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  1. Thank you AS and the A330 team. Great job, You have filled a very important gap.
  2. I downloaded ZK-OXG, ZK-OJM and ZK-OAB from here. They have been done.
  3. Hope so. It might not address the OOM's, but might help addressing the pesky Stack/Bex errors at least.
  4. Christopher, if your getting Stach/Hash errors you should read this. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/403927-hooray-instructions-to-get-no-more-dep-induced-bex-or-stack-errorscrashes/ I firmly believe the errors you are experiencing have nothing to do with the Airport in question, but your system. The only thing that can be related to the airport is it was enough to bring your system to it's knees. I am sure if this was the fault of the addon, this thread would be 60 pages long.
  5. Try turning off crash detection in realism settings
  6. And your airports should be above any terrain products like UTX. For example: [Area.133] Title=Anchorage-Airport Layer=133 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Anchorage-Airport [Area.134] Title=Anchorage-Terrain Layer=134 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Anchorage-Terrain [Area.135] Title=Fairbanks-Airport Layer=135 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Fairbanks X [Area.136] Title=Fairbanks-Terrain Layer=136 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Fairbanks X Terrain with UTA [Area.137] Title=UT Alaska Cities Layer=137 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\UtAkCities [Area.138] Title=UT Alaska Mesh Layer=138 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\UtAkMesh
  7. I Think REX water animation can or may cause this. You could try a different one,or try not using the REX water am and see what happens. And has Matt said, whenever you install a new REX theme, you should always clear the shaders folder.
  8. Thank you Oliver. appreciate your work.
  9. I think you mis read Rafal, he was not being insulting whatsoever.
  10. Badfinger


    Because there is not one for FSX.
  11. Badfinger


    And Godzone Auckland Supercity is only surrounding terrain, not the airport. Surprised you think AKL is in the South Island Clem ? And don't expect Orbx to do airports larger than Queenstown. I believe their policy is smaller is better. I would, personaly like Aerosoft to look at Auckland and Christchurch, as airports are there forte^ http://www.christchurchairport.co.nz/ http://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/
  12. Thank you for the update Thorsten. Much appreciated, and look forward to the releases.
  13. No they are not. When you purchase FSDT airports, you download and install the demo, and purchase through the addon manager in the fsx addon menu. BTW, FSDT do have a forum, that should be your first port of call. The LAX being published by Aerosoft is LAX city only. You have been mis-informed, or do not understand.
  14. Yes, Easyjet, Monarch are reg carriers to LXGB. Depends what time of day. Winter schedule would be less as well. Busier airport in the summer. Cheers Julian
  15. Also you need to alter the folder name for EDDS slightly as if you add additional scenery to the library, EDDS de activates in the fsx scenery library.
  16. What it means is, for example, if you use Mytraffic X, it comes with afcads for various airports. As you use UT2, that will not be an issue. If you are concerned about another afcad being present (Excluding default as Aerosoft GB overides it) you can download Airport scanner (Google). As UT2 uses a Database format ( and simconnect) for spawning AI, you do not need the traffic slider turned up at all, in fact you can set it to "0". As UT2 does not use BGL files, the traffic slider is redundant. UT2 disables default Traffic.bgl during installation.
  17. You can open in notepad, you will have that. It comes with windows.
  18. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing ?
  19. Many thanks Shaun. I did a search on the AS shop front, and only version 1 shows up. Have the new version now.
  20. * The Drzewiecki Design FSX Season Switcher does not work with Aerosoft version of the product. Aerosoft has its own season tool to switch FSX seasonal textures
  21. Where can I find the version 2 update for AS Ben Gurion X please. According to the fsaddon forum, http://fsaddon.eu/wpfsaddon/?page_id=1055/ben-gurion-airport-support/fsx-update the files were sent to AS late november 2011, but cannot find that version. Help would be appreciated. Cheers Julian
  22. Badfinger

    Ben Gurion X

    Where can I find the version 2 update for AS Ben Gurion X please. According to the fsaddon forum, the files were sent to AS late november 2011, but cannot find that version. Help would be appreciated. Cheers Julian Edit: Sorry, wrong forum. Have moved this to the scenery forum.
  23. Uninstall and re install, making sure you have latest version. That fixed that issue for me.
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