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  1. Ok, the update removed those annyoing stutters every 10-15 seconds in my case, the remaining small stutters (no regularity there) can be easily accepted due to the complexity of the scenery. Wonderful work on this update, thanks for this! BTW: so much for the initial posts about "nothing can be done about this" from several AS guys. Thanks that the developer and Oliver did not stop looking for a potential cause of those stutters that fast and early as others here...
  2. Of course you will be able to run P3Dv4.4 with stable 30FPS when combining a GTX-1070 with a decent CPU. But also of course not with the highest possible settings... Means: use those sliders in the settings menue to adjust the settings according to your hardware and you will get decent performance.
  3. I would always go for 2 modules instead of four if the mainboard supports a max of four RAM modules, as with a fully loaded board, you might have to play around with the values (voltage, latency, clockrates) to get it stable. BUT: you are comparing two different modules here, one with 3000MHz and one with 3200MHz. Personally, I would go for 3200MHz CL14 modules, they are a good compromise between latency and clockrates.
  4. Well, then please show me that you get the same FPS with dynamic lightning and 4xSSAA versus no dynamic and 4xMSAA. All of this in 4K with cloudy weather and REX clouds at 2048x1048 please. Just because those settings are probably not what one needs, it does not mean you can not use the full power of a 1080Ti...
  5. Querer

    Zurich SODE - Update

    I do not get the link. Of course going back to another AFCAD messes up the GSX Setup, but all you have to do is recompile the stuff from GSX to be adapted to the changed AFCAD. If this is to much work, simply head over to the GSX Sharing Area in the FSDT Forums and download an exclude and GSX Level 2 config for LSZH that matches you AFCAD and that's it. As SODE is not from Aerosoft, the name "professional" in the product does not mean it HAS to HAVE SODE jetways. That is still a plus each scenery designer can decide on his own to be added or not.
  6. Querer

    A318/319/320/321 Wont Work

    Not enough Information here, sorry. From which CPU to what CPU did you change? Did you install everything new? What graphic card do you use? FSX or P3D? If P3D, which version? What is the other hardware in your system? Which operating system do you use? How are the FPS with a default aicraft? What kind of other addons do you use? I could continue with this list...
  7. While this might be true for other flight sims, it is not anymore true for P3Dv4.4, especially not if PBR is really introduced into addons sooner or later. Just as a side note: my 1080Ti is totally running at its limits when using 4xSSAA together with dynamic lightning in 2560x1440, I have to reduce down to 8xMSAA or even 4xMSAA for night time flying. A 2080Ti is about 30% faster, means: 4K with dynamic lightning on and 4xSSAA and each and every 2080Ti will be running hot... To me, no GPU can be a real overkill as graphic settings always allow to use the power any GPU provides. Fully use. Not only partially. The price vs. performance question however is a completely different story...
  8. Querer

    AS320 SP1

    Wenn an der Flasche eindeutig steht, dass sie zur Hälfte gefüllt ist und der Rest später kommt, kann ich genauso wie beim AS Bus entscheiden, ob ich sie kaufe oder nicht. Ich bin öfter auch nicht Fan von der Kommunikation bei Aerosoft, aber beim Airbus Professional haben sie nun wirklich die Karten auf den Tisch gelegt. Wenn Du das Shared Cockpit als Killerkriterium ansiehst, hättest Du mit dem Kauf einfach zuwarten müssen und ab und zu einen Blick ins Forum werfen müssen, um zu schauen, ob das Shared Cockpit bereits nachgeliefert worden ist. Kaufen, obwohl eindeutig kommuniziert worden ist, dass es das Shared Cockpit noch nicht gibt und danach hier einen Account eröffnen um gegen das noch nicht veröffentlichte SP1 zu stänkern, das macht es nicht besser und das Shared Cockpit erscheint auch nicht schneller. Ansonsten: wenn so "einiges nicht funzt", mach doch eine Liste und poste die ins Support Forum. Da hilfst Du dem Entwickler um allenfalls noch unentdeckte Bugs zu finden und die zu fixen. Wäre doch was, oder?
  9. Querer

