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  1. ICAO: LFBD NAME: Bordeaux Mérignac TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: France VFR LINK: AES 2.39
  2. ICAO: LFOB NAME: Beauvais-Tillé TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: France VFR LINK: AES 2.39
  3. ICAO: LFMT NAME: Montpellier Méditerranée TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: France VFR LINK: AES 2.39
  4. ICAO: LFQQ NAME: Lille-Lesquin TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: France VFR LINK : no AES Jetways part of Terminal Model
  5. ICAO: LFST NAME: Strasbourg-Entzheim TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: France VFR LINK: AES 2.39
  6. Hello, I read the subject and I understand the manipulation to be done. But is it really safe to delete the contents of this folder "shaders", which is quite large in size ? What are these "shaders" ? What they make ? Sorry for all these questions, but I'm novice in computer and I'm always afraid to do a "stupidity". Thanks to you.
  7. Hello Matt_Smith, Yes, I've done a clean install of drivers and also used CCleaner then. It is also my way of doing PS : I have not understood this : " Also it my be world refreshing your shader cache "
  8. Yes, repaid21, same for me PS: Changing graphics drivers make nothing and, my graphics card is not older than one year, I'm not ready to change ... I think we will never know, finally, the end of the story ...
  9. Hello, The problem comes not from REX, because the person who took the very pretty shots of the falls, which I put the links in post # 3, has also REX.
  10. Hello, I use only REX. And, for the scenery : Aerosoft, Orbx, France VFR, Earth Simulations, France Touristique, FlyTampa, Pacific Islands Simulation, Flylogic Cordially.
  11. Hello Sasha, I tried the new files, but the result is not pretty at all, it's like an opaque curtain on falling water. Thank you for have trying to remedy my problem. My FPS are not especially low, they are at 30 because limited to 30 in my FSX. They become low only if I'm really very very near the waterfalls. Here are 3 shots :
  12. Ok, thank you for your response.
  13. Hello, I have installed the latest drivers NVidia ( 304.48 ), but nothing change.
  14. Hello, Thank you for your feedback, dcolyer and repaid21 ... but are there a solution ?
  15. Hello, My graphics card is a graphics card "normal" and recent (see my signature), so why didn't it display properly and as for other users ?
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