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  1. ...and there is only one gate, D9
  2. Cool man. As the AES is for EAFS, we can also have some bus-boats and swimmer marshals for EAFW
  3. Update - I have moved the scenery to a much lower line in the scenery library and it is fixed. Have no idea what caused it.
  4. Hi, I cannot see KJRB, the planes are above the water. The problem is not with the scenery, looks ok on a second PC. Checking my setup, if you have an idea please advise Thank you
  5. Moshe

    Glacier Pilot?

    Thank you, got it.
  6. Moshe

    Glacier Pilot?

    Hello Aerosoft, Can you please update regarding the following: http://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-schweizer-gletscherpilot-%28box%29.phtml I have not seen it in your publications, will it be available as download?
  7. have fun! which model is this?
  8. Hey guys just something poped up in my mind for your journey. If you land in Tel Aviv (LLBG is with AS) I can host you and guide few multiplayer sessions with TeamSpeak to take you over some superb, all freeware, VFR photoreal and fields (which you need to install). There is much to see and it can be a decent compensation for me being such a low profile neighbor at AF I would love to do it 4 us.
  9. No problems Matt, worst case i'll come to meet you in Cairo. It's also not a bad idea for you to take a helicopter tour from HECA over Cairo to visit the Pyramids as I did here: http://moshes-fsx-journey.blogspot.co.il/2011/06/leg-4-is-now-complete.html
  10. ahhh... too bad you guys get so close to tel aviv and won't stop to say hello
  11. hooo... so your graphics is P3D! that explains how did you migrate FSX to P3D? any certain tool?
  12. Hey Matt, good to see (and hear...) you back in business. Love your graphics, it's beautiful.
  13. Thank you Andras. Enjoy India
  14. I think 2600 will not enable PCI-E 3.0 bandwidth while 3770 will. I have seen some deep articles claiming that FSX smoothness bottleneck can be with PCI, don't exactly remember where I have seen it though.
  15. looks great and appreciated. thank you.
  16. Thank you and happy new year!
  17. Thank you Fred for the advice and thank you Sascha for the quick fix!
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