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  1. I have same issue.. grass over top of the runway.. This is ridiculous as old of a scenery as it is.. We need a new Professional Version for KSMF as well that actually works.. This scenery is old from fsx days.. Time to move it on up to today's sim.. Leave that one in the past.
  2. Copy. .OK I thought for some reason I actually had an actual CRJ-550 performance tag.. but ok thank you
  3. Anyone have a copy of the CRJ-550 PFPX performance ??
  4. You linked me here.. Thats why I posted it here.. Then I am not sure where it belongs either move it where it belongs or delete from the forum and I forget I even asked the question..
  5. Is there anyway of pfpx picking up weather without the sim on the same pc ? I see it says online but then it says no weather even after selecting online.. So basically it has to have a sim to connect too ?
  6. When doing flight plans.. I sometimes get alot of alt errors that come with some of my ofp.. How you update or rid of those alt errors you get ??
  7. Is there anyway PFPX could be part of cloud or if not now someday, to where it doesn't need to be on same pc as the planes are but still function ? Like for example, my Flightsim PC is down & at the shop, and I have a feeling pfpx is going end up getting erased. Due to the fact I'll need a new windows restored on there. Wouldn't it be nice though to be able to have a backup pfpx on another PC, so that if one PC is down and you loose data, when you get that pc backup, you can still send data back too the other computer once you reinstall pfpx & not loose all my airplane data like I had.. I had alot of good true airplane info I am now going to have to go back again and once again build all that back up again, which will take alot of time and effort to do.. However If I was able to send it data from another PFPX on another pc and just send the aircraft data back too it.. Along with all my airplanes I have on there.. Be Alot of time saved.
  8. Before we had a Skywest Blue and white for the old CRJ 700.. Was wondering if we can get one for the Professional version.. It basically doesn't fly anyone carrier, it can fly for any of the ones Skywest operates because it has Skywest colors on it and on tail it says skywest.. Thats the one I am looking to have done for the professional just like we had it before for non professional version.. Then also need a Go Jet for United Express for the 700 actual 700.. Not the CRJ 550 but actual Gojet CRJ 700.. Thanks for the Professional version of course
  9. Looking for someone too make these 2 jets.. Same company with 2 different N tail numbers.. Both for Mesa Airlines run under UALX.. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content only.
  10. Mesa - http://www.airliners.net/photo/United-Express-Mesa-Airlines/Bombardier-CRJ-700-CL-600-2C10/4671965?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH8l7NlDRVDoTcWLF4voByzJoMHaht2ADaX/7hq8PWYeMzP5cciY8q0kUEsKFv%2BkFSUWfiu1M71QPqMEY7oPMSO405QEqu54Pbtd05ito%2BRDMSNwxt57JPP%2B%2BUUC5FdBfR1%2B2NHaANJVps3W8hA19Vw3kDn2tCxfXIQzxA%3D%3D GoJet - http://www.airliners.net/photo/United-Express-GoJet-Airlines/Bombardier-CRJ-702-CL-600-2C10/4512675?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH8l7NlDRVDoTcWLF4voByzJoMHaht2ADaX/7hq8PWYeMzP5cciY8q0kUEsKFv%2BkFSUWfiu1M71QPqMEY7oPMSO405QEqu54Pbtd05ito%2BRDMSNwxt57JPP%2B%2BUUC5FdBfR1%2B2NHaANJVps3W8hA19Vw3kDn2tCxfXIQzxA%3D%3D
  11. Hi.. I would like to put in a request for atleast 2 more UE CRJ 700 1 more Skywest with different aircraft number aside from 770SK.. How about Aircraft # N 785SK then how about for Mesa Aircraft # N 552LR.. this way I can have 2 seperate Skywest & not like I'm flying the same one every time & maybe create 2 Mesa Jets with different aircraft #'s so we have 2 different Mesa Jets.. This way you can choose between them & not like your flying the same jet every time.. I have seen Mesa with 2 different ways they have there Aircraft # one would be the LR at the end & the other with MJ.. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content only.
  12. Mathijs what is the reason Wing lights no longer work ?

    1. Jetwings32


      On the Airbus, I forgot to say that


    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      Nothing was changed on the   Airbus since almost two years. If the lights suddenly do not work anymore then it has to do with something you changed on your end. 

    3. Tom A320

      Tom A320

      Furthermore, use the forums for posting your questions, and not the personal status pages of forum members.

      As you had already opened a forum topic for this problem this is even a double post of one and the same problem.

