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  1. does that mean that any chance of having more antartica stuff is dead... cry cry... etienne
  2. can this be true? I see folks with 2 680gtx in sli, so 6GO of VRAM, according to you FSX should not even launch, and it seems to work. strange isnt it? etienne
  3. hmm sometimes I surprise myself... Thanks for stating the obvious Etienne
  4. Thanks a lot steffsim, can you give guidance on how to get there? Etienne
  5. The manual installation involved is very standart: You create a folder (like "myantartica") where you want, most people put in the fsx/addon scenery with the other extensions, but you dont have to. You create two sub folders (texture and scenery). All addon scenery have the same structure you copy the content of the texture folders from the 2 .zip files in the texture folder you just created (normally all the *.dds files) you copy the content of the scenery folders from the 2 .zip files in the scenery folder you just created (normally all the *.blg files) you declare the scenery in the scenery lib above antartica x using the scenery librairy menu inside fsx you should see the new stuff in the simulator. Hope this helps. Etienne.
  6. well, the name is in the signature (etien). best you create a new folder like 'my antartica' , copy the content of Marble Point and Mario Zuchelli in it, and then declare it. Etienne
  7. version 1.1 http://www.mediafire...ljq68uou6kdkt3m Adds (6) Lower Erebus Hut, nearby helicopter wreck and lava (7) New Harbor off shore site (8) Air New Zealand flight 901 wreck and monument. as before a .kmv file is provided info: http://erebus.nmt.ed.../livingonerebus http://en.wikipedia....land_Flight_901 http://www.southpole.../igy2/helo.html Etien
  8. you should only install this one. etienne
  9. Hi, I do really think that FSMap needs to evolve. 1. Display of google earth satellite and maps 2. possibility of displaying .kmv files 3. A "night" switch with dim red or green display. (could be linked to the "panel light" of fsx) Etien
  10. Any news about release time? This looks cool. Etienne
  11. This is an addon for Lime Sim / Aerosoft Antartica X. It adds highlights elements around McMurdo. (1) Marble Point Refuel base (2) remains of Vanda base (3) wreck of the pegasus (4) Scott Hut (5) Schackelton Hut. The glacier just above Marble point is "landable" in reality and is a nice half way between McMurdo and MarioZuchelli. A Kmz map is provided Beware in real life passangers are saying that "Marble Point" becomes visible only just you are right on top of it, in FSX this is almost the same because of the marble floor it is sitting on. Credits: Marble Point and Vanda are orginals, the pegasus is a transformation of the Constellation of 707 (3D warehouse), the two huts are just convertion of the work of pmolsen (3D warehouse), some filler objects from the Antartica X libraries (sascha). Etienne. evarloot@free.fr (Other good addons if you missed them: my MarioZuchelli and Atka Bay penguin colony by stefan kessler) MarblePointII.zip
  12. thanks a lot! this is the kind of sign that tells me an expension addon is deeply needed Etien
  13. Taking advantage of the Ice discount I just bought Lukla X, as my title says, the scenary shows a bit its age, and I do think that more summits should have been photoreal mapped, as well as the full valley to the everest, but I had a lot of fun crashing instead than landing with a twin otters. And fun is what at the end of the day matters! Thanks for that great addon. Etienne
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