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  1. Hello there, thank you for the swift response, Good news is that after removing FSUIPC from main P3D folder throttle worked like o'clock. i am attaching what you requested for your check and feedback please. Thank you again, now I can fly my lovely Bus
  2. Hello there, I am using Tca Captain pack Airbus edition (+add on), not using FSUIPC, I followed your procedure how to configure the TCA flaps & spoiler add on and initially worked but after updating P3D to v5.3 only the throttle stopped moving above idle. I did the calibration again but no joy. for info: on QW B787 through FSUIPC the throttle moves ok
  3. same here, my bus A330 throttles do not move above idle, could be the P3D V5.3 UPDATE, but we need a solution.
    I found using EA update 1.0.1 spoiled the cockpit smoothness and made the A330 Texture looks like A320, I am happy without it.
  4. Hi Just remember I had it before and it was one of the thrust lever advanced by itself but i can not remember how i fixed it !!!!!
  5. After the update on 11 June, using the TRUE REF, PFD compass is stuck on 003 degree HDG. Please refer to the attached.
  6. Still no comments from support team .....?
  7. Why not; You can always try to make one
  8. Wow just compare the screen shots ( ND ), The A380 is real flight. Well done Aerosoft team.
  9. Thank you Hanse, my fault, it did work ....regards
  10. Thanks Polo, it all fun, will see what the experts come with
  11. I am trying again with Turn Around State, I will keep an eye on what happens on other aircraft State as I progresses
  12. Yes Polo I did exactly that and FMA changed to VS 0 and HDG ?
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