    AS320 SP1

    Ich finde es schon eher peinlich, den in der aktuellen Version durchaus beeindruckenden Airbus als "halbfertig" zu betiteln, wenn nur mal einzelne Featuresnoch fehlen...
  10. Querer

    Zurich SODE - Update

    Go and get GSX Level 2 is my advice. With this upgrade, you can add SODE jetways to whatever scenery you want, as long as the jetways are default or at least not included into the terminal building. I have it, added SODE jetways to Zurich Professional without any issue and as such, I do not care about the promised update anymore...
  11. It will provide you excellent results with P3Dv4.4, but I wonder why not going directly to the new soldered CPUs from Intel such as the i7-9700K or even the i9-9900K?
  12. Sorry Mathijs, but obviously Oliver and Jo have at least something in mind that could possibly be related to the stuttering and is fixable, otherwise Oliver would not have posted this. Ergo: it IS POSSIBLE to do something about. Besides that, I agree that the stuttering might not be due to an ERROR, but obviously it is still related to the scenery product. And again, what does it help if it is not happening on your systems? Nothing. Also your statement regarding numbers of reports is just... well, almost an affront in a support forum. All I can say with my many years of experience in other support forums of games that are actually sold about hundred times (or even thousand times) more often than the EDDK scenery, never ever one of the moderators there dared to say "if only 22 people are reporting this and we can not recreate the issue, it is considered not being a bug of our product, otherwise the forum will be full of reports". This is just... I am not allowed to write this here... And honestly, I do not understand why you come to such a conclusion.
  13. Of course, now that he reports to have the stutters also on a blank P3D with only EDDK installed, it is a problem of a to narrow look... sorry guys, but seriously? Again: those stutters occur only on EDDK whereas on other heavy sceneries, the stutters are not present. Means: something with EDDK is causing those stutters. If it would be something related to the disk, drives, system per se, one could observe the same stutters on other heavy scenarios where we even have lower FPS than on EDDK. If this is a misjudgment, I wonder why Mathijs keeps bringing up FPS as an argument if FPS are lower on several heavy sceneries (in my case) like LSZH, EDDF, LEMD, LEBL and others but WITHOUT those stutters...
  14. And? Do you also have stutters without any other addons? This would be the critical point, if yes, the argumentation of Mathijs is neglected and this would easily explain why us and others have those stutters in EDDK but not on other heavy scenarios... Thanks for your efforts, Oliver. I hope you and Jo will find a solution. So much for "Basically what I am trying to explain is that there is nothing we can change. There is no optimization possible that will change a lot in this" and "Complexity like this comes at a cost."
  15. I can easily repeat another time what I have written: it is NOT a problem of FPS numbers. I locked mine at 30 and most of the time I reach those 30FPS also around EDDK. That is NOT the problem. The problem is, that while flying around above EDDK, there are regular stutters for about 2-3 seconds where also the FPS drop (I use the FPS numbers only as readout, it would be fine to have EDDK running at 22-25FPS without stutters instead of 30FPS and those annoying stutters), then they return to normal. If I do not move, those stutters are not present and I get constant 30FPS. And the stutters are gone about 4-5nm out. In my case, Aerosofts LSZH Professional is far more heavy on performance and the FPS numbers are lower, but at least there is no stutter, the scenery is displayed smooth at around 23-25FPS. So no, directly taking FPS numbers as a measure makes no sense in this regard... Now, of course you can talk about overloading the rig and that one should test on a clean setup, but sorry to say, that is not my or any other customers job. And to be perfectly honest, in which unrealistic scenario EDDK is used on a otherwise blank and default sim? Even if none of the developers can recreate the vast amount of addons all potential customers have, at least the most prominent and probably the most demanding ones should be included in their performance optimization. Nobody would blame the developer, if EDDK would run with 80FPS on a clean setup instead of 40-50, if in turn this would mean that with demanding other addons still 30FPS and no stutters are possible, no? Means: the product should be tested under WORST CASE scenarios, not in a clean P3D setup...