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  1. You can use the web version of the charts in the browser on your iPad: https://navdatapro.aerosoft.com
  2. The windows control panel shows the version of the latest installer version, which was The AS Updater updates the CRJ files directly, without touching the version that is displayed in the control panel. So if you use the AS Updater the version which is displayed by the updater (or is shown in the product.cfg file) is the relevant one.
  3. Oooops, das kommt dabei heraus, wenn man vorher alles andere auf Englisch geschrieben hat Die Fehlermeldung hatte nichts vom "Flightplans" Verzeichnis gesagt. Bitte mache einen Screenshot von dem Verzeichnis in dem die FMGS.INI Datei laut Fehlermeldung nicht gefunden werden kann.
  4. Can you confirm, that you have the "Airbus A320/A321" for FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv3 installed, please? Also, please check open the folder given in the error message with the Windows file explorer, take a screenshot of that and post it here.
  5. Hi, you can download the latest version from the update database: https://support.aerosoft.com/ Please uninstall your version prior to install the latest version Afterwards you can use the "AS Updater" from the Windows start menu to update your CRJ from time to time.
  6. As you can freely chose the installation folder of the CRJ professional, the Navigraph FMS Data Manager can't know where you have actually installed it. So you have to configure it manually. The navigation data folder is here: Selected installation Folder\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData\
  7. Hallo Jürgen, die Standard.xml Darei befindet sich hier: C:\Users\[DU]\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls\Standard.xml
  8. Die Antwort liegt glaube ich im geplanten Flight Level. Wenn Du den auf 250 hochsetzt dann kommen auch verträgliche Werte raus. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das ein Problem mit dem Planner ist. Für mich sieht das einfach danach aus, dass unten der Spitverbrauch einfach zu gross ist.
  9. Please try to rename the following file from ".BGL" to ".OFF"
  10. It would really help to see the folder names in full and not truncated.
  11. Ctrl-S is the universal hotkey within all Windows application for " save ". But of course this might get localized by an application if you are using a none-English Windows version. So if your notepad.exe uses a different hotkey, just use the equivalent one or the "Save" function from the "File" menu. I did that with the files you uploaded (after they failed with my Updater as well) and that fixed the problem.
  12. That is a file encoding problem. Please open every single file in that folder with notepad.exe and press Ctrl-S to get it re-written on the disk. Afterwards the updater will work again.
  13. Please zip the following folder and post the .tip file here: C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\
  14. Have you used the file explorer's file search feature for the search? Please use it and switch afterwards on the "View" tab to "Details" view so that folder names are getting displayed as well. If folder names are getting displayed truncated please extend the width of the folder column until all name are getting displayed truncated. Take a screenshot of the result list and post it here.
  15. Tom A320


    Hello Nigel, a new version (1.2.2) has been released last week. You can download it from the shop account from where you bought FSMap or the Aerosoft Update Database. It should fix the problem.
  16. Please post a screenshot of the entire updater window so that we can check for the error message.
  17. Please close the Fuel Planner and try again!
  18. Of course you do: Extract the .zip files into a folder on your hard drive and run the installer from there. If you have a previous version already installed, uninstall it first. Afterwards you can you the "AS Updater" from your Windows start menu to check and install minor updates.
  19. Für Deinen P3Dv4.5 brauchst Du das hier:
  20. Just to clearify: no crash of a Window's application in user mode (which P3Dv4 is) could cause a reboot. Unless you have some broken hardware or really badly written device drivers for you hardware. So, did your system really reboot or was it a CTD (crash to desktop)?
  21. It would be better not to keep multiple people with your problem busy. I would like to suggest you follow up either here or via your Aerosoft support ticket.
  22. Please install P3Dv4.5 Hotfix 2 ( This is mandatory for the Airbuses and the CRJ.
  23. You need to get in touch with support@aerosoft.com. And please keep in mind that refunds are only able if you haven't downloaded the purchase yet. As you have explicitly agreed to during the order checkout process.
  24. Mostly Christmas season with the related vacations of everyone..
  25. I have removed the formatting of your post. Please refrain from such formatting in the future.
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