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  1. Just a thought … Could it be Shader related? if so maybe delete the shader folder and try again......Users/youname/AppData/Local/Lockheed Martin/ Prepar3d4
  2. Hi Aerosoft I checked the updater and was happy to see there was an update for the A318-A330s for P3D4.5 so i uninstalled as per the instructions but when i go to download the updated version it's still got the old versions on the Aerosoft site, i guess they will be updated tomorrow . Thanks Rich
  3. sorry FMGS not MCDU , was late at night lol
  4. I got the same thing in that it all works fine up to the point you see CLIMB or NEW APPROACH shown but i have since switched to the FS2CREW version so sadly i don't use the default check lists any more , but im wondering ... would maybe inputting a new crz alt in the MCDU reset the default checklists so u can start the Climb/descent / approach again? ...ive never tried it so maybe worth a shot. Rich
  5. keenrw

    Fire Test 2.

    Also MSFS2020 was recently released so i guess the Aerosoft team are busy with that so updates for other products may have been delayed plus maybe a few more fixes added as well :))
  6. I used AIE from this site...... https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html .....took just seconds to update
  7. Brill thanks .. Not to worried about PBR on the smaller busses to be honest , much prefer system upgrades, fixes etc .. Keep up the great work.
  8. I hope this ain't true in that the updates will be stopping, i really enjoy flying the Airbus in P3D4.5 and can't afford to upgrade to P3DV5 just to keep the Airbuses updated
  9. Hi Im using P3D4.5 HF2 on Windows 10 2004 .. the latest Airbus patch … i noticed tonight i have a glitch on the ND, any one else see this ? Thanks Rich
  10. omg wow thanks ... looking amazing thanks for sharing
  11. Can confirm this … Sorry i never saw this post when i put mine up ref the same problem
  12. Hi I installed the new Airbus updates for the A318-A330 for P3D4.5 .... the A318-A319 and A330 have the updated Configurator.exe but the A320-A321 hasn't … Can tell because it's missing the TCA option and the file date....as you can see in the pics below the A320-A321 is missing the option for the new TCA joystick. Thanks Rich
  13. Yeah, must admit i never use them in any A/C i fly so its a good call, ...but I also understand that quite a lot of users do
  14. keenrw

    LSGG - CTD

    Yeah thats my settings when i fly low and slow VFR flights , for Airline flights i cut back on the autogen buildings and trees a little … i prefer looks to FPS and my sim is locked at 30 FPS which it hardly drops below (i7 8700k OCed at 4.8 and an 1080 GPU)
  15. keenrw

    LSGG - CTD

    Just to update this, my mate J5Flyer has found his workaround to fix this issue by turning down the autogen and scenery draw distance to Medium ....since he's done this we have done quite a few flights into LSGG without any more CTDs so sadly we have now stopped trying to test different settings as we have now found one that works for him ....Im sorry @Stawberrycocktail that you are still getting this issue i don't know what else to suggest to help you out . @mopperle this is my World settings...must admit my autogen settings are not always that high , depends on where and what im flying Thanks Rich
  16. From what i understand there needs to be a file included in the zip to enable the new Livery Manager to work otherwise you will need to install it manually...so unless the painter has added this file to his livery zip it won't work, which i guess would include most of the add-on liveries unless they get updated to work with it.
  17. Hi Sorry to be a pain and ask this ... but any news on the latest version of the A318-321 for P3D4.5? Was hoping we would see a 1.4.0 update soon like the one for P3Dv5. Thanks Rich
  18. Hi Not sure if its been noted before but if you put a HOLD in the A330 FMS it will display the ETA for the Waypoints wrong . Im flying for the event at EGSS so have put in the hold early as i know i will get one. P3D 4.5 latest A330 update W10 First pic is without the hold entered, 2nd is with the hold entered Thanks Rich
  19. The Airbus is installed in the default install path Documents/Aerosoft etc , To be honest it's not a great deal as the shaking is not really all that excessive and i can properly put it down to general shakes caused by the engines .... I can get rid of it if i untick momentum effect via P3D .... it is just odd that i don't seem to get it in the 319,320 and 330 although i do tend to test them again. Rich
  20. Update ... its the brakes causing it … When the parking brake is set it shakes, when its released the shaking stops … Same when the foot brakes are applied
  21. Hi I have an odd problem with the A321pro (atm using the CFM) .. I've not noticed it in other models.....when it loads up its all fine but when I use MCDU 3 to transfer the weights I can see the VC shaking ever so slightly, which continues till take off and re shows up on landing. I'm using the latest version for P3D 4.5 , also using HF2 not 3 .....its a very off issue which i cant see has ever been reported before so knowing my luck it is an issue my end. Thanks Rich
  22. I have noticed this also, you cannot put the same waypoint/VOR in twice ....comes in handy when trying to manually input or edit a STAR /Route manually but at the moment you cannot do it as it wont let you.
  23. Would just like to add ... the A330 flew a parallel entry into a Hold really well last night , thanks to the team for improving the holding capabilities of this Aircraft and can't wait for the new P3D4.5 update of the smaller Airbus to arrive so i can start flying them more as well (is it cheeky of me to ask when is it due? Lol ). Rich
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