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  1. Of course you are right, you are the man and you obviously know what you talk about. No need to further discuss this, end of the story...
  2. If you do this kind for a living, well, then maybe you are the wrong person to discuss it, because you obviously think that is correct. Mathijs was mentioning privacy laws and that they are rather strict in EU and especially in Germany and I can tell you, that no matter where you sell your piece of software, as an intellectual owner of that software, you are always 100% responsible for it. Your idiotic example is like buying a Jeep Cherokee instead of with an official Jeep reseller somewhere else and thinking that any issues with your Jeep are then not in the responsability of Jeep, but with the reseller you bought it. Ridiculous. Or if you buy your Apple cell phone not directly with apple, your logic says that Apple has zero responsability to make sure your experience with your iPhone is the same... I do not know if I should laugh or cry about such statements...
  3. "Dude", you are aware that it is also a CHOICE by AS to sell their products via simmarket? If they CHOSE to do so, it is THEIR responsability that this equally works, it is THEIR product, not simmarkets one. If AS would not also want the money from sales via simmarket, they could stop selling their stuff over there, but they do not, guess why... Furthermore, at the moment I bought the plane, AS ONE was no option as it simply did not exist. So, before you jump here making claims you obviously have not the slightes clue about, do your homework...
  4. Well, I am not totally surprised by this answer. First you give some cryptic explanation why it is difficult to almost impossible to transfer the simmarket licence and then you provide a link that tells me that exactly such a transfer might work, but not for every product... why does it work for some products and not for all? I already did transfer one product from simmarket to AS One, I simply do not get why there were no privacy issues, no need for a new database with customer information etc. for this product then... What about me giving Aerosoft all relevant information that I am actually owning a copy of the bundle and then providing me a serial number that works in AS One? Might be a thing, no?
  5. Seriously, I simply can not get around the borked update "logic" of AS, since years... and again it drives me crazy, I was some weeks off my sim, and another update of the CRJ requests a FULL re-installation of the bird, although the changelog (for 1.0.18) contains just two (!) items? Really? Even worse, for whatever reason the CRJ Bundle I bought over at simmarket is still not ready to be transferred to Aerosoft One? Why? Now I can go again uninstalling the bundle, download the full installer and re-installing it, resulting in another endless waiting for the next flights due to the fact that it has to be recompiled again by MSFS. Could this not be finally improved? This AS plane is the last of the old school addons I have still needing a full re-install for almost each and every update... /rant over.
  6. Hi all, after some months not flying with the CRJ, I do not manage to get this VNAV advisory back onto my MFD anymore. Before, it was possible that it told me the ideal sink rate to keep up with the flightplan, e.g. 1900ft/min. How do I get this back? Thanks for any hint...
  7. The same with simmarket, still shows download. I am aware that simmarket is rather slow in putting your updates up, but still...
  8. Second this. And for the 1234325th time I wonder, what this AS Updater is capable of, if 90% of all updates need to be downloaded as full download and re-install. For the 2, 3 times a year an update can actually be installed using the AS Updater, I actually have no use for such a tool...
  9. Hi all, AS Updater tells me that there is a new full version for my A32x package available,, but my simmarket account only shows a download for How come? Too early? Regards Chris
  10. Same here, furthermore, if your mousewheel has a recognizable feedback on the mousewheel, it is even very convenient for switches like altitude or V/S, as you can basically operate them with counting the "clicks" of your mousewheel. Happy with this approach, plz. do not change it.
  11. Hi all, I realized on my screenshots (;-)) that the shadows are broken, the tail does not cast a shadow anymore. Furthermore, something seems to be wrong with the ambient occlusion, but as several other 3D models show this in MSFS, I guess it is a sim issue not an Aerosoft issue. Anything I can do about the shadows? Or maybe some hint how to get rid of this ambient occlusion issue? I already turned the setting down to the lowest possible setting (but not off so far). Thanks for any hint.
  12. Or, in other words: a moving target? 😉
  13. Got it, that's why I deleted this anyway rather insulting part out of my post.
  14. Trying to explain what the difficulties are to find a solution? Giving some progress update? Most of the people have not an issue with the mere fact that this bug is present, but by the lack of communication and such, especially because there ARE planes in the sim (default and addon planes) that obviously have no issues at all following the glideslope. Means: for us simmers without deep technical IT background, it is simply non-understandable that this bug exists and that it is obviously such a struggle to get around it. Communication would help to alleviate this question marks at least for us simmers. But of course, that is just one way to look at. Personally I am totally ok to do as suggested and fly those approaches manually for now until you got your things sorted.
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