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  1. Why not; You can always try to make one
  2. Wow just compare the screen shots ( ND ), The A380 is real flight. Well done Aerosoft team.
  3. Thank you Hanse, my fault, it did work ....regards
  4. Thanks Polo, it all fun, will see what the experts come with
  5. I am trying again with Turn Around State, I will keep an eye on what happens on other aircraft State as I progresses
  6. Yes Polo I did exactly that and FMA changed to VS 0 and HDG ?
  7. Gentlemen, I found the trick : I always start the aircraft in Turn Around State as default and progressively push back, start the ENG, Taxi and Take off. (And no SRS) This time I loaded the Take off State straight away and the SRS worked. Now the question is : does the aircraft progress automatically to the Take off State or not .???? Does it need manual phase change ?
  8. Cycling FD off and ON brings VS 0 in the FMA, very strange ?
  9. Why not, i will do that right now
  10. here is some screen shots for the SRS issue :-
  11. Yes sir, all set correctly MCDU take page was set , FCU set to the SID Alt and no other numbers,, Flaps; spoilers armed and Take off config pushed All green memos. After take off power settings the FMA reads man flex 54 ,alt (blue) ,auto thrust blue. No SRS. then I fly it so nursing it to avoid the alpha prot.
  12. Thanks Hanse, that is what I did and the aircraft is fine except not giving the SRS; I do have 2 more Busses on x-plane11 and they don’t have issues with SRS, also Hanse you know if the installation is wrong sim will crash it is weird because I could not find complaints on the same issue in the forum. What do you suggest?
  13. Happy Easter Hanse, i have been flying the BUSSES all my life, from the fist installation and lately new installation cause of the Nvidia driver update i never seen SRS on take off or go around on the FMA and the aircraft climbs on NAV/HDG and ALT however at ACC ALT correctly calls for LEVER CLIMB !!
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