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  1. I also often hear the announce play twice at almost the same time overlapping.
  2. Well, I've been seeing this issue in the P3D CRJ ever since I got it a couple of years ago.
  3. That's probably because it's using the crappy default autopilot of MSFS.
  4. Warthog here as well and the CRJ in both MSFS and P3D is the only plane that has this issue. I wonder if it has something to do with the CRJ code not being able to properly deal with high quality throttles that have a long range.
  5. At LIRN, ILS06 (ISKIA trans), POM1D STAR (IPK1F trans). It draws the approach on the map quite perfectly including indicating a right-turn after the downwind leg for the base turn. Yet... the plane turns left away from base leg.
  6. Of course I started the APU. And I also started the engines. Everything was fine until it suddenly shut down a minute after pushback was completed. And like I said a whole bunch of buttons stopped working properly as well. The plane was reset but not completely. When I tried to just restart everything, the engine start button wouldn't light up for example, but it did start the engine.
  7. Not only was my APU running, even the engines were running when the plane just shut down. And yes, the gens were on. Could you please stop patronizing posts like this? It's a bug, not user error.
  8. I have this same problem with the Warthog throttle. And funny enough, it also happens with the CRJ in P3D. No other plane I own in any sim has this issue.
  9. No idea why, but the exact same happened to me. The whole aircraft just shut down after pushback. I couldn't properly restart it either because some button states were bugged, stuff wasn't lighting up properly and all kinds of weird things.
  10. Yours. I can actually reproduce that with the bugged SID I mentioned in my other post. KTPA, GANDY8 STAR with SABEE transition from runway 19R. It inserts SABEE at the end of the STAR but also has a GANDY leg after SABEE. Now if you get rid of the discontinuities and wrong waypoint in the legs page BEFORE finishing and exec’ing the flight plan, the FMS locks up when trying to enter an arrival runway (at KEYW for me). The whole plane becomes unusable when that happens.
  11. The FMS completely messes up the following departure: KTPA, GANDY8 STAR with SABEE transition from runway 19R. It inserts SABEE at the end of the STAR but also has a GANDY leg after SABEE. It's obviously easy enough to delete that additional waypoint. But I doubt this should be happening.
  12. Nope, it was more reasonable when I clicked it again after landing. 6.5 it was (from memory). I assume that would have resulted in a normal rotation.
  13. I did. What I did for takeoff was to enter the ZFW and the fuel in the EFB and then hit "Set Payload in Simulator". The EFB calculated it and gave me a CG of 19%. The fuel tab of the sim instead said it's 23%. Now get this: I hit the same "set payload in simulator" button again after landing, the ZFW and fuel were still in obviously: and now the EFB gave me a CG of 23%. Do you have to hit that twice or a random amount of times to get it right? 😛 I remember the CRJ in P3D also behaved a little erratically depending on whether you hit "Set payload" once or twi
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