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  1. and btw. is it possible to have on each airfiled one parking area although? For example I prefer always do cold and dark start (airplane) and on AQ80/85 engine is running from the beginning. Maybe small fix for this?
  2. Btw. Till no Twin Otter the best plane to travel on Antarctica is MV STOL PC-6, for the future plans - can you do some of this places? https://pilatus-history-and-news.blogspot.com/2013/10/pilatuspc-6antarctique.html This is interesting story (google translation from French to English): So pls do this crash site "Porter Nunatak". Is it possible? However I cant fin in the net where is it or any picture. Maybe its on this map?
  3. btw. I'm surprised by the details, wow great job! btw. is it possible (in the future maybe) do one of this scooters as "flyable" user object? To visit more on the ground level?
  4. I found the next :). Its a good idea for "delivery" trips to check data etc although not everywhere will be able to land, like here: landing itself, especially when there are clouds, is not easy, white at the top, white at the bottom LOL.
  5. OK, I found it! and till no RED Twin Otter ...... (new, dedicated for Antarctica addon skin incoming for MV PC-6)
  6. Amazing Addon! I was big fan of FSX/P3D version but here I have this adventure again! Thx a lot! Its a GREAT addon! btw. Q1: on map I see some of "points" (like Monitoring station horseshoe etc) but no any objects here (or I didnt noticed it). Q2: do you know maybe that MS/Asobo will have plans to increase quality of phototextures on this part? What I noticed they are more blurry (yours are perfect) than in the rest of the World, some also only sharp up strangely when you are close.
  7. New version is released! http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=home&shopfilter_category=Flight+Simulation&s_design=DEFAULT&s_language=english
  8. Wow, Thank You Octopus & Aerosoft! Finnally for spring . Beta test will be available?
  9. Sorry I know, I know, difficult language but I finished the big text (in the last week) about Aerosoft Antarctica X as the new review of this scenery. Original link: http://yoyosims.pl/F...ntarcticaX.html (Polish) If You want You can try to use Google Translator: http://translate.google.com/translat...n&hl=&ie=UTF-8 (I dont know quality but see mistake with opening shots) I put too many screenshots. Time for coffe or something better...
  10. Yes, very nice, id like to test Aerofly too but only dvd version in the store.
  11. Thx for opinion. Its nice to read this.
  12. And Last time I noticed something like this in one place: (good process of instalation and activation).
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