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  1. Perfect! Thank you very much Dave. Take your time.
  2. As the title says. My question is, will any of the published Lightnings will get an official installer for P3DV5? Or did I miss something, maybe?
  3. Hi, I just installed Antarctica for P3Dv5. Thank you very much for the update. The config tool looks a bit strange, like this: I have version V2.0.0.0 installed. It seems to work, so it is only a cosmetically problem. I have a 4k UHD Monitor with 150% scaling activated. Maybe that causes the problem. Is it only me? Can anyone confirm? EDIT: Yes, it is scaling problem. With 100% it looks like it should I guess.
  4. I feel like you. Beside the lost investment, it's a shame that there seem to be no market for these birds beside the mainstream Axxx and Bxxx. Choosing a historical airliner is definitely not the way to get rich. We desperately need some developers that do not look for fast money, but have the enthusiasm and the heart to develop and maintain these kind of projects, even if there is only a relatively small group of customers. What a pity.
  5. Hi Michael, I don't see all simmers moving to MS Flight Simulator. It is more like a game, with a lot of eye candy. Being an alpha tester I'm very skeptical that it will ever become the major platform for the serious simmer. It's okay for the casual simmer and Xbox users. I understand that the publishers and most of the developers dream is to have only one simulator to support, but this will not happen. I have spend thousand of € for add-ons and I'm not planing to through it away. If MS FS evolves to a serious platform and there is an affordable upgrade path, maybe I will consider to
  6. Hi Michael, thank you for clarification. I understand your disappointment. This is really bad news. At some point in the P3Dv5.x lifetime I expect it to stop working. At the moment I have P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5 installed. But in a few months, I will remove my P3Dv4.5 installation because most of the relevant add-ons will be available in P3Dv5 and it doesn't make any sense to me to run two versions of the same simulator in parallel. It costs a lot of disc space and is confusing. Another classic one that get lost. As a customer I'm disappointed as well. There seems to be no room
  7. Same here. Just the standard service pop up. AS updater reports v However, download is still v, modified on 27.12.2018. Strange. EDIT: I just re-downloaded and reinstalled the DC8. AS Updater now shows v2.0.0.0 installed and v3.0.0.0 available. But there is no v3.0.0.0 for download. Seems they have withdrawn the faulty v3.0.0.0 version.
  8. Mmmh, I just wonder what is the reason for not porting over the DC-8 to P3Dv5. I did a quick test by copying the DC-8 folder from P3Dv4 to P3Dv5 and started her at KSEA. Doesn't seem to be far off to me. May be some small adjustments for lighting and reflections on the gauges are required as for the most aircraft. Even the performance is pretty good. And I don't have a high end system. Does "not scheduled" mean never or not scheduled so far? I'm not saying that there are no issues, I think there will be at least some minor ones, however I'm not the DC-8 expert. Just giv
  9. Thank you for the feedback Uli. I'm pretty sure, the devs will find a solution for this issue.
  10. @hobbyflyer: Thank you very much for your feedback.
  11. Mmmh... but why only on the sloped part of the runway? I will try.
  12. I reduced texture size to 2048x2048 and now I have 4.1/6.6GB. That looks okay. However, as soon as I'm on the sloped part of the runway my frame rates drop dramatically down to 1.8fps. In the moment I got airborne the frame rate jumps to 20fps. That looks to me as if there is a problem the the sloped runway and P3Dv5. Anybody else having this effect?
  13. @OPabst: Thank you. I will start trying with reduced settings. I just wanted to know if I'm the only one (problem with my setup), or others have the same problem (RAM demanding scenery) as well. However, P3D should not crash. So there is a problem with P3Dv5 in either case.
  14. I have version installed (complete package, not only client), which should be HF1.
  15. Now I tried the AS DHC-6 300 Yeti Airlines, I think it comes with Lukla, and it is even worse. When switching to the spot mode and panning around I see a DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error. I have never seen this before. I have a nVidia GTX 1070 with 8GB RAM. ORBX Global installed.
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