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  1. I just gave you an up vote. To cancel the down vote. The voting system cause more trouble than what it's worth. I found your question to be very reasonable, and polite.
  2. Thank you Mathijs and William. If this helps, especially with support, if users download Lorby's freeware addon manager as recommended by Pete Dowson, FSC9 should be able to read the scenery config which will contain all addons outside of P3D. You need to use Make Runways.
  3. Thank You Mathijis. Just to clarify, the database won't read addons installed outside of P3D via the XML method. This is on the version I downloaded from my AS account 60 + mins ago. Hope that helps.
  4. This version of FSC9 was release 1st week of April, of course P3D V3 is supported. It only supports up to Version 3. It will work in V4 if you know how to get the database to read P3Dv4. Also, when you try to run networked, it keeps looking for version 3. So, unfortunately, after reading Announcements at the FSC forum, I can say the announcement I linked above is not correct.
  5. Had the same issue. Updated the nav data then it worked. Weird.
  6. Solved. Forgot to set "Run as Admin " Must have thought I set it. Have to put it down to age lol
  7. Hi Tom, yes have installed runtimes and no dot.net issues. Will try the reinstall. Many thanks
  8. I wonder if it is because I installed Topcat after installing PFPX ?
  9. Hi, Recently, I had to reset my client machine, and reinstall PFPX, also updating to 128.8 (Hotfix) and when I got to select Take Off / Landing via Topcat when setting up my FP, PFPX freezes. No error message. Have to use task manager to kill it. Now in version 12.8, before any hot fixes, this error occured and users did post on here with this problem. Now this problem has come back, have installed required M$ redis x32 and x64. What am I missing here ? I checked version, running 128.8. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I downloaded ZK-OXG, ZK-OJM and ZK-OAB from here. They have been done.
  11. Hope so. It might not address the OOM's, but might help addressing the pesky Stack/Bex errors at least.
  12. Christopher, if your getting Stach/Hash errors you should read this. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/403927-hooray-instructions-to-get-no-more-dep-induced-bex-or-stack-errorscrashes/ I firmly believe the errors you are experiencing have nothing to do with the Airport in question, but your system. The only thing that can be related to the airport is it was enough to bring your system to it's knees. I am sure if this was the fault of the addon, this thread would be 60 pages long.
  13. Try turning off crash detection in realism settings
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