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  1. You can only get 1.6.8 and 1.6.9 through X-Updater in the A350 folder since they are beta releases.
  2. Haven't heard from the support ticket yet... Do you have a quick fix around?
  3. [##55736##] Your ticket has been created Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Oliver, Yes tried the page you mentioned as well. However the only installer available from that page is the same in the older store (v1.03 from 2017)
  5. Hi Support Team, I purchased US Cities Boston P3Dv5 in 2015, when the old Aerosoft online store was still in use. When I went to account to download the installer for P3Dv5, it is revealed that only Version 1.03 is available in the old online store download page. Can you upload the installer to the old online store as well? Thank you very much Zicheng
  6. Okay, I've got it working. That German message means that uninstalling the previous version is required. Please go to control panel- programs and features to do this.
  7. Hello, I tried to install the new fsx version of GAP 3 -2012 from simMarket, but it stopped installing and popped up with an error message. I have the previouse version of GAP 3 bundle installed, but don't know how to uninstall it. So any idea how to get this to work?
  8. Could you please tell what are you working on with this seemingly finished product?
  9. As long as it CAN stop piracy, or at least protect the product, then the wait is deserving. We pay for what we get, that's justice. We fully support your move to combat those thieves.
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