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  1. I hope I'm not too late... Is there anywhere I can get the 'Ibiza X' version that's compatible with FS9? Thanks in advance for the help...
  2. My whole Fjords area in lower Alaska is screwed up (see pic). Is there anything in Aerosoft's PANC that would cause this problem in lower Fjords area of Alaska?
  3. Actually didn't notice that but I'll post my suggestion there... Looks like a thread where my suggestion could get buried never to be heard from again... Thx...
  4. I know Aerosoft does mostly European airports but for the sake of the major airline manufacture rivalry plus this is Flight Simulation after all, it would be nice if both Airbus and Boeing's airfields were done in great detail. Just a suggestion. We have one down one to go...
  5. Dillon


    I should have put an FS9 tag in my original message. Scenery usually not a problem crossing over from FSX to FS9 so I hope an FS9 version is an option along with the FSX rendition. The good thing for the FSX crowd is at least the airport is covered in FSX's default library. In FS9 it's not detailed at all...
  6. Dillon


    Since this airport has never been done in detail in Flight Simulator's 20 year history I thought I'd suggest it to Aerosoft.
  7. I thought Outerra was awesome but there's other base engines out there that blow FSX, Flight, and X-Plane away. Aerosoft can make a killing building a sim with these base engines....
  8. I don't know about anyone else but this is outstanding work. I would love to see what you would do with an airport/area like ZBAA in China. The Peking China area in general in FS is pathetic to say the least. The vast city doesn't even extend to and around the airport grounds. Seeing how your doing Bangkok Suvarnabhumi your not only doing the airport but adding the extras around the airport that makes the area look realistic. ZBAA needs something like this should you ever decide to tackle it (no one else seems to be interested)... Just thought I'd mention this as I'm impressed with the ex
  9. I'm seeing the same thing. This just started a few days ago. Before that everything was fine (will I just started back to using the PMDG 744F although I didn't notice a problem before).
  10. Thanks so much, this file worked...
  11. For some reason after my install of Amsterdam in FS9 I'm still seeing the default terminals and taxiway signs of the default scenery displaying in conjunction with Aerosoft's rendition. Am I missing an exclude file somewhere???
  12. ActiveSky Advanced, REX for FS9, and Flight1's Ground Environment Pro is not that expensive especially if you live in Europe these days (What are we talking here 15 Euros at the most per product including FS9?). The exchange rate today makes a developer like Ariane's products a bargain if your trading in Euros. Speaking of FS9 Freeware the greatest efforts in this area as of late has to be in the area of AI planes and utilities. A package like WAI is almost priceless considering it's ease of use compared to a comparable payware product like Ultimate Traffic. The ease of punching in and
  13. I perfectly agree you can't find customers buying boxes but what about downloads, you never talk about that... Mathijs I don't know for the life of me why you keep touting such an archaic form of distribution to justify FSX and moving away from FS9. Your arguments are valid for the most part but much of the sim world has equally embraced downloads as an alternative to boxed products along time ago. The lack of sales for solid media has nothing to do with FS9 but rather the speed of internet connections. I haven't bought a boxed copy of anything FS related in over 15 years... I can't go
  14. I plan on getting a new machine a year and a half from now exclusivly for FSX now that hardware has caught up (i7 machines). Just the same I really hope Aerosoft can deliver on their simulator.
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