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Further development?


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Hello everyone!


First of all, yes, this post may be influenced by the release of Navigraph Charts version 8.


I am just a little surprised that there have been no updates to the NDP charts for a long time. 

Yet the NDP charts have a really outstanding unique selling point: the LiDo charts.

I myself don't want to leave LiDo for anything in the world, I simply can't deal with the Jeppesen charts. And I'm sure there are many who see it the same way.


But I also have to say that Navigraph is becoming more and more attractive simply because of the many, many pleasant functions "around it" and also because of the significantly more functions provided by the software.

Now the NDP charts are of course not only interesting for FSX or P3D users, but also for MSFS users. 
That's why I'm simply asking the question here: In what form will the software for the NDP charts be further developed, and if not, why not?

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vor 10 Stunden schrieb Mathijs Kok:

We have no major plans for functional updates.


That in itself is a great pity and (for me at least) also surprising.

Are there any plans at all for the future of NDP, or will it simply die within the next few years, similar to PFPX?

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I can only second the OP's opinion. For the part of the community that prefers LIDO charts, NDP charts are really the only option right now.
For me personally, while the LIDO concept already provides a more convenient and easier to use system than Jeppesen, I'd love a more up-to-date NDP-app with a contemporary and more intuitive user interface and some basic interface with the sim.


Hope there will be some room for improvements and development someday in the future.



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Am 16.11.2022 um 19:55 schrieb Mathijs Kok:

The only statement I can make is that we simply do not have any functional updates planned. 

The reasoning behind that is something I am unable to share at this moment. 

Hi Mathijs


Is there maybe some news?

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Its coming up to a year since any info and NavData pro still looks the same as it did , sadly Navigraph seems the better value for money at the moment, i do prefer the Navdata pro charts but im not prepared to pay nearly the same as navigraph with fewer features so sticking with Navigraph

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Navdata pro charts one month €9.97.. Add the actual nav data €10.57 which adds up to €20.54 a month ... ...vs Navigraph for just €9.05 a month.. for that you get both charts and navdata plus all the extra features on top … it's a no-brainer I'm afraid, Navdata pro is too overpriced for what you get … Plus, no updates or new features in years ... yes i prefer the look of the Navdata charts but cannot justify paying over 20 euros a month when i can get a far better deal with the Navigraph data and charts for much less

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On 1/28/2024 at 12:22 AM, Lenair said:

If you ask me, it's abandoware... unfortunately.

Yeah totally agree, the lack of interest from Aerosoft over this product does point to that… Yet they are still charging double the cost of Navigraph (see my above post ref the pricing difference between the two :() for fewer features.

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