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  1. +1 also. Any news about Tomcat for v4? I moved two months ago and Im really happy with v4. Unistalled FSX and P3Dv3. Only v4 :D!
  2. +1 for Cold and Dark :D. An-2 its a beast in this situaltions: . btw. Id like to know also is it planned the other version of An-2 (or as separate expansion)? - ski - crop duster Will be nice too ! Regards!
  3. Maybe it's in " Released" corner ???
  4. Was it delete? I dont see this topic about preview with An-2 :
  5. And GTN 750 ? But to be serious it could be nice to see here as option basic gps sticked to the glass. Its normal in Todays An-2.
  6. This model of SibWings was very nice, agree and I very like it, but never be finished in 100% and it was ONLY for FSX. Not oficially for P3Dv1-3 and it dosent work in P3Dv4 for sure (the best sim from now!). I did some of high detailed repaints and hope for OctopusG model I will do the same part or more (I have old PSD with this repaints) : Pictures of SW models + my skins. Cant wait!
  7. It looks better and better. Any official info, it will be released or not ?
  8. Ok, now its clear. It looks promising and my fingers are crossed. Do You plan to have discount for owners of F.3 and/or F.6?
  9. Finally! I Found this topic about this screen : Why no any news on Preview products? :-) I spent a lot of time to find who do this (but it was easy) ....
  10. Any info or screenies? We'd like to see something ....
  11. New version is released! http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=home&shopfilter_category=Flight+Simulation&s_design=DEFAULT&s_language=english
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