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  1. Thanks for the link. I already bought real air turbine duke, and I would say, it is a fantastic addon. Milviz one looks cool too, maybe for the future I give a go for it. Cheers.
  2. Range stuff just does not sound realistic, so I just assigned it to a button like before. It would be nice if I could assign a lever for it, but nevermind it isn't a big issue. I will try to take a screenshot later, when I find sometime. Thanks for help. Regards.
  3. Hello folks, I received my new saitek pro quadrant this morning, however, I have the same problem, can not assign carb heat to any lever. I've got registered FSUIPC, and able to assign all axis, buttons, some through FS input, some through Katana lua-plug in which I got it from somewhere, but do not remember where it came from I even could not assign it as button, as Toby did it. If I assign carb heat to one lever, when I bring the lever to bottom, carb heat will shoot off from its place, and disappear It comes back when I bring lever to top. Regards
  4. Thanks guys..Now I know, it is just how it is, nothing wrong with my installation.. By the way, the real Diamond Aircraft logo looks so good, but the one in sim, looks plain rubbish..sorry
  5. First picture, there is a massive smoke comes out from the wheels while taxing in rainy weather, on wet ground. Isn't that a bit too much ? Second one, there is a blue, weird shaped thing, just under the attitude gyro, does not look like anything that would make sense..Any idea what is that ?
  6. Thanks a lot CoolP, it works like a charm..So I only lost SOUND_GYRO sound, swaped it with your silent sound file...at least all other avionics have sound.
  7. CoolP, even a workaround will be enough for me. Because I really have no idea what is the actual thing causing this. Within the week, I only installed some windows updates, nothing else. All other sounds good, only this sound, you should know that sound though. It is the one, silent but if you go options, or any other menu, and if you were inside VC while did it, you hear a high pitch sound. Now, that sound keep playing even on the actual FSX session, but only in VC. I don't hear it if I use outside cameras. I assume, SOUND_GYRO is the one, I did rename it, but Katana X gave error, didn't load the plane as said sound file is missing.
  8. I can disable that sound by turning special Avionics sound effect off. But, why I got this issue in first place ..Hit Q to silence and hit Q again did not work..Simon, you said it is something related to system resource, I actually do not know much about IT stuff..I checked task manager, and got all process related to sound, perhabs this can help to solve. audiodg.exe ---- Local Service --- Windows Audio Device Isolation DTS Audio Service ---- System ---- DTS Audio Service RAVBg64.exe ---- Salim --- HD Audio Background Process RtkNGUI64.exe ----- Salim ---- Realtek HD Audio Manager Or disabling special Avionics sound affect is the way to go ? Do I lost much without it ? Because I don't know how was the special avionics sound affect.. Warm Regards
  9. Simon, thanks for help but it did not solve the problem..I simply can't understand, what happened, I haven't changed anything, I even barely used the pc since last weekend.
  10. Hello folks, After learning about carb heat and icing stuff, I thought I will finally enjoy this great aircraft as flying it a lot on this weekend. But, for some reason, I started hearing the sound, the one gets loud ( zzzzzzzz ) when you go any options if you were using VC camera, when you come back to session, of course sounds goes off. Now, I have no idea what happened, I hear that annoying sound in VC all time, after engine start. I made a clean reinstall of FSX, and tried it on vanilla FSX (acceleration installed), no addons, only Katana X, I still hear the sound again, it is so loud....Well I've no idea, what happened....
  11. Thanks a lot Bernd, and Simon. I read other carb heat, icing related topics as well. So what I got is, Katana X is not meant to fly in icing conditions. Second, if there is a low risk of icing, you can use carb heat, however carb heat is there for Anti-Ice, not De-Icing. What I didn't understand is, why don't we just use carb heat during the all flight ? What is the negative affect of carb heat in non icing situations ?
  12. Seriously no joy. All day I could not land even once. Simply engine losing RPM then it dies. CHT gauges shows maximum degree. Whatever I do, I can not reduce it nor increase manifold RPM. Tried carburoter heat, it makes worst. It will kill engine in no time. If CHT at max, is icing still possible ? If the problem icing, why carburoter heat can not solve the problem ? This happens when I climb to 4500 feet or more, below that there is no problem at all. Anyone has an idea ? Regards
  13. yea, I saw those graphics and they explain everything perfectly. Thanks. In meantime, today I was flying, and manifold pressure just gone. It was so realistic, I would lie if I say I didn't get scared when I heard that scary sound coming from plane. The sound was like wuhzzzz, and of course I just crashed onto mountains. I will check manual for that. (in case If I can't find anything) do you guys have an idea what might cause that ? Cheers. Update. Guys I couldn't find anything in manual related to this. I had this crash, while climbing to 5000 feet. OAT was 4 Celsius. Propeller RPM around 2200. Throttle at full. Before take off, I done all necessary maintenance, and all gauges were on green all the way till crash. What exactly happened is manifold pressure went to 0, and of course no thrust, started losing speed and crashed onto mountains. Though engine was still running. Edit : I found something in manual, it says ; Max. T/O Power (5min) 2385RPM Max. Continuous Power 2260 RPM But in checklist, it says, for cruise throttle as required. So I already reduce propeller RPM to 2200, should I also reduce throttle ? Because all the way, from take off to crash, I had full throttle, only reducing propeller RPM to 2200 after safe altitude, which was 500feet.
  14. Wow thanks Bernd, you explained it very clearly. But could you put some examples for estimated ground speed, estimated flight time if you have time ? Regards
  15. Okay Simon thanks a lot, I will check them on next fly. But there is two oil brand and two fuel brand, how to choose them ? One more thing, I am sure you have an idea about fuel flow of Katana. I just want to know how to calculate how much fuel I need. I drive car and I know how much litre it will burn roughly per mile, so is there an information related fuel burn rate for Katana 4x ? Please answer Cheers
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