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  1. Just to make sure: I guess for v5 using and upwards, older liveries are of no use anymore, right? Or do older liveries still work with the old livery manager also in v5 with Thanks for a heads up, Regards Chris
  2. What he still could try, is to limit those FPS down to 30. Sometimes, it helps that the GPU runs a little bit cooler, might be just enough that it does not overheat. More technical approaches might be also possible: reduce the clock with which the 1070 Max-Q runs under full load and also slightly reduce the voltage. This could theoretically also reduce the temps in an uncritical range, but need some deep understanding of what you do. Last option: get some external cooling pad for the laptop. They do not look nice, they make quiet some noise but it might also be sufficient.
  3. I tried, it works. But sometimes the devil is in the details, no? I now took the AFCAD and re-compiled it using the v5 SDK. Should be save, I hope. Case closed...
  4. Thanks guys, very happy that LSZH also got updated for P3Dv5. However, I am slightly disappointed that the AFCAD is still utter rubbish and that stuff is not adjusted that is there in reality since more than one year (such as the cornered I stands). Not a big deal, as I have a very nice AFCAD from a user here and that is what I would like to ask: can I use the v4.5 AFCAD without any issues in the v5 installation? Or is this not a wise thing to do? I think I read that v5 needs adjusted AFCAD, but I am not sure about this. Thanks for any hint, Regards Chris
  5. Liegt nicht zwingend am ATC, vermutlich führt da ein Taxiway ohne "Hold Short Node" quer über die Runway. Oder der Hold Node für das Verlassen/Einfahren des Runways ist zu Nahe an ebendiesem. Übersetzt: schlampig erstelltes AFCAD vom Szeneriedesigner kann auch zu solchen Situationen führen, ansonsten bringt nämlich der interne ATC durchaus entweder den Flieger beim Takeoff oder der Flieger am Taxeln zum Stehen.
  6. Especially when some marketing genius calls the new livery manager "a very clever livery manager", which is obviously not "clever" enough to be capable of installing hundreds of already available liveries...
  7. Stupid question: do you guys check that in the sim dropdown menue of the novel Livery Manager Prepar3d v4.5 is selected? It was on P3Dv5 as default after I installed the busses, and of course, for v5 the list of repaints is empty...
  8. You can not anymore, as the old livery manager is gone after re-installing v1.3.1.0 of the busses. What can I do now to have my 10-12 liverys stored on my pc in .zip files running in the novel version again? I guess for me, the only option is to install them manually, no? Writing a .txt myself and including it into the .zip file would not really save me time, I guess.
  9. I thought you do not have any issue with the Livery Manager? Anyway, re-installation resolved the issue for me. I guess (only a guess) that in my case, the problem was that I only rebooted after installing both A318-A319 and A320-A321, not after each installation.
  10. Re-installing both products resolved the issue of an empty livery manager. Still somehow irritating that the "Aerosoft Livery" is now accessible only via A320-A321 submenue, in the A318-A319 submenue, only the dead link to the old livery manager is present.
  11. 1. True, but in the A318-A319 submenue in the Windows start menue, there is only that link. No link to the new livery manager. 2. I understand, but then why it is within the A320-A321 submenue and not a separate item? No showstopper neither, you are right. 3. If I uninstall something, I want to have all traces gone, not half of it remaining in some folders. 4. I will as soon as I reinstalled the two busses. I know it is not a big deal, but those non-big deals are getting frequent with AS products, that is a pity...
  12. I am honestly disappointed that there is no support here regarding this question. I try a re-install, maybe I did something wrong... EDIT: ok, uninstalling both Airbusses does not remove the "Aerosoft livery". What a mess, how do I get rid of it now?
  13. And now? Silence? Is this bug acknowledged or not? What can we do to fix it? And: how the hell could this slip beta tests (again)?
  14. But this is only true for the A320-A321 installation. The A318-A319 installation results in no livery manager at all, the old link to the non-existent old livery manager only. With the A320-A321 installation, you get both links, yes. And opening the novel one results in a complete empty screen, showing no liveries at all. Also in my case a no: the AV software (I use only what Windows 10 offers me, no additional AV software installed) did not quarantine anything.
  15. Same here, the "Livery Manager" entry is still present in the start menue of Windows, but clicking on it results in a pop-up window telling me that Windows is looking for the .exe. I Instead, there is the new Livery Manager, but only inside the A320 menue, not in the A319 menue. But opening this livery manager simply shows everything empty. Not a single livery installed? Does the new livery manager not show the default liveries? And, you can select the Prepar3d variant, which is of no use currently (but at least it is already there).
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