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  1. Hi all, is there a way to adjust the volume of cabin anouncements? They are too loud imho and I do not find anything about how the volume could be adjusted. Any hints? Regards Chris
  2. I did update to the last experimental update, but as I am a little bit short in flying time, it might take a while until I can report back.
  3. As I wrote above, I was not on the latest experimental update, no. Another guess: could it be because I switched the seatbelt sign manually just moments before the copilot did? Did this corrupt the switching maybe?
  4. Exactly at this moment. Passing ten thousand is announced, then the copilot calls "cabin signs" and the endless switching sound starts. It seems like the virtual copilot wants to switch the cabin signs but this somehow not works and he tries over and over again. The switching sound then continued forever...
  5. Hi all, last flight with the A319, approach into the novel EGPH by ORBX, the checklist got stuck at the point "cabin signs", copilot active. I constantly heard a switching sound (as if the switch was constantly switched), the "cabin signs" announcement continously reappeared and I was neither able to stop or skip this item in the checklist (if this would be possible at all). What went wrong? I was also not able to manually switch the seatbelt sign, it was stucked in the "on" position. The other switch worked. Thanks for any hint... Regards Chris PS: I stopped using the experimental updates, that is why I am on the last non-experimental state. I will try if the experimental update fixes this.
  6. Wonderful news, I am looking forward for this upgrade. However, please take a second look on the tires. QW also did not get them initially right, it seems that realistic looking rubber is not that easy to achieve in PBR models, but the last update fixed it for QW. Your tires are way to bright on the screenshots...
  7. Drei Fragen: 1. warum tweakt man eine cfg bevor man testet, ob vielleicht die Ergebnisse ohne Tweaks nicht völlig ausreichend sind? 2. weisst Du bei jedem Tweak, was er macht? Oder hast Du irgendwo mal iwas gelesen und einfach übernommen? 3. was ist die Referenz hier? Ist das eine neue Installation und Du weisst, dass es eigentlich besser laufen sollte oder ist es die erste Installation überhaupt und Du hast gar keine Referenz?
  8. Depends on whether or not you already own the periphery for a desktop computer (as I said and I guess the topic starter has it, although he prefers a laptop now...). Take your Razer Blade 15, the very basic configuration with an i7-8750H, 2x8GB DDR4 RAM (2666MHz) and a RTX 2060 is already more than 2000€ (2149€). The i7-8750H is a six core HT processor. If I do a super fast assembly with comparable hardware (8700K, 2x8GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM, 500GB SSD, RTX 2060) including assembly and delivery and Windows 10 for example over at mindfactory, I can buy a desktop for less than 1500€. Easily. And mindfactory is not even the cheapest retailer... But of course, if you then add a 144Hz monitor as the Razor Blade already offers, you will quickly be above those 1500€ and the price will be similar to the laptop. But with the advantage of being faster, more quiet and with a bigger display...
  9. Should have, that is the point. Sadly only very few review pages really test the long term gaming performance, notebookcheck being one of them. Then you quickly realize what a gaming laptop means: - 30-50% or even more $$ for the same hardware when buying a desktop computer - mostly terribly loud after some minutes under full load (40+dB is almost normal) - mostly castrated CPUs and GPUs. Laptops with Desktop-CPU and GPU are either huge, even louder or pretty expensive, adding to above points... Means: as long as you do not really NEED a laptop due to its mobility, it will be always inferior to a desktop in the same price range. Always and regarding multiple criteria.
  10. I agree, but I would never suggest going for a laptop then. You will ALWAYS get the better hardware for 1000$ when buying a desktop computer and you will most probably never run into the cooling issue almost any laptop has, sooner or later. Especially because the opening post of the topic starter implies that he uses a desktop, ergo he has a monitor and all other relevant periphery already.
  11. Well, at least thanks to this discussion about the release of the competitor resulted in myself getting aware of this product here. And simply by looking at the screenshots, the choice is rather easy ;-) I wait for this product here, the other rubbish is not even worth any further mentioning...
  12. Well, again no news... The problem here is: the "A330-900" is actually the same as the A330neo, first plane was delivered already back in December, a total of 16 planes are already in service (for the "launch" customer TAP but also for Lion Air and Azul I guess).
  13. Well, then it would be utterly interesting, what "issue" this other guys helped to solve, no? Could you link to the other thread or at least explain what was changed? I am 100% sure it is related to this, but without knowing what was done back then, it will be difficult to give you any useful support...
  14. Tom hat ja einen Screenshot gepostet, auf welchem für jedes von Dir angefragte Produkt die Grösse auf der Festplatte ersichtlich ist...
  15. @Frithjof und ich halte es nicht für sinnvoll, hier aus einem Post, der offensichtlich aus Irrtum Bezug auf P3D nimmt, eine "Werbetrommel" Absicht zu unterstellen...
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