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  1. Hi I notice that the metars display in INs not Millibars which is kind of strange when flying in Europe .. any chance of an option to set Millibars?
  2. Hi I must have deleted the email i got from Just flight ref the Discount and code for the A330 as i have the A318-321 pack , can i use the reg code i got with the A318-A321 bundle on the Aerosoft site to get the offer or would i need to get in touch with Just flight? Thanks all and stay safe Rich
  3. Great list of updates and glad to see GSMini added . Thanks aerosoft team and stay safe
  4. keenrw

    LSGG - CTD

    To add to the above by Ben .....To the people who get the CTD , did you update just the P3D client or Content and scenery as well ..... i don't get the CTD thankfully and i have updated all three parts so maybe it's another idea to try..... me and J5Flyer did another flight into LSGG using another STAR and we both landed fine ...he just gets a CTD on the LUSAR STAR. Rich
  5. keenrw

    LSGG - CTD

    Im helping J5FLYER with this issue atm I tried the Aerosoft Airbus and IFLY 737 ... no CTD on that STAR ... be interesting if the users who have this problem are using the FSLABs airbus... im also using Navigraph for nav data
  6. keenrw

    LSGG - CTD

    Hi Mate Thanks for the post but my Sim flies the STAR fine bar the slight pause .. i think you may have meant J5flyer ,B777ER and Tobias94 as they sadly have the CTD issues
  7. keenrw

    LSGG - CTD

    I fly with J5flyer a lot on vatsim so thought i would have a go and fly the same STAR flying in from EGKK , I use the Aerosoft Airbus (A320 this flight) , had no issues flying the STAR but did have what i can describe as a slight pause freeze passing one of the waypoints before SOVAD but i put that down to just the Scenery ahead loading,was able to fly the full STAR and land Runway 22 without issues .... only thing i edited on route was that i took out Manual after G514 so it flew GG514 SPR GG811 etc . I plan on flying the same route again later.
  8. WOW 9 FPM , .... i have no idea how that happened lol
  9. I was in the same boat but was a toss up between the FSLABs 320 and the Aerososft pack including the 318-321 , for me i cannot justify the cost of the FSLABs being over 100 quid then you have the added cost of the 319 and 321 ouch, ...the Aerosoft Aircraft are just right for my needs and budget and i can fly the smaller Airbus fleet for a lot less . Aerosoft like to keep their prices down yet still produce quality Aircraft /scenery etc ..... others will say the FSLABS is much better but would you really use the extra features it has at the cost? . There is only two things i would love to see improved with the Aerosoft Airbuses and that's correct Hold entries and Ground speed mini but saying that it still flies well and gets regular updates and improvements, glad i brought the 318-321 pack
  10. Thanks for your time and effort with this
  11. Something smiler happened … Seems if you select an airport the Taxiway charts are broken down into two sections ...Airport Briefings come first (marked Taxi)at the top ..then the rest of the airport charts also marked TAXI can be found if you scroll down but if you then select another airport you get charts for both Airports mixed into one... this is what happened after i selected EGKK first … then selected EGLL … Some taxi charts remain from EGKK in the top TAXI section... using Navigraph......edit ....just put a new pic up .. somehow an EGLL STAR has found its way into the EGPH taxi chart list , this is after i selected a few airports to test . My guess is the EFB was written for the Aerosoft charts but maybe some Navigraph Jep charts are named differently so the EFB gets confused .
  12. ok i will just re start P3D anyway and see if it was just a glitch thanks
  13. Yeah just doing my first test flight in the 320 with the new build
  14. Hi Thanks for including the EFB in the smaller Airbuses, i have a slight issue thou getting it to show the correct Taxi charts eg for EGKK (might just be a one time glitch which a re start might fix) it shows the ground charts for another airport but if I scroll right down i can get the ground charts for Gatwick , seems to be showing two lots of ground charts . Thanks Rich P.S Airbus pack uninstalled then PC restarted .... Installed with AV off and a restart after each fresh Airbus install.
    There is an issue with the textures, on the left-hand side of the aircraft and on the wings
  15. Turn your Autogen and scenery draw distance down , that's set way too high and youwill gain a great deal of FPS back with it set lower , Medium is what i use with my GTX1080 and i set Active sky to limit the low level vis to about 20-25 miles to counter act the lack of autogen in the distance.....dynamic reflections will also hurt FPS, also i notice you have building shadows on ... imagine trying to draw the shadows on the buildings so far out .. Again this will hurt FPS with such a high Autogen draw distance. Rich
  16. Hi Aerosoft I heard on the grape vine about ref to P3D v5, will I need to buy that when it comes out to keep the Airbus updated (always need the latest version to update) ? Or is (hopefully) the current Airbus going to be for P3D v4? With maybe a new port to V5?
  17. Great explanation as always thanks Dave and looking forward to the new update , i still have to get the A330 soon lol keep meaning to get it but other stuff crops up that needs it. A friend of mine said that a ZFW COG of 30 is the optimum for the smaller bus (not sure about the 330) but anything from about 25-35 is fine and most of the performance charts for the 320s are based off a CG of 33%
  18. I think he means when the TOW %MAC goes green
  19. Hi Dave Sorry to butt in but do you know what figures the A318-A321 fuel planner uses for the Pax/ Baggage? i think Simbriefs default for Pax/Baggage is about 104 kgs/230 lbs per passenger. Thanks Rich
  20. Hi Hanse Yeah done that, no matter what i do I just could not get the checklist to start again for another approach once cleaned up, sadly i have no way of making a video but maybe at some point next week i can do a Twitch stream just of the go Around so maybe you can see something I missed if that's OK . Rich
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