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  1. On the Navigraph forum I asked this question: Some airports in Norway as ENFL ENHK and probably others are not present in the DB of the CRJ700/900 Aerosoft ------Airac 1809------ airports by default FSX Thank you the answer The airports ENFL and ENHK are in the CRJ700/900 Database. However, I am wondering if the aircraft MCDU then filters them out because of aircraft minimum runway length requirement (5500 feet?). ENFL is 4147 feet, ENHK is 3409 feet. I do not find feedback on the manual of these limitations I would kindly have clarification thanks
  2. mante.rm


    Thanks i solved I did not insert correctly the changes in the Dll anyway two different computers one with W10 and the other with W7
  3. mante.rm


    Thanks but it does not work I copied xmltools. dll to the FSX directory so I manually entered the string as instructed
  4. mante.rm


    WINDOWS 10 upgraded to version 1803 product purchased and installed latest version 14/08/2018 FSX-SE
  5. mante.rm


    With Windows 7 XML Tools 2 works properly with WinDOS 10 No
  6. mante.rm

    Landing LOC/VOR auto / manual

    VOR 2 set in manual automatically switches to landing on LOC/ILS and correct?
  7. Wonder why in the landing phase the VOR 2 from manual automatically goes into the car I find no solution on manual thanks
  8. After saved setting COLD DARK restart FSX.SE But the systems are not off but ready to start APU the flight plan and discontinuous between the last broken point and first point SID in MFD the PA disconnects to every visual change If I find no solution reinstal version 1.06 Thanks
  9. mante.rm

    SP1 closes the 32 bit development

    Good compliments Beautiful answers !!!!!!!!
  10. mante.rm

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    I am not satisfied with the behavior because before A318/A319???? The CRJ700/900 has been on sale for a year and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. mante.rm

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    He can't find his way home ??????
  12. mante.rm

    Doors not opening after update v1.0.3.0

    This CRJ and very disappointing i hope you gentlemen find a solution for doors and more like cold and dark