  13. Yea, can you make an extended version or atleast give us the updated files we need to make it work with extended please..
  14. I was wondering if AES will consider doing anything for Cargo doors on the Left side instead of normal right especially on the ERJ & CRJ.. It kinda looks funny all my other planes get serviced properly but when I fly my ERJ's or CRJ's I have to remove the spots for the normal cargo positions off AES because there was never nothing for the left side & I believe these are the only aircraft that has this problem, maybe possibly some of the wide bodies have there bulk cargo door on the left to but most are on the right behind the main cargo doors. Just wondering if not already been added will it be possible sometime to make AES handle ERJ's & CRJ's with cargo door on the left side ??
  15. Would like to see AES work with cloud9 Orlando.. I've experienced to much of the natural jetways looking like it goes right into my airplane & just doesn't look right.. I'd like to have AES so I can adjust the jetway to stop at the right spot & not go where it looks like its inside my plane.. Any Chance of getting AES on Cloud9 Orlando ??
  16. Ok Good.. Thanks Mathjis.. I feel alot better hearing that coming from you.. Thanks...
  17. Hi Shaun or Mathjis whoever answers this first... I'm assuming its because the site has been down but for some reason via the US part of the forum I am getting forbidden access.. I talked to one of the other members of the forum & he said he was able to get on last night yet mine still says Forbidden Access.. For some reason I am getting a Forbidden to Access this site like I had been banned from the site, However if thats true I wouldn't be able to get on this part of the forum.. So I'm still assuming its because you have it under maintance but then when the other fellow said he was able to get on & I'm still getting the Forbidden Access & the way it worded it like I have been banned got me alittle worried especially when I don't recall ever saying anything really bad enough to get banned.. Because usually when a site is down it usually says that site is under maintance & its not saying that at all.. I love your guys work & I have nothing negative to say anything about Aerosoft.. Hopefully its still from the site being under maintance.. However I feel better if I hear from one of you telling me that I am in still good standing.. Than I'll know for sure its still because of maintance only..
  18. Lets get back to flying & having fun guys..
  19. Thats cool. Basically all I was trying to do by what I was trying to make sure is that they'll continue to make Fsx while making X-plane. I think i'll eventually like X-plane someday but right now I like FSX more & i'm just starting to get my FSX built up with scenery. Thats why I just wanted to make sure.
  20. Well for starters let me rephrase my question, seeing it looks like I might have pissed few of my fellow pilots & fans of Aerosoft off.. My initial question was nothing going against Aerosoft or there scenery for X-Plane.. We all know that Aerosoft makes some kick Ass Awsome scenery for us to fly into & out of for FSX & now X-Plane.. Its the X-Plane game itself that I had seen some things how it operates that I'm not exactly comfortable with for right now anyway.. Nothing to do with Aerosoft scenery for it though.. There scenery for both is still extremely breath taking.. I just want to make sure because I'm just getting able to slowly build up my scenery in my FSX & I wanted to make sure Aerosoft for a long time will still be continue to make FSX scenery as well as X-Plane 10 scenery & Aircraft. I've seen so many times where a new flightsim comes out & usually soon over alittle time scenery places stop making scenery for the previous flightsim & then your spend all this money putting into your sim & then you have to buy the new one or your screwed because they don't make scenery for the sim you have.. So i just wanted to make sure that wasn't going to happen to me.. Atleast for a very long time.. I'm sure eventually over a few yrs FSX will be just a memory but I really like FSX & hope FSX atleast survives for several more yrs.. So All I was trying to do is just get a sense to make sure Aerosoft would still make FSX for a very long while yet as well as make scenery for X-Plane flyers also..
  21. Mathis.. Do you or anyone on your staff know, how to finally rid of the Windows 7 64 bit & FSX Fatal error.. I still keep getting it during flight.. I've tried all the usual things you see online but none have worked so far.. So far it happens mostly during flight when I change my views through the top part of FSX using the menu bar for some aircrafts.. Ariane Aircraft I get when either switching between other Ariane Aircraft or like I said during flight & changing views on that one too but i notice so far on most of my 3rd part fleet I have this problem where FSX will suddenly freeze up, then you get the error message screen that says its restarting FSX & then kicks me out of my flights.. At this point because I usually use actual Airline flight number & basically trying to keep up with the real flight thats operating once it does this too me I just cancel it from restarting because there's no point in letting it restart because its not like it returns me to where it kick me from but right back to my starting airport & depending how far into the flight I am makes no sense to try & do it again for it takes the realism away once it does it... I'd sure like to find the way to end this error message from ruining my flights... Chances are it will probably do it with the Airbus too because so far its done it with all my 3rd party aircraft at some point.. At first I thought it was just Ariane but I've had it do it at some point with Ifly 737 & ERJ's from feelthere.. Just depends how many times I change my views using the menu bar on top of FSX I guess.. not sure thats the real reason but when I change views which somethings through the menu I need in order to do my flight.. Just plain in simple if someone finally found a way of beating it, please let me know.. Like to be able to fly & get to my destination but more importantly feel like I can change views & not be scared I'm going to have a Fatal Error that restarts my FSX just because I use the menu bar to do things or change views.. I'd really like to solve this issue before Airbus X Advance gets released so I can enjoy flying it as well as my other aircraft with no issues
  22. Please before release don't forget to make us a seating chart for those of us who fly Jet Blue.. I remember the original seating chart fell short of 150 seats by 2 seats before & that was counting in the first class section even though JetBlue don't have a first class section.. So don't forget us JetBlue pilots out there that fly JetBlue.. 150 seats in JetBlue A 320 http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/JetBlue_Airways/JetBlue_Airways_Airbus_A320.php
  23. I wonder would this same one work with my Ariane Design planes ?? Never Mind.. This one doesn't work with Ariane anyway
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