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    Thanks for replying Herman, I have the FSX version installed for Fairbanks X so it would be the PAFA Traffic tool. Sorry, I do not have a screen grab available right now but Security is an option on Northern area of the airport, I think it is the northwest side of the airport. Thanks, Mike
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    Do I need AES to control the security gate listed on the traffic control utility. The security gate listed on the traffic utility does not open on my system. I liked that the gates opened with the Anchorage X scenery. Thanks, Mike Cameron
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Mike
  4. I installed and activated Fairbanks X without issue. When I went to view the manual and charts, both PDF's had one word on them "DUMMY" and nothing else. Why am I receiving this? Where is the proper documentation? Thanks, Mike Cameron charts.pdf manual.pdf
  5. If you own the Milviz 310R be sure to check out the Milviz Forum. Their are now some training missions that have been posted on the forum. I downloaded them but have not had a chance to try them out. Mike
  6. I own a mid range Asus gaming Laptop that I have owned less than two years, so I will not be upgrading in the near future. Mike Cameron
  7. Thanks, that was about the only place that I did not think to look. Mike
  8. Where is the data file located, I tried to find it but could not locate it. Thanks, Mike Cameron
  9. I liked the barking dog sound effect. Mike Cameron
  10. I was there and it was a lot of fun listening to everyone while I was there. This was my first online experience and I had some technical issues and want to thank the two gentlemen that helped me out from VAE, sorry I have already forgot your names. Now that the issues are resolved I will try to attend this weeks event. I am not an aerobatic pilot but I will be a spectator. Should be fun to watch an online airshow. My only recommendation is to post on the forum where we are supposed to meet because it is a big area. Thanks again for a wonderful experience, Mike Cameron
  11. Hi Ole, when doing a power walk exploring the airfield and airpark, I saw your house. Very nice. Mike Cameron
  12. I will also try to attend. If I am understanding the time zones correctly it starts at 10AM here in Seattle Washington so I will probably be still having my morning coffee. I still have to setup the software and I am not much of online person so I am going to try it out first. Mike Cameron
  13. Hello, I am having a lot of issues downloading and unzipping My Traffic 2010. Yesterday I tried to download it and it took over 3 hours with Firefox and when I tried to unzip it, received a CRC error message. Deleted all browser cache, history, cookies, etc and tried again but download still said it was going to take over 3 hours to download with high speed cable connection. Decided to try Internet explorer and received same error message but download process was about an hour faster. Today I thought I would try downloading it again on a different computer again using firefox with clean browser cache, internet history, cookies etc., download shopped at about the 50% mark. Tried downloading again using a download manager and again receive CRC error at 97% point of unzipping. I tried windows default unzip utility, 7 zip and Win zip and receive the error message at the same point every time. Is there anything that I have not tried, right now I am open to suggestions. Thanks Mike Cameron
  14. Shaun, Got it installed. Thanks for your help. Mike
  15. Hi Shaun, I cleared browser Cache, History, Cookies etc, and file downloaded much faster and I did not receive any error messages when unzipping it. I will try installing it later today, I am optimistic because I think I was getting a corrupted download. I will update this thread after installation. Thanks, Mike Cameron
  16. Thanks Shaun, I did not try clearing browser cache but did try downloading from a different computer and got the same results. Current version of Firefox both times. I even tried downloading with Internet Explorer which I rarely use and download time still showed it was going to take over an hour, so I exited and thought I better report this problem. Mike
  17. I am having problems downloading & installing Dutch Harbor. The download took over an hour with high speed cable internet and when I unzipped the file, received an error message about possible corrupted install file. sure enough when running the install routine I received the following error message with several files and the scenery cannot be installed. I tried downloading from two different computers and received the same results. The error message: "CRC Error with file SRTM_LOD_11_N53-55_W168-164.bgl doesn't match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium fromwhich you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor" This happens with more of these similar files. Please help. thanks, Mike Cameron Seattle WA
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