the 2d ap does not work
  7. News for 2D AUTOPILOT? The project was abandon Ayo?
  8. On the Navigraph forum I asked this question: Some airports in Norway as ENFL ENHK and probably others are not present in the DB of the CRJ700/900 Aerosoft ------Airac 1809------ airports by default FSX Thank you the answer The airports ENFL and ENHK are in the CRJ700/900 Database. However, I am wondering if the aircraft MCDU then filters them out because of aircraft minimum runway length requirement (5500 feet?). ENFL is 4147 feet, ENHK is 3409 feet. I do not find feedback on the manual of these limitations I would kindly have clarification thanks
  9. Thanks i solved I did not insert correctly the changes in the Dll anyway two different computers one with W10 and the other with W7
  10. Thanks but it does not work I copied xmltools. dll to the FSX directory so I manually entered the string as instructed
  11. WINDOWS 10 upgraded to version 1803 product purchased and installed latest version 14/08/2018 FSX-SE
  12. With Windows 7 XML Tools 2 works properly with WinDOS 10 No
  13. VOR 2 set in manual automatically switches to landing on LOC/ILS and correct?
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