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  1. Querer


    Should Paderborn for MSFS be in the Updater? If yes, it is not...
  2. You could not be more wrong. Make this gate to a GATE SMALL with a defined maximal aircraft radius (e.g. 30m) and there will be no longer a 747-8i parking there. Or, simply make it just some meters smaller than the 747-8i radius to avoid parking of this plane only. You CAN do a lot with a proper set up AFCAD, sadly most developers do not care about proper AFCADs those days but luckily, many simmers provide their modified AFCAD on the net.
  3. Yupp, sorry for this post, Mathijs, I just created it and submitted it before I read your answer above, that is why I edited my post right away. I apologize for not reading properly.
  4. Now, that is a statement and I really appreciate it. Finally clear words and not only marketing blabla, I am really grateful for this. It was the missing piece for me to finally go ahead and buy this stuff ;-)
  5. Which, sorry to say, makes me think twice. If photoground streaming is for free and available right from the start for all users, why it is not clearly stated as such? Why is it missing in the FAQ? And why ist the bandwith requirement removed from the requirements list on the official homepage (I know in the FAQ requirements list it is still shown, but this is a months old screenshot)? For me it is simple: if I learn before August 18th that photoground streaming is included and free, I will buy this sim right away even using pre-order. If not, I wait until it is released and someon
  6. Sorry, but again this is no clear cut statement, so let me ask for it, maybe you are allowed to answer it: Do the three simulator packages we can buy for the release on August 18th include photoground streaming for free or do customers have to pay for this photoground streaming service (now or later)?
  7. I have seen most if not all preview videos, but as essential questions remain unanswered (partially also due to the NDA...), it is still not clear to me, what we really get included in the price tags for those three variants, if "online services" are optional. To me, this leaves the door wide open for MS to tell every customer of MFS after 18. August, that those services have to be paid extra. Especially if you think about the vast amount of traffic that will be generated if every user is going to stream the photoground from their servers. Hardly believe that this amount of traffic will be off
  8. Yes, and exactly everything that has to do with "streaming" is not mentioned. At least the FAQ lists again the bandwith as system requirements, something that is missing on the requirement list on the main page of MFS. Still the question remains: is the streaming of the photoground included in the simulator we can buy on 18.8.2020 or is it a separate service with additional costs?
  9. That is the most important part and I hope you can clarify: does this mean that the DL and boxed version, no matter if premium or basic, comes without the streamed photoground? If yes, does using those "optional online streamed" content result in more costs, like a monthly fee to be paid? And does "optional online streamed content" include online live weather and live traffic? Questions over questions...
  10. Do you use an modified AFCAD along with GSX Level 2? If yes, this AFCAD needs to be adjusted for v5, otherwise it might not properly exclude v5 stock objects as this was changed in v5 compared to earlier versions. Are you sure those hotfixes are for P3Dv5? I doubt so...
  11. Any news on this? I guess it will be released only after P3Dv5 HF2 is out, correct? Thanks for a short heads up :-)
  12. Is it? Never seen it in the earlier versions of the Airbusses...
  13. Hi all, I do not know if this is the correct section for this question, but since I started using the Airbusses in P3Dv5 (v1.4.0.1), I always get the purple "TO inhibit" message in the central screen as soon as I advance the throttles to the take off position. No warning sound or something else. Now, what is puzzling to me: I did all my flights 100% using the checklist and the active co-pilot, so I wonder what went missing? Furthermore, the "LDG inihibit" purple message shows up just before every landing I did so far, and again I wonder what I am missing? I know, this is almost imp
  14. I realized that the dome light does indeed work, but only properly when it is dark (means in night time ;-)). Throughout the day, turning on or off the dome light has no effect. To me, this means that the cockpit gets dark due to the HDR settings and the domelight can not compensate this (in the QW787 it can). Might be one of those limitations we have to get along with until HF2 is out...